Everyday Manners & Life Skills

Level 2

Everyday Manners and Life Skills

Level 2

If your pup has been through Everyday Manners and Life Skills 1, or reliably knows (with one cue): sit, wait for their food bowl, leave it, go to place, loose leash walking (50ft), recall (from 15ft), drop/give/trade items, then Level 2 is just for you!

Continue to enhance the bond between you and your dog as we build upon what we learned in level 1 by adding distance, distraction, or difficulty to those cues, and introduce more skills that well-mannered dogs should have!

Skills include:

  • Car Manners (getting in and out politely)
  • Door Manners (no dashing out the door)
  • Leave it (while walking)
  • Loose leash walking (near a person)
  • Wait to be fed (and allow hand near bowl)
  • Recall (30ft away)
  • Intro to Emergency Stop (for safety)
  • Stay/Settle (longer duration)
  • Plus More

Sneak preview video:


Appropriate for puppies who are able to be in the company of other dogs and new people**. Masks and social distancing required until further notice.

You get 9 in-person sessions (45 minutes each), email support, and six months of access to the online course containing supplemental videos, guides, and information. Your confirmation email will have a code and instructions on how to enroll. Should a mandatory shutdown happen, class will revert to online video sessions.

For puppies over 6 months, this class also gets you, and your dog, on the way to earning the Pet Dog Ambassador Level 2 title through the Pet Professional Guild*.

*Add-on purchase and enrollment through the Pet Dog Ambassador Program website prior to the assessment date is required only if participating in that program. 

** If your puppy barks or lunges at people or dogs, or simply can’t be relaxed enough to take treats in a group class setting, please visit my Behavior page for alternatives.

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