Discover The Top 13 Dogs That Look Like Lions

Discover The Top 13 Dogs That Look Like Lions

Some dog breeds resemble lions not only in behavior but also in appearance. The following 13 dogs partly look like lions:

To be clear, not every dog ​​of these breeds looks like a lion. Because within the same breeds, there are sometimes big differences in coat color and length.

With a lion wig from Amazon, however, almost any dog ​​can look lion-like. So you can cheat too.

Now let’s take a closer look at the dogs.

1. Chow Chow

Of all the dog breeds, the Chow Chow looks the most like a lion by nature. The reason for this is the long, sandy-colored mane on his head.

In addition, many of these dogs also have white muzzles in front – just like the muzzles of lions. Chow Chows also have very long hair on their tails.

The animals originally come from China. There they were mainly used as hunting and guard dogs. Incidentally, chow chows also come in black and white.

Otherwise, the dogs are considered very loyal, independent, and calm. They are also said to be relatively difficult to train and behave more like cats.

Fun Fact: Chow-Chows have a black and blue tongue just like the Chinese dog breed called “Shar-Pei”.

2. Do Khyi

The Do Khyi has many names. It is also known as the Tibetan Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff, among others. The lion-like dogs have their origin in Tibet.

But don’t let her cute looks fool you. These dogs are extremely effective watchdogs and will defend their territory to death if necessary.

Legend has it that two of these dogs can kill a lion with almost no problem. Their lion-like appearance is therefore not unfounded.

However, their natural fur color is black. In addition, the animals are considered to be very independent, stubborn, and stubborn. You, therefore, need an experienced master.

Fun Fact: Males of this breed mature very slowly. It takes around 4-5 years for them to become physically mature. For other dogs, this usually only lasts a year.

3. Pomeranian

Some Pomeranians might pass for “ miniature lions ”. Because compared to their small physique, they have a particularly long mane on their necks.

This is especially true if they get what’s known as a “lion cut.” For this purpose, the rear part of the upper body of the dog is cut very short, so that the lion’s mane comes into its own.

However, there are Pomeranians in a whopping 23 colors. Not every dog ​​of this breed can therefore pass as a lion. They are also very calm, trusting, and playful.

The latter explains why animals are also often used as therapy dogs for people with disabilities.

Fun Fact: Some Pomeranians naturally have a mouth that curves slightly upwards at the back. As a result, it often looks as if they are constantly grinning.

4. Shar Pei

Shar-Peis can resemble a female lion when young. This is because their face is very broad and the fur at the tip of their snout is more often colored white.

However, these dogs do not have a real man. In order to look like a male, you can help with a corresponding lion wig. 

The excess skin on their faces is used to protect dogs from being bitten by other animals. In the past, they were mainly used as guard dogs.

Otherwise, the dogs are considered very loyal, reserved, and calm. Shar-Peis bark and shed relatively little.

Fun Fact: Although there is no direct genetic link between chow chows and shar peis, both dog breeds have blue and black tongues.

5. Himalayan Shepherd

The Himalayan Shepherd bears a close resemblance to the Do Khyi and is also called the Himalayan Mastiff. This breed originally comes from India and Nepal. 

With its long fur around its neck, it resembles a lion’s mane. However, its eyes are slanted downwards while lions’ eyes tilt upwards.

As the name suggests, these animals are mainly used as shepherd dogs. Sometimes they also serve as guards and hunting dogs.

However, its standard coat color is black. This makes the dogs look more like bears than lions. Otherwise, the breed is considered strong, independent, and defiant.

Fun Fact: The Himalayan Shepherd is one of the most unknown dog breeds in the world. Not even the German Wikipedia has an article about it.

6. Leonberger

Leonbergers originally come from Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg. As early as the 19th century, they were known as the lion of the city because of their mane.

Due to their regal appearance, the dogs were very popular with wealthy nobles. Numerous dukes and princes had Leonbergers as loyal companion dogs.

In poorer families, however, the animals were used as working dogs on farms. Because they are strong, persistent, and also easy to train.

Despite their lion-like appearance, the dogs are known to be very affectionate and loyal. In addition, Leonbergers should drool more often.

Fun Fact: Leonbergers shed so much hair that you could fill an entire pillow with their hair. Whole balls of hair on the floor are quite normal here.

7. Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are usually all black and look a lot like a black bear. With a little imagination, the dog with a golden coat can also be considered a lion.

The reason for this is also her long mane around her neck. However, their fur is also relatively long on the rear part of the body. A lion cut might help here.

Newfoundlands are also very good swimmers. Because of their thick fur, they can also swim in ice water with ease. They also have webbed feet.

In the past, however, dogs were also used more frequently as working animals. Otherwise, they are known to be very patient, loving, and gentle.

Fun Fact: Newfoundlands drool a lot. It is normal for many of these dogs to have an almost constant flow of saliva from their mouths.

8. Lowchen

The exact origin of the Lowchen is still debated. But his name is definitely German. It is a trivialization of a “ little lion ”.

This breed owes its name to the fact that they naturally have a lion-like mane. The dogs also have relatively short fur on the rear part of the body.

These dogs are also available in lion yellow. I just couldn’t find a suitable picture for it. This breed also became known as a fashion dog for the nobility. 

Otherwise, lap dogs are considered very friendly, playful, and happy. They are also very intelligent, shed little, and grow very old.

Fun fact: Lowchens used to be “abused” as hot water bottles. Especially in winter, many women took the animals under the covers to warm themselves.

9. Golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers come in straight and slightly curly coats. Especially with smooth fur, the dogs can look like a lion from the front. At least with a little imagination.

In addition, many dogs of this breed have a white muzzle and sometimes a crease between the eyes which is typical of lions.

However, Golden Retrievers behave completely differently. They are considered to be particularly obedient, friendly, loving, reliable, and trustworthy.

The latter explains why the animals are also often used as therapy and guide dogs. They are also considered the fourth most intelligent dog in the world.

Fun Fact: Golden Retrievers need a lot of attention. They are therefore more likely to react with envy when another person gets more affection than they do.

10. Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian Ovcharka is the ideal watchdog. He is strong, fearless, and brave in the face of invaders. At the same time is friendly and tame towards his family.

With a sandy coat color, its mane has similarities to a lion’s. By default, however, these dogs tend to be more black-gray.

This breed originated in mountainous areas of Eastern Europe. There they were also used as shepherd dogs.

Otherwise, Caucasian Ovcharka is also considered reserved and independent. They, therefore, need to be accustomed to people early on in order to form an emotional bond.

Fun fact: the Caucasian Ovcharka is considered to be particularly stubborn. Even professional dog trainers often struggle with their reluctance.

11. Pekingese

With a little imagination, the Pekingese can also pass as a miniature lion. Especially if the muzzle is white in front and the dog gets a lion cut.

Due to their size, however, the dogs only weigh around 1/30 of the weight of a full-grown lion (6 kg vs. 190 kg).

The breed originated in China. There the animals served mainly as watchdogs and lap dogs. They are also considered to be very affectionate and playful.

Because of this, they tend to be stubborn. Without rigorous training from a young age, Pekingese happily follow their own snout.

Fun fact: When gray Pekingese get very long hair, they are more likely to be mistaken for a floor mop. 

12. Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is also known as the “Sheltie”. This breed is very intelligent, fast, and obedient. They are therefore mainly used as shepherd dogs.

With the right haircut, a sheltie can also resemble a lion. His ears are also very lion-like. However, her head is much narrower.

Shetland Sheepdogs are also considered to be very tame and reserved. If they are not constantly in contact with people, they can become very shy.

Because of their trainability, these lion-like dogs are ideal for first-time owners. However, these dogs shed a lot.

Fun Fact: Shetland Sheepdogs used to pinch sheep’s heels to steer them in the right direction. Even today, the animals tend to behave in this way when visitors want to leave the house.

13. Chinese Crested Dog

OK, admitted. A lot of imagination is really needed now. What makes the Chinese Crested Dog look like a lion is its atypical body hair.

These dogs tend to only get hair on their head, feet, and tail. They therefore naturally have a lion-like haircut.

The rest of the body is mostly hairless in Chinese crested dogs. This explains why they need a lot of sunscreen in summer.

Otherwise, the dogs are considered very lovable, active, and tame. They are also playful, seem happy, and live up to 14 years.

Fun Fact: The most famous Chinese crested dog was called “Sam”. He won the ugliest dog of the Year competition three times in a row.

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