…right, from the start!

Be Proactive.

Don’t wait for problem behaviors to start happening (like jumping on guests and stealing food), teach them the behaviors you DO want first!

If those problem behaviors have already started, that’s ok, the same steps will help them discover that the behaviors you prefer are much more rewarding than the behaviors you don’t want.

During class, we’ll cover the basics (name/focus, sit, down, stay, recall, etc.), and so much more! There is also an accompanying online course with videos, downloads, and activities to do between sessions to expand upon what we’ve learned, and gently acclimate your pup to the unknown.

All classes are force/fear free, positive reinforcement, relationship based.

For puppies between 8 and 12 weeks old with age-appropriate vaccinations. Classes meet once a week for 9 weeks (excluding holidays) at our Bloomfield facility. 6 months of access to online course materials is included.


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