Exploring The 48 Most Popular Terrier Dog Breeds [2023]

All terrier breeds were originally bred to keep vermin out of the home. That also explains her name, by the way.

Exploring The 48 Most Popular Terrier Dog Breeds

Because “terrier” comes from French and means “to dig”. They are particularly adept at burrowing mice and rats free.

This also explains why they tend to be among the smaller dog breeds. However, their weight varies between 1 and 32 kg depending on the species.

In addition, most terrier species have the following characteristics:

  • Bark and dig frequently
  • Strong hunting instinct
  • Less trainable
  • Bold and energetic

Terriers are therefore often a challenge for first-time owners and beginners. Below is a list of all 48 terrier breeds.

1. Airedale Terriers

Originally from England, the Airedale Terrier was bred as a working and hunting dog. Among the terriers, this breed counts as the “King” because it is the largest.

Today they are also used as service or family dogs. These bearded dogs are friendly, brave, and loyal. They get along well with children and dogs. 

These active dogs are rather unsuitable for life as an apartment dog and for first-time owners. They like to dig, gnaw and bark a lot. Their upbringing should therefore be strict.

Fun Fact: Among the terrier breeds, the Airdale Terrier has the death gaze! Instead of a cute dog look, rather grim and severe dog eyes stare at you here. 

2. American Hairless Terriers

The American Hairless Terrier from the USA is a curious, playful four-legged friend. Due to a genetic defect, this dog was born without fur.

This terrier breed is therefore also one of the hairless breeds. However, there are also specimens with fur. The breed has only existed since 1972 and is therefore very young and rare. 

This loving terrier is ideal for first-time owners. It makes a great playmate for children, but it needs a coat because it doesn’t have any fur.

Fun Fact: An American Hairless Terrier made history by tracking down and killing a whopping 2,501 rats in seven hours.  

3. American Pit Bull Terriers

Native to the United States, the American Pit Bull Terrier is better known as the “Pitbull.” He was originally bred for bloodsports and fighting bulls and bears. 

Later it was also used for dog fights. But fortunately, those times are over. Pitbulls are very friendly and loyal four-legged friends.

Among the terrier breeds, they are among those with the strongest bite. Therefore they are also on many breed lists or are forbidden. However, the bad reputation is exaggerated. 

Fun fact: These “dangerous” four-legged friends are unsuitable as guard dogs. Strangers are always greeted warmly by these peaceful dogs.

4. American Staffordshire Terriers

The good-natured American Staffordshire Terrier (“Staffy”) ranks among the top 85 most popular dogs in the world. He sheds little and is easy to train. 

However, the Staffy is far too active to live as an apartment dog. He needs a lot of exercises and enough workload. As a family and guard dog, these four-legged friends are ideal. 

This terrier breed lives up to 16 years. Because they have a bad reputation and are on various lists, insurance for these “attack dogs” is very expensive.

Fun Fact: It was rumored in the 19th and 20th centuries that the Staffordshire Terrier could lock its bit in one position. But that is total nonsense and has long since been refuted. 

5. American Toy Terriers

The loyal American Toy Terrier is a four-legged friend that loves to bark and is easy to train. Since he loves attention, he is often kept as a circus dog.

Among the terrier breeds, these specimens have a real sense of humor. Because they like to make their owners laugh.

This terrier is particularly noticeable because of its pointed bat ears. Despite its size, the Toy Terrier should be kept alone as it has a strong hunting instinct. 

Fun Fact: This terrier is a true frostbite. Even on cold summer days, a coat wouldn’t hurt for this fast-freezing breed.

6. Australian Silky Terriers

Native to Australia, the Australian Silky Terrier is one of the terrier breeds. This cheerful four-legged friend is suitable for first-time owners and the apartment.

However, he barks a lot and needs exercise and activity accordingly. This little terrier often gets along less well with other dogs. But children are not a problem. 

Because they’re often territorial, they also make great watchdogs. You should be careful in the garden because Silky Terriers love to dig and also like to dig themselves free. 

Fun fact: if you’re bothered by loose hair (or your partner’s) then the Silky Terrier isn’t for you. This four-legged friend has no fur, but hair that is very similar to that of humans. 

7. Australian Terriers

The Australian Terrier is better known as “Aussie”. Among the terrier breeds, this is one of the most stubborn. Early and strict education is therefore mandatory.

If these four-legged friends are socialized early on, then they also get along well with people and other pets. Despite their small size, they need a lot of exercises.

Like other terriers, these specimens love to bark, dig, and hunt. With enough workload, you can still keep them in the apartment. 

Fun Fact: “Dictator” might be this breed’s middle name. Because they like to play the boss with their master as well as with strange dogs. 

8. Bedlington Terriers

The Bedlington Terrier is a friendly terrier breed from England. Originally, these four-legged friends were bred as hunting dogs. Today they are kept as family dogs. 

They get along well with other dogs and children. However, they tend to get jealous if you don’t pay enough attention to them.

But they are great to cuddle partners and love to laze on the couch. Which doesn’t mean they’re lazy. On the contrary: they are very enduring and great swimmers. 

Fun Fact: These dogs have fur similar to that of a young sheep. They are therefore also called “England’s sheep”. 

9. Border Terriers

The obedient Border Terrier from England was bred to hunt foxes, rabbits, and vermin. Today he is also often kept as an apartment dog.

This intelligent terrier breed is a good choice for first-time owners. However, she finds it difficult to stay alone and needs a lot of attention and activity. 

These dogs are particularly known for their frequent barking. A garden would be great for this breed as they enjoy digging. But be careful: Border Terriers are also masters at escaping!

Fun Fact: These four-legged friends have a penchant for gnawing. If you don’t provide them with a toy, they’ll be happy to grab a shoe. 

10. Boston Terriers

The friendly Boston Terrier from the USA is one of the 21 most popular dog breeds in the world. This four-legged friend is also known under the title “American Gentleman”.

This terrier breed is ideal as a play partner for children. She loves attention and likes to play the clown. You’ll always have fun with an enthusiastic Boston Terrier.

Unfortunately, due to their short snout, they don’t do so well with heat and cold. Other unpleasant side effects are loud snoring and drooling. 

Fun Fact: The best thing to do is to buy a nose clip with the Boston Terrier. Because these four-legged friends are known for their “little breeze”. This is also due to her short nose. This causes them to take in a lot of air when they eat, which leads to flatulence.

11. Bull Terrier

The English bullterrier is a cross between a bulldog and a terrier. This four-legged friend is protective and eager by nature. He is loyal to families and children. 

In Germany, he is on the breed list because of his past as a fighting dog. You must therefore observe special regulations when keeping them.

This terrier breed still ranks 62nd among the most popular dogs. These charming dogs are well suited to living in an apartment. 

Fun fact: You can easily recognize bull terriers by their “egghead”. No other breed of dog has such a curious, egg-shaped beet. 

12. Cairn Terriers

The Cairn Terrier from Scotland is a four-legged friend who enjoys barking and hunting. It is well suited for first-time owners and is ideal for apartment keeping.

This terrier breed lives up to 17 years and does very well in both heat and cold. They are very trusting towards the family. Still, they need a strict upbringing. 

Because of their joy in barking, the small 6 kg terriers also make good guard dogs. However, you shouldn’t leave them alone. They don’t like that very much. 

Fun Fact: A dog with digging tools! isn’t there? But! The Cairn Terrier has significantly larger front paws than hind paws. This gives him the ideal digging tools to do a good job in your garden. 

13. Dandie Dinmont Terriers

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier from Scotland was bred to hunt badgers and otters. Today he is also suitable as an ideal family or guard dog.

This single-minded, proud terrier breed is very undemanding to its master. This means that even beginners can get along well with these four-legged friends. 

This dog is often reserved for strangers. He also quickly subordinates himself to other dogs. Generally a very adaptable four-legged friend. 

Fun fact: With the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, you should pay close attention to its line. If these dogs are overweight, they tend to have back problems due to their long upper body. 

14. German Jagdterrier

The Jagdterrier is one of the terriers breeds from Germany. He is a small hunting dog of about 8 kg and was used for hunting badgers and other small animals.

Nevertheless, this nose is also well suited as a family dog ​​or companion for seniors. Because of their territorial nature, these four-legged friends also make good watchdogs.

This reliable, courageous terrier needs a lot of attention and doesn’t particularly like to be left alone. He likes to be with you everywhere. 

Fun Fact: Since many Americans have problems with the pronunciation “Jagdterrier”, “German Hunt Terrier” has meanwhile become the official name internationally. 

15. Wire Fox Terrier

The wire-haired fox terrier from England also belongs to the small hunting dogs. When fully grown, this flyweight weighs only 7-8 kg.

With a shaggy, wiry coat, this terrier breed sheds very little. As a family dog ​​breed, the four-legged friends are easily trainable and quite greedy.

They need a lot of exercises and have a strong hunting instinct. They chase after anything that moves.

Fun Fact: Whether it’s by jumping, digging, or sneaking up on them, these eager dogs will always find a way to escape. 

16. English Toy Terriers

The English Toy Terrier is a terrier breed from England. When fully grown, this little rascal weighs only around 3 kg. Their fur is considered to be particularly easy to care for and hardly sheds.

Because this breed is so rare, it is currently considered critically endangered. The Toy Terrier is an affable, intelligent four-legged friend that is very easy to train. 

Due to its adaptable nature, it is also suitable for first-time owners and seniors living in apartments. However, he is often skeptical of strangers. 

Fun Fact: The English Toy Terrier named “Tiny the Wonder” made history by killing 200 rats in one hour. And that with a body weight of only 2.5 kg.

17. Smooth Fox Terrier

The Smooth Fox Terrier from England is a small hunting dog of 7-8 kg. He is also known as the “gentleman” among the terrier breeds due to his friendly nature.

Overall, this four-legged friend can be trained very well. However, he shows a pronounced hunting instinct and needs a lot of attention and exercise. 

These dogs get along very well with children. They are trusting and loyal to the family. These dogs have no problem with heat or cold. 

Fun Fact: Never underestimate a Fox Terrier’s hunting instinct. They sometimes even run after leaves that move in the wind. 

18. Glen of Imaal Terriers

The Glen of Imaal Terrier from Ireland is also known by the short form “Glen”. It was bred to scare off rats and small animals.

Today he is also often kept as an apartment dog. This terrier breed also enjoys this extensively. Even if Glen needs a lot of exercises, he also loves to relax at home.  

This loyal breed doesn’t need much to be happy. This specimen gets along well with cold and heat. However, this terrier is often aggressive toward other dogs. 

Fun Fact: These dogs have a fun way of sitting. They usually do this completely vertically, with their front paws hanging horizontally in the air. 

19. Hollandse Smoushond

The Hollandse Smoushond was primarily kept to keep rats and mice out of the home. Today, this rare terrier breed is threatened with extinction.

Outside of Holland, these four-legged friends can hardly be found. The nature of the four-legged friends is very active and friendly. They shed and bark little. 

Their fur is described as waterproof. They are great swimmers and get along well with other animals. Smoushonds can live up to 15 years.

Fun fact: At heart, these four-legged friends are absolute cat fans. Because while they often react aggressively toward dogs, they are happy about a meowing partner. 

20. Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier from Ireland is a versatile four-legged friend. He was primarily kept as a farm or shepherd dog. He is also good as a guard dog.

This terrier breed is the 53rd most popular dog breed in the world. They are ideal as family dogs ​​and as play partners for children. 

Family is everything to this happy dog. He regularly shows his affection with enthusiastic greetings and wet kisses.

Fun Fact: These cute dogs’ coat color is officially described as “wheat and ginger hues.” 

21. Irish Terriers

The Irish Terrier is a respectful, courageous four-legged friend with a sturdy coat. This terrier’s adaptability makes it suitable for both city and country life. 

The bearded four-legged friends get along very well with people and children. However, they are difficult to train and tend to be very stubborn. 

They find it difficult to stay alone and bark a lot. You should keep them busy and give them a place to dig if possible. 

Fun Fact: These dogs are some of the “oldtimers” among terriers. Because they are among the oldest terrier breeds. 

22. Jack Russell Terriers

The Jack Russell Terrier is a stubborn, noisy four-legged friend. It was originally bred for fox hunting in England.

As demand for hunting dogs fell, their popularity as family pets increased. Despite its small size, this active terrier breed requires a lot of exercise and exercise. 

These four-legged friends have a lot of energy, can jump very high, and are masters at escaping. They are rather unsuitable for apartments, as they are very happy to bark. 

Fun Fact: Jack Russell Terriers are popular movie dogs because they have a wide variety of facial expressions compared to other dogs. 

23. Japanese Terrier

The Japanese Terrier is an easily trainable four-legged friend. In the beginning, he was kept primarily as a lap dog. Today he is an ideal family or guard dog.

This barking terrier breed requires a lot of attention and has difficulty being left alone. However, this dog gets along well with other animals or strangers. 

These playful, inquisitive terriers are good for beginners but can be stubborn when it comes to training. 

Fun Fact: The Japanese Terrier seems to instinctively look for a slim line. While many dogs will wolf things down like a combine, these specimens naturally eat little and are therefore never overweight. 

24. Kerry Blue Terriers

The Kerry Blue Terrier comes from Ireland and is the national dog there. Despite its size, this four-legged friend only weighs about 13 kg. He can also live up to 15 years.

Originally bred as a hunting dog, this four-legged friend is also used as a working, guard, and shepherd dog. These terriers are easy to train but need guidance.

Due to their willpower, they are not recommended for first-time dog owners. They learn quickly, but also things that we humans find rather counterproductive. 

Fun Fact: This terrier breed is an absolute expert at escaping. Either they dig themselves free or they find an elevation with which they can jump over obstacles or fences. 

25. Kromfohrländer

The Kromfohrländer (“Kromi”) is one of the German terrier breeds. Due to his people-related nature, he is an ideal house dog. 

Kromis always like to stay close to their owners. They love attention and need to be kept busy. Overall, they are very active dogs.

These terriers often do not get along with other dogs. Therefore, they are not suitable for first-time owners. Early socialization is essential. 

Fun Fact: Haaatschi! This breed is known to sneeze frequently when overjoyed. This is especially true for greetings.

#26 Lakeland Terriers

The intelligent Lakeland Terrier hails from England. It was bred to hunt foxes or vermin. Because they have very little hair, they are also considered hypoallergenic.

They are easy to train, learn quickly, and are great for apartments. They get along well with other dogs. However, they find it difficult to stay alone. 

At home, they like to play boss, so strict training is important. When it comes to their toys, this terrier breed can get protective.

Fun Fact: These little dogs are known for being so confident and brave that in English-speaking countries they are also described as “big dogs in a small package”. 

27. Lucas Terriers

The Lucas Terrier is a friendly, confident terrier from England. He was bred specifically as a house dog. The 7 kg terrier breed can live up to 17 years.

Relatively speaking, these four-legged friends need little attention. You can therefore also stay alone. Due to their adaptability, location changes are not a problem.

These easily trainable four-legged friends are suitable for first-time owners or seniors. They are very trusting and friendly towards the family and children. 

Fun fact: In their homeland, these four-legged friends not only enjoy their club (“Lucas Terrier Club”) but also their club anthem. 

28. Manchester Terriers

The alert terrier breed “Manchester Terrier” from England was specially bred to keep vermin away. Today they are also suitable as apartment dogs. 

These little terriers don’t do well in the cold. You freeze very quickly. The barking rascals are difficult to train. Strict education is mandatory here. 

They are often skeptical of strangers and bark at them. With children, on the other hand, they get along very well. Overall, this is a very rare breed.

Fun Fact: These dogs love big gardens… Because there are often lots of mice in holes that they can dig for all day long. 

29. Miniature Bull Terriers

The Miniature Bull Terrier from England only reaches a shoulder height of about 35 cm. In terms of character, this terrier breed is very close to the large bull terrier.

They are just as courageous and energetic in nature as the large variant. They also easily take on larger dogs. They also cut a fine figure as a guard dog.

They get along well as apartment dogs but need a lot of attention and gentle training. Their short coat is easy to care for but needs protection from the sun. 

Fun Fact: These four-legged friends are so goofy they’ve been dubbed the “clowns of the canine world.” The little powerhouses are always up for a joke. 

30. Norfolk Terriers

The loving Norfolk Terrier hails from England. He is very versatile and a great family dog. The beautiful? This breed of terrier barks relatively little.

First-time owners get along well with these little four-legged friends. They like children and have no problem with strangers or other dogs. 

When bored, however, they tend to have grave orgies. You should therefore allow them plenty of exercises and exercise them well. They have no problem with heat and cold. 

Fun fact: Small, but mighty! Still fearless, alert terriers at heart, these little 5kg specimens will stop at nothing and no one.

31. Norwich Terriers

The Norwich Terrier from England is an easily trainable, small four-legged friend with prick ears. The flyweight is well suited for keeping in apartments. 

This terrier breed gets along great with other dogs, children, or strangers. When it comes to family, the Norwich Terrier is trusting, curious and courageous. 

Among the terriers, this breed is one of the smallest. It is relatively rare and therefore quite expensive. Watch out for boredom! This four-legged friend can also start barking.

Fun Fact: These terriers rarely bend their legs. Even when lying down, they usually stretch their hind legs completely backward.

32. Austrian Pinscher

The Austrian Pinscher was originally bred for farm work. He was used as a guard, shepherd, and herding dog. He is an easy-to-care-for, versatile dog.

Today, this rare terrier breed is threatened with extinction. These alert, confident dogs are not suited to city life. 

This four-legged friend needs wide meadows on which he can run extensively and work out. Visually and in character, he resembles the trusting Beagle.

Fun Fact: As a guard dogs, these four-legged friends like to show their teeth and adopt a dominant stance. However, as soon as they see children, they turn into cute, playful puppies within seconds.

33. Parson Russell Terrier

The active Parson Russell Terrier from England is a small hunting dog. Among the terrier breeds, it counts as a subspecies of the Jack Russell Terrier. 

This playful, barking terrier is enthusiastic about Frisbees and other throwing games. If you’re expecting a couch potato, you’ll find the complete opposite here.

These terriers are energy junkies. They love to dig, and jump and need lots of exercises. They are extremely persistent and energetic. 

Fun Fact: Digging is her hobby. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the garden, in flower pots, or even on the sofa. 

34. Patterdale Terriers

The Patterdale Terrier is a confident, inquisitive four-legged friend with a very strong hunting instinct. The terrier breed was bred in England.

As a family dog ​​for apartments, this four-legged friend is far too active and persistent. He needs a lot of attention and has a hard time staying alone. 

Visually, this terrier is more reminiscent of a Labrador puppy. He develops a very close bond with his family and children. When it comes to parenting, you should be more gentle. 

Fun fact: When these four-legged friends have found a partner to play with when they go for a walk, they often even forget to do their business out of sheer excitement. 

35. Plummer Terriers

The brave Plummer Terrier hails from England. There he was bred to hunt rats and other vermin. They were often kept in packs on farms.

Despite their short fur, these four-legged friends are the opposite of easy to care for. They need a lot of attention and activity. This also includes a lot of exercises. 

Her trainability leaves a lot to be desired. Their curiosity and hunting instinct mean that this terrier breed often escapes and goes on the move. 

Fun Fact: Favorite Food? Meat. favorite drink? Water. Favorite toy? rats and mice. 

36. Rat Terriers

The Rat Terrier originated in the USA. He was kept as a farm and hunting dog. Today he also enjoys popularity as a family dog.

The small terrier breed can weigh up to 7 kg and live to be 18 years old. These specimens do well with heat. Not at all with cold. You freeze very quickly. 

You should always give this four-legged friend a good mental workout and ensure he gets plenty of exercises. Otherwise, he tends to annoying barking and various unwanted nibbles. 

Fun Fact: A single Rat Terrier made headlines for tracking down and killing about 2,500 rats in an old barn in seven hours.

37. Russian Black Terrier

The Russian Black Terrier comes from the former Soviet Union. He was bred as a guard and protection dog. During the war, it was also used as a military dog.

With a shoulder height of up to 76 cm and a weight of 60 kg, this terrier breed is one of the largest. However, it is a rare breed. 

These four-legged friends love work and occupation. Without them, they seem unhappy. These active, energetic dogs are not suitable for beginners. Strict education is mandatory.

Fun Fact: When young, these dogs are often hyperactive. After around 12-15 months, however, due to hormonal changes, they suddenly become much calmer. 

38. Scottish Terriers

The Scottish Terrier is a lively, independent four-legged friend. The former hunting dog is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. When fully grown, it weighs around 9 kg. 

This terrier breed is quite stubborn by nature and therefore less easy to train. Scottish Terriers bark a lot and need a lot of exercises.

They only build a limited connection with people. This is usually limited to a maximum of 2 people. The most common cause of death in these terriers is cancer, at 48%.

Fun Fact: The digging instinct is so strong in this breed that dog trainers recommend giving them a spot in the yard to do so. Unfortunately, this can hardly be trained away.

39. Sealyham Terriers

The Sealyham Terrier is a sociable, quiet four-legged friend from Wales. Among the terrier breeds, these specimens are very rare.

Only around 50 new registrations are recorded worldwide every year. These terriers are not recommended for first-time owners. They are often stubborn and need a strict upbringing. 

They are often skeptical of strangers. Still, they get along well as a city or country dog. They love work and occupation. But they don’t like to be left alone.

Fun Fact: The fur on the belly of these dogs often grows so long that it constantly drags along the floor when running – a running mop! 

40. Skye Terriers

The friendly Skye Terrier hails from Scotland. He is an ideal family dog ​​with a good-natured, happy nature. Even beginners get along well with him. 

This terrier breed is reserved for strangers. It rarely works with other dogs, as Skye Terriers often react aggressively. 

They also make good guard dogs. In training, they are often stubborn. Despite this, they love their family and get along well with their children.

Fun Fact: Despite her cute looks, this terrier hides a hunting dog. He was primarily responsible for keeping rats and mice away from the farm.

41. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is better known as “Staffy”. This terrier breed originated in England. Despite their bad reputation as a “fighting dog,” they are very popular around the world. 

Fortunately, dog fighting is now taboo. Thus, Staffy is happy about his new role as a family dog. This four-legged friend loves children and is very loyal.

Nevertheless, dog experience is recommended. The four-legged friends can hardly stay alone and rarely tolerate other dogs.

Fun Fact: Despite fighting dog status, these four-legged friends are also known as “Nanny Dogs”. Because they were often used to watching children. 

42. Brasileiro Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier is an easy-care four-legged friend with an eager nature. This terrier breed is restless and needs an extreme amount of attention and exercise.

The dogs are often territorial. However, as guard dogs, they are still too friendly. These four-legged friends get along well with other animals. 

Due to their gentle nature, they are also great for first-time owners with children. Don’t underestimate their playfulness and eagerness though! 

Fun Fact: Attention might be this breed’s middle name. If they don’t get enough of it, they usually get rid of their energy by barking and digging. 

43. Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier is a Chinese terrier breed. In their homeland, the four-legged friends are also known as the “bearded dog”. These dogs have no problem with heat or cold.

These terriers are very versatile. They are also ideal for first-time owners or apartment dogs. But they can’t stay alone so well for that. 

They are often cautious and reserved with strangers. Overall, these dogs are highly trainable and fairly easy to care for. They hardly shed at all. 

Fun Fact: These dogs are also considered lucky charms in Tibet. However, if you treat them badly, then they are also said to bring bad luck. 

44. Czech Terrier

The Czech Terrier is a bearded dog with a calm demeanor. The Terrier breed can grow up to 8 kg and 15 years. Overall, it is a rare breed.

Due to their adventurous nature, they are wonderfully suited for families. The versatile terrier is also suitable as an apartment dog. He’s good at being alone. 

His hunting instinct is so weak that the four-legged friends get along well with other pets. Czech Terriers sleep a lot and are very easy to care for.

Fun fact: begging at the table or stealing food from somewhere seems to be one of the hobbies of this four-legged friend. You should practice consistency. 

45. Welsh Terriers

The intelligent Welsh Terrier hails from Wales. Originally bred as a hunting dog, today he is also a popular apartment dog. This terrier breed has a lively personality. 

Unfortunately, this sensitive four-legged friend does not cope well with heat or cold. Strangers or foreign dogs are not a problem. This terrier is easy to train. 

Due to the hypoallergenic fur, the dogs are also ideal for allergy sufferers. They love to bark and dig. They are great playmates for children.

Fun fact: getting these dogs off the habit of digging is so hopeless that dog trainers recommend providing a suitable spot in the garden. 

46. West Highland White Terriers

The West Highland White Terrier is one of the terriers breeds from Scotland. The quadruped was bred to get rid of rats. He is better known today as “Westie”. 

First-time owners in particular like to keep the cheerful four-legged friend as an apartment dog. He is very trusting towards the family. He likes children and also other dogs.

However, the hunting instinct of these terriers is so strong that it is difficult to control. Early and consistent training is therefore a must. 

Fun fact: These four-legged friends constantly get their big heads stuck somewhere. But no worry. Its rod is so stable that you can simply pull it out again.  

47. Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkshire Terrier (“Yorkie”) is a small terrier from England. It is the 10th most popular dog breed in the world. When fully grown, the little guy only weighs a maximum of 3 kg.

Despite its long hair, this terrier breed’s coat is considered hypoallergenic. Even as a lap dog, the Yorkie is self-confident and very lively. 

He’s a fast learner. Therefore, he needs a lot of attention and mental activity. Despite its small size, this barking terrier can also be used as a guard dog. 

Fun Fact: This four-legged friend has a peculiar “talent” – he sneezes backward quite often. He breathes in a lot of air at once and sounds almost like a duck.

48. Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a friendly terrier breed from Germany. His dog beard is particularly striking. Not only does this one look fun, but it was also functional.

The beard served the former hunting dog as protection against rat bites. This clever terrier ranks 12th among the smartest dog breeds worldwide. 

As a family dog, this dog is perfect. He is loyal to the children. Despite his alert nature, he only barks when he hears suspicious noises.

Fun Fact: As a pup, these terriers look extra cute. Because their whiskers are so short, they crisscross in all directions. Only from a length of 3 cm do they begin to hang down.

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