Banana Honey Dog Cookies

Banana Honey Dog Cookies

Today we are baking sweet banana treats with honey. This simple recipe requires only a few ingredients and is quick to bake.

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What goes into our honey banana dog biscuits? In addition to egg and flour


Many dogs are crazy about bananas. The sweet fruit is therefore also quite popular as a filling for food toys, as a food topping, or as a snack between meals. We also share our bananas with our four-legged friends, of course in moderation.

Overripe bananas are also great for baking.


Honey is known to be sweet and goes down well with many dogs. Fed in small amounts, our dogs love the taste, of course, that doesn’t happen every day. We used liquid organic honey in this baking recipe, but other types of honey work just fine too.


We use a teaspoon of oil in many recipes. This ensures a smooth dough consistency and provides some shine when baking. Essentially, highly heatable and tasteless types of oil such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, or corn oil are used for baking.

If you want to color your honey banana biscuits a little bit yellow with natural ingredients, you can also use pumpkin seed oil. While this isn’t ideal for baking, it does provide a strong flavor and some color.

Instructions for banana honey dog ​​biscuits

As always, we’re baking a pretty simple recipe here. After all, our target group is very grateful and easily impressed!

  1. Mix together the wet ingredients, in our case bananas, honey, oil, and egg.
  2. Knead in enough flour until you like the consistency of the dough.
  3. Roll out the dough and place your cutters on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  4. We baked these dog biscuits at 180 °C top and bottom heat for about 15 minutes.

Save honey banana dog biscuits

We usually bake smaller quantities of dog biscuits that can be used up quickly. We store them in the fresh air or chilled.

If you want the biscuits to last longer and become crispy, you should let them dry at low heat in a slightly open oven or in a dehydrator.

Before you transfer the dog biscuits, they should really be completely cooled. Store homemade treats in cloth bags or in the fresh air. You should never keep them airtight, damp, or too warm!

You can portion and freeze large amounts of biscuits. This is especially useful if you have baked a lot of very small treats.

More about this recipe

Of course, these dog biscuits are a little candy . So feed them in moderation and bake other treat recipes in between .

Of course, only you know what your dog can and should eat. And if in doubt, ask your veterinarian.

We used regular wheat flour. If your dog does not tolerate this, you can of course choose an alternative type of flour such as potato starch or buckwheat flour .

Bake banana honey dog ​​biscuits

  • Just mix, knead, cut out, and bake. So easy!
  • You can add to and modify the recipe according to your dog’s preferences. So only what your dog likes comes in.
  • Homemade dog biscuits only contain ” real ingredients “. It doesn’t necessarily make them healthier, but you don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients.
  • Baking for the dog is so easy, you’ll never run out of cookies again.

Dog biscuits with banana and honey

A delicious baking recipe for treats with banana and honey. For all four-legged friends who like it sweet.

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  • banana
  • egg
  • tbsp honey
  • tsp oil
  • 300 flour , approximate value


  • ▢Heat your oven to 180 °C top and bottom heat.
  • ▢Mix the banana, honey, egg and oil until smooth.
  • ▢Now knead enough flour until a smooth dough is formed. The exact amount depends on the type of flour and the liquid content of your ingredients.
  • ▢Roll out the dough and cut out dog biscuits.
  • ▢Bake the banana honey treats for about 15 minutes. Leave them to cool in the slightly open oven tube.

Recipe Tips

If you want to color the biscuits yellow or red, you can use turmeric or beetroot powder, among other things .

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