Border Collie German Shepherd Mix: A Complete Guide to Raising Your Family’s Best Friend

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix: A Complete Guide to Raising Your Family's Best Friend

A breed that has been gaining popularity as a family companion is the Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid, sometimes referred to as the “Shollie.” This breed is extremely clever and devoted. With the work ethic and herding characteristics of the Border Collie and the loyalty and protection of the German Shepherd, this crossbreed makes an excellent family pet. Yet, because of their high activity levels and a keen desire to work, raising a Shollie necessitates a tremendous amount of time, care, and training. Everything you need to know about caring for your family’s four-legged member—from picking the ideal puppy through training, playtime, and health maintenance—will be covered in this comprehensive guide. This manual will give you the information and resources needed to ensure that your Shollie leads a happy and healthy life, whether you are a seasoned dog owner or a novice.

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

The Border Collie German Shepherd mix, or “Shollie,” is a stunning and perceptive hybrid breed that combines the work ethic and herding propensities of the Border Collie with the loyalty and protectiveness of the German Shepherd. Because of their intellect, trainability, and lovable personalities, this combination is greatly desired by dog fans. The Shollie is an energetic breed that needs a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation to keep content and healthy. The Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid has gained popularity among both families and dog enthusiasts because of its breathtaking looks, excellent intelligence, and loving nature. Everything you need to know about this amazing breed, including their temperament, training requirements, and health issues, will be covered in this guide.

Purpose of Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

The Border Collie German Shepherd combination, popularly known as the “Shollie,” was bred for working purposes originally. The Border Collie and German Shepherd are both noted for their intelligence, loyalty, and herding abilities. These characteristics are inherited by the Shollie, making them great working dogs for search and rescue, police work, and as service dogs.

In addition to their job talents, Shollies are excellent household pets. They are devoted, caring, and protective of those they care about. They can be fantastic with children and other pets if properly trained and socialized. They also thrive in dog sports including obedience, agility, and flyball.

Overall, the Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid is a versatile breed that thrives in both working and family settings, making it a popular choice among dog owners.

History of Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Border Collies and German Shepherds, two extremely intelligent and adaptable working breeds, were crossed to create the Border Collie German Shepherd mix or Shollie. The German Shepherd was developed in Germany as a multipurpose working dog, whereas the Border Collie was bred for sheep herding in the Scottish and English border regions. Breeders wanted to produce a dog with the best of both worlds—a highly trainable and devoted working dog with a loving disposition—so they crossed these two breeds. Although the Shollie’s history is not well known, it is known that the breed has been more well-known recently as a result of its intellect, work ethic, and loving nature, which make it a great family pet or working dog in a variety of occupations.

The Appearance of the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

A Border Collie and a German Shepherd were crossed to create the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix, sometimes referred to as the Shollie. The Shollie’s appearance might vary based on the characteristics it got from its parents, much like with any mixed breed.

The Shollie is often a medium- to a large-sized dog with an athletic and muscular frame. They normally weigh between 50 and 90 pounds and stand between 20 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder.

Coat Color

Depending on the particular dog and which breed the Border Collie German Shepherd mix takes after more strongly, the coat color can vary greatly. Black, white, tan, sable, and merle are just a few of the many different coat colors that Border Collies and German Shepherds can have. Sable, tricolor (black, white, and tan), and black and white are some frequent coat hues for this combination. Moreover, some dogs may have a combination of colors, such as sable and white or black and tan. It’s important to keep in mind that when choosing a dog, personality, temperament, and health are also crucial factors to take into account in addition to coat color.

Regarding Nutrition, What Should a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix be fed?

Regarding Nutrition, What Should a Border Collie German Shepherd Mix be fed?

Here are some important details about the diet of a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix:

  • High-quality protein: Border Collie German Shepherd mix dogs need a lot of protein in their diet because they are energetic animals. The first ingredient in premium dog food should be meat or meat meal.
  • Dietary balance: A protein-, fat-, and carbohydrate-balanced diet is crucial for the overall health of your dog. Seek dog chow that contains these nutrients in a healthy balance.
  • Nutritional requirements: According to your Shollie’s age, size, and level of activity, they will have different dietary requirements. To decide on the right serving size and feeding schedule, speak with your veterinarian.
  • Avoid overfeeding: Avoid overfeeding your Border Collie German Shepherd mix. Overfeeding can cause obesity, which can cause health issues like joint pain and heart disease. It’s crucial to keep an eye on their dietary consumption and provide them the proper exercise.
  • Freshwater: Always provide your dog with access to clean, fresh water. Serious health problems can result from dehydration.
  • Treats: Treats should only be provided occasionally, and they shouldn’t constitute a sizable amount of your dog’s diet. Search for snacks that will enhance your dog’s diet with nutritious, low-calorie options.
  • Special diets: Certain Border Collie/German Shepherd mixes may need a particular diet due to medical conditions. Determine whether your dog requires a special diet and the best solutions for their particular requirements by consulting your veterinarian.

Diet Plan

Here is the table of diet plans.

Puppy8-12 weeksPuppy food (dry or wet)1/2 – 3/4 cup3-4 times per day
Puppy3-6 monthsPuppy food (dry or wet)1/2 – 1 cup3 times per day
Puppy6-12 monthsPuppy food (dry or wet)1 – 2 cups2 times per day
Adult1-7 yearsAdult dog food (dry or wet)2 – 3 cups2 times per day
Senior7+ yearsSenior dog food (dry or wet)1 1/2 – 2 cups2 times per day

10 Best Interesting Details About Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Ten intriguing facts regarding Border Collie/German Shepherd hybrids are as follows:

  • The Shollie is another name for the Border Collie/German Shepherd hybrid.
  • The Shollie inherited the high intelligence of the Border Collie and German Shepherd breeds, making it a very trainable dog.
  • As an energetic breed, the Border Collie German Shepherd mix needs constant mental and physical stimulation.
  • The Shollie is a wonderful companion for families and young children because it is a devoted and friendly breed.
  • A regular grooming regimen is necessary to keep the thick, double coat of the Border Collie/German Shepherd mix from matting and tangling.
  • It’s important to provide good nutrition and consistent activity because Shollie can be predisposed to hip dysplasia, a genetic disorder that damages the hip joints.
  • The Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid is an excellent choice for search and rescue, law enforcement, and agility contests because of its intelligence and work ethic.
  • The American Kennel Club does not officially recognize the Border Collie German Shepherd mix as a separate breed because it is a relatively young hybrid.
  • Because of their superior herding abilities, shollies have been employed to herd ducks, cattle, and even sheep.
  • Cross-country dog Given that German Shepherds are innately protective of their families and homes, they make ideal watchdogs.

Is the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Affectionate?

Certainly, it is well known that the Border Collie German Shepherd mix is a breed with a great deal of affection. These canines are noted for their strong familial relationships and protective nature. They are affectionate and like spending time with their human friends despite their high levels of energy. Shollies thrive on human interaction and require an abundance of care and attention to be happy. Due to their intellect and work ethic, they frequently excel at a variety of tasks, including agility competitions, search and rescue, and law enforcement. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that every dog is unique and temperaments might vary.

How to Train Your Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

How to train a Border Collie Creating a German Shepherd mix can be difficult, but it is also very rewarding. The following advice can help you train your Shollie:

  • Start training early: Start teaching your Shollie as soon as you can. This will facilitate the early development of positive habits and behaviors in children, which will make later reinforcement simpler.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Employ rewards, compliments, and positive reinforcement to promote excellent conduct. Because they can undermine your dog’s trust and have a detrimental effect on their behavior, avoid using punishment or physical discipline.
  • Be consistent: Training a dog requires being consistent at all times. To prevent confusing your dog, continuously use the same commands and methods.
  • Socialize your Shollie: All dog breeds, including the Border Collie/German Shepherd mix, benefit greatly from socialization. To help your dog grow up to be well-adjusted and self-assured, expose them to a range of people, canines, and situations.
  • Exercise regularly: Shollies are energetic canines that demand regular exercise and mental stimulation. Exercise on a regular basis helps keep your dog healthy and happy and helps prevent destructive habits.
  • Seek professional help: If you’re having trouble teaching your Shollie or managing particular behavioral difficulties, think about getting assistance from a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist.

Keep in mind that teaching your Border Collie/German Shepherd mix requires patience, consistency, and time. You may train a companion to be well-behaved and submissive with the appropriate attitude and lots of positive reinforcement.

Is Border Collie German Shepherd Mix the Right dog for you?

Your lifestyle and needs will determine whether a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix is the appropriate dog for you. Due to their high level of activity, this breed needs regular exercise and mental stimulation. They are very teachable and bright, yet they can be difficult for novice dog owners. The Shollie might be a suitable choice for you if you’re an outdoorsy, active person who is prepared to put in the time and effort for training and socialization. Although they are loving and devoted dogs who build close relationships with their humans, they do need a lot of care and cerebral stimulation to be content. This breed might not be the greatest fit for you, though, if you lead a more sedentary lifestyle or aren’t willing to make time for training and exercise.

Grooming and Care

Taking care of and grooming a Border Collie German Shepherd mix is necessary to maintain their well-being. Here are some pointers for taking care of and grooming a Shollie:

  • Brushing: Shollies need to be regularly brushed since their thick, dense coats are prone to matting and tangling. At least once each week, and more often during the shedding season, brush your dog’s coat.
  • Bathing: Shollies don’t need to be bathed often unless they become especially unkempt or smelly. Avoid getting water or soap in their eyes or ears and use a shampoo made specifically for dogs.
  • Nail trimming: To avoid overgrowth and pain, trim your Shollie’s nails frequently. Take your dog to a trained professional groomer if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  • Teeth brushing: Frequent tooth cleaning is necessary to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and guard against dental issues. Brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week using a toothbrush and toothpaste made especially for dogs.
  • Exercise: Shollies need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation because they are such an energetic breed. Try to give children at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity each day, such as running, playing, or taking walks.
  • Health examinations: It’s crucial to get your Shollie regularly examined by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and up to date on their vaccines.

You can keep your Border Collie/German Shepherd mix happy, healthy, and looking their best according to these grooming and maintenance guidelines.

Exercise Requirements

Cross-country dog Shollies, a type of German Shepherd mix, are very energetic and need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation to stay in good physical and mental health. Here are some pointers for fulfilling Shollie’s workout requirements:

  • Daily exercise: Make an effort to give your Shollie at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day. Running, hiking, playing fetch, and taking a walk are some examples of this.
  • Mental exercise: Shollies are intelligent dogs who need both mental and physical exercise. If you want to keep your dog mentally active, think about puzzle toys, obedience practice, or agility courses.
  • Exercise without a leash: If at all feasible, let your Shollie play and run loose in a securely fenced yard. They may now exercise more easily and expend energy.
  • Swimming: Shollies frequently like to swim, and it can be a great form of exercise. But, make sure your dog is secure and comfortable at all times when they are near water.
  • Consider your Shollie’s individual needs: Every dog is different, so it’s vital to take their age, health, and personal preferences into account when creating an activity plan for your Shollie. To develop a tailored exercise program that suits the needs of your Shollie, speak with your veterinarian or a qualified dog trainer.

You can keep your Border Collie German Shepherd mix healthy, happy, and well-adjusted by offering frequent exercise and mental stimulation.

Common Health Issues

The most frequent reasons for Border Collie/German Shepherd Mix barking are as follows, stated in points:

  • Territorial behavior: Shollies may bark as a form of territorial defense to warn their owners of potential intruders or imagined threats in their territory.
  • Separation anxiety: Shollies who have separation anxiety may bark excessively when left alone.
  • Lack of activity: Shollies are an energetic breed and need regular exercise to burn off extra energy. They could become restless and bark more frequently if they don’t get enough exercise.
  • Fear and anxiety: Shollies can bark when they are scared or anxious, which can happen during thunderstorms or fireworks shows.
  • Attention seeking: Shollies may bark to attract their owners’ attention and engage in conversation, as do many dogs.
  • Genetic predisposition: Genetic factors may make some Shollies more likely to bark excessively.
  • Training and socialization: By teaching Shollies acceptable behavior and non-barking methods of communication, proper training, and socialization can assist to reduce excessive barking in these dogs.

It’s critical to deal with excessive barking in Shollies because it might annoy neighbors and stress out owners. It is possible to control this behavior by identifying the underlying reason for the barking and by giving the dog the right training and socialization.

Causes and Symptoms

Here’s a small table outlining some common causes and symptoms of health issues in Border Collie German Shepherd Mixes:

Common Health IssueCausesSymptoms
Hip dysplasiaHereditaryLimping, difficulty getting up or lying down, reluctance to climb stairs or jump
Elbow dysplasiaHereditaryLimping, stiffness, and pain when moving the elbow joint
Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)HereditaryNight blindness, difficulty seeing in low light, gradual loss of vision
Degenerative myelopathy (DM)HereditaryWeakness in hind legs, loss of coordination, difficulty walking
EpilepsyHereditary, environmentalSeizures, loss of consciousness, drooling, confusion, temporary blindness
AllergiesEnvironmental, foodItching, scratching, licking, skin irritation or rash, hair loss
HypothyroidismAutoimmune, hereditaryWeight gain, lethargy, cold intolerance, hair loss, skin issues

Personality and Temperament

Personality and Temperament


Cross-country dog German Shepherd mix dogs, also known as Shollies, are highly intelligent and energetic canines that combine characteristics from both parent types. They have a strong independent streak but are also devoted and loving to their families. Because of their German Shepherd ancestry, shollies may have a strong guarding drive and require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation.

Although they are highly trainable and quick learners, they are not always obedient or able to follow instructions. For energetic families that want a pet that can provide them with lots of exercises and cerebral stimulation, shollies make excellent companions.


The Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid breed, sometimes known as the Shollie, combines temperamental characteristics from both parent breeds. They make excellent security dogs since they are keenly aware and intelligent. Shollies may have a strong protective instinct in addition to being extremely devoted to their families. They are vivacious and need a lot of physical activity and mental challenges to stay healthy and content.

They might, however, also have a strong sense of independence and may not always obey orders. Individual Shollies may have different temperaments, thus appropriate training and socialization are crucial for a whole and balanced personality. In general, Shollies are best suited for active families who can provide them the playtime, care, and training they require to thrive.

Are they Aggressive?

Nonetheless, aggression in Shollies is a rare characteristic that is frequently curbed by appropriate socialization and training. In order to help them grow into well-adjusted and self-assured dogs, it’s crucial to expose them to a variety of people, animals, and situations from a young age. Training that is constant and rewards good conduct can also aid in deterring aggression and promoting it. Also, Shollies must be treated with respect and care because any abuse or mistreatment can cause fear and hostility. Ultimately, Shollies may make fantastic, loyal companions without displaying hostility with the right care and training.

Is Border Collie German Shepherd Mix Intelligent?

Undoubtedly, the Shollie, a cross between a Border Collie and a German Shepherd, is quite intelligent. Shollies get these qualities from their parents, who are both regarded as intelligent and trainable breeds. They are very trainable since they pick things up quickly and have a great desire to please their owners. Shollies perform exceptionally well in activities like agility training, herding, and obedience competitions that call for problem-solving and critical thinking.

They require a lot of training and exercise to keep their minds active and healthy, and they thrive on mental stimulation. In order to help them realize their maximum potential, it’s vital to keep in mind that their brilliance can also make them independent-minded and possibly stubborn. This takes consistent and positive reinforcement training. Overall, the Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid is a highly intelligent and teachable breed that, with the right training and socialization, can succeed in a range of activities.

About Barking

Cross-country dog Shollies, or German Shepherd hybrids, can become overly vocal if they are not properly socialized and taught. The loud nature that both parent breeds are known for can be handed down to their children. Shollies may bark to warn their owners of potential predators, to show their joy or fear, or simply to pass the time or express their boredom.

It’s crucial to give Shollies a lot of exercises and mental stimulation to keep them physically and psychologically exhausted in order to prevent excessive barking. They can learn when to bark and when it’s inappropriate through consistent training and socialization. Shollies might gain from obedience training, which could teach them to listen to instructions and curb their barking. Furthermore, giving them a lot of chew toys and other amusement helps lessen boredom and irritation, which can reduce excessive barking. Ultimately, Shollies may be trained to bark appropriately and make wonderful companions without making excessive noise with the right care and training.

Best 20 Names of Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Best 20 Names of Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

  • Shadow
  • Max
  • Luna
  • Rocky
  • Bella
  • Duke
  • Bailey
  • Sadie
  • Charlie
  • Zeus
  • Ginger
  • Sam
  • Riley
  • Abby
  • Toby
  • Roxy
  • Cooper
  • Molly
  • Bear
  • Daisy

Table of Quick Breed Information

Here is a long table outlining some key information about Border Collie German Shepherd mixes, also known as Shollies:

Breed SizeMedium to large
Weight35-90 pounds
Height18-26 inches
Life Span10-13 years
CoatA dense, medium-length coat that can be straight or slightly wavy
Coat ColorsBlack, white, tan, sable, or a combination of these
Grooming NeedsModerate to high; regular brushing and occasional bathing required
TemperamentIntelligent, active, loyal, protective, and may have a strong independent streak
Training NeedsHigh; requires plenty of mental and physical stimulation and positive reinforcement training
Exercise NeedsHigh; requires daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation
Health ConcernsHip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, bloat, and eye issues
Good with ChildrenYes, but may require socialization and training
Good with Other PetsYes, but may require socialization and training
Apartment FriendlyNo; requires a lot of space and exercise
Energy LevelHigh; requires plenty of exercises and mental stimulation
BarkingMay bark excessively if not properly trained and socialized


The Border Collie German Shepherd combination sometimes referred to as the Shollie, is a highly bright and energetic breed that may make an excellent companion for the proper owner. Although these dogs are renowned for their energy, loyalty, and protectiveness, they need a lot of exercise, socialization, and training to thrive. While shollies can be a wonderful addition to households if given the time and attention they require, it’s important to keep in mind that they might not be the right choice for everyone. To make sure they are prepared to give this breed the care and attention it needs, prospective owners should conduct their own research and speak with a reputable breeder or rescue group. Ultimately, a Shollie that has been properly cared for may be a devoted friend that enriches the life of their owner.

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