Paw Patrol Names of Dogs

Best Paw Patrol Names of Dogs

Paw Patrol is an animated series for children. The stories are about how a boy and half a dozen puppies help their fellow human beings.

What are the names of the dogs in Paw Patrol?

  • Marshall
  • Chase
  • Scratch
  • Rocky
  • Skye
  • Zuma
  • Everest
  • Tracker
  • Liberty

Each dog has special equipment to master the adventures. Only at a second glance will you notice well-thought-out features such as the color of the uniform.

In addition, every dog ​​has a favorite saying and certain character traits.


Dog breed: Shepherd
Profession: Police
Color: Blue
Vehicle number: 02


Dog breed: Husky
Profession: mountain rescue
Color: petrol


Dog breed: Dalmatian
Profession: fire brigade
Color: red
Vehicle number: 03


Dog breed: mongrel
Profession: recycling, garbage disposal
Color: green
Vehicle number: 05


Dog breed: Bulldog
Profession: construction worker
Color: Yellow
Vehicle number: 06


Dog breed: Podenco
Profession: gamekeeper
Color: Brown


Dog breed: Cockapoo, a mixed breed of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle
Profession: Pilot
Color: pink
Vehicle number: 04

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Dog Breed: Labrador
Profession: Water Rescue
Color: Orange


Dog breed: Dachshund
Vehicle number: 22

In the Paw Patrol movie, the six puppies get active support from the dachshund bitch Liberty.

She has adapted quite well to her life in the big city. And Liberty is a big fan of Paw Patrol himself.

When Mayor Know-it-all cheats his way into the office of the mayor in the adventure city, the dog fears the worst consequences. So she asks the Paw Patrol for help.

In the city, the seven dogs have great adventures. Several times they protect the residents from Mayor Know-it-all’s megalomaniac ambitions.

But first, Liberty has to fight hard for recognition of the Paw Patrol. Until the courageous dachshund lady finally becomes much more than just an honorary member of the four-legged helpers.


Dog breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Occupation: gamekeeper
Color: green/blue
Vehicle number: 13

Rex is the latest addition to the Paw Patrol. The Bernese Sennen male lives in the Dino world. There he takes care of babies in the dinosaur, whose language he even understands. Rex is handicapped because he can’t move his hind legs. His special wheelchair is also a useful tool on adventures.

The Paw Patrol only gets to the Dino World through a long, bumpy tunnel path. And of course, Ryder built a matching Paw Patrol headquarters there.


Ryder is the leader of the Paw Patrol. That’s why the vehicle number is 01 on his quad, while the Air Patroller is number 10.

More dogs in supporting roles


Arrby is the pirate Captain Sid’s dachshund.


Schnuffinchen is Princess Bellenburg’s lap dog.

Ella and Tuck

Ella and Tuck are golden retriever twins. In the episode “The Super Twins” they get superpowers and help the dogs of the Paw Patrol in a large-scale operation against the crook Ladybird.


The Paw Patrol dogs watch his adventures in their favorite TV series, Apollo the Super Dog.

Helpers on 4 Paws

These dogs save the world. At least in the eyes of my daughter. I do find it scary how she knows exactly what time the Paw Patrol dogs will have their next adventure.

And it is guaranteed that one day your child will come out of kindergarten and talk about “Papa Tschoi”. “Paw Patrol” must sound something like this to children’s ears.

The first word Paw is easy to translate from English as a paw. Along with Patrol, the German translation of Paw Patrol is roughly Pfotenstreife or Pfotenwacht. The TV station SuperRTL left the original English title and added the subtitle “Helper on four paws”.

The stories always have the same structure. First, an accident or an emergency occurs. The boy named Ryder gets a call. Using his smartphone (Paw Pad), he alerts all puppies who immediately rush to the Paw Patrol headquarters.

In the operations center, the helpers are informed on 4 paws what happened. Ryder assembles the response team from two to three specialists. This plot reminds me of the TV series Cobra, Take Over, or Mission Impossible.

What age is Paw Patrol for?

The children’s series Paw Patrol was specially designed for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. So for kindergarten children who don’t gone to school yet.

The producers have made sure that girls and boys are addressed equally. That is why puppies are the main protagonists of the stories.

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