Top 10 Dog Gifts

Tis the season for giving to those you love. That can include the furry loved ones too. Below is a list of products that make great gifts, especially for those puppies that some of you are giving or receiving this year. They are products that I’ve used

My top ten list of gifts for dogs:

These are in no particular order. I’m linking to for reference, not to suggest you buy there  (but if you do order through Amazon, please use to donate to the charity of your choice).

  1. Kong toys. The original, stuffable ones. They come in different sizes as well as chew strengths. From puppy to senior and everything in between. Stuff them with some kibble, pour a little water through, seal it up with something gooey (peanut butter, cheese, banana, etc.) pop it in the freezer for a bit. Frozen Kongs can keep a puppy (of any age) occupied for quite a while. They are great for crate training too! I keep a few so I can always have at least one ready in the freezer.


  1. Star mark treat dispensing puzzle ball. This is a cube that you fill with kibble and maybe a few treats too. The dog has to roll it around with their nose or paws to get the kibble to fall out. It’s adjustable for different sized kibble and to make it easier or harder based on the dog. Gives them an approved activity so they don’t have to entertain themselves by chewing your furniture.


  1. Jolly Pet Teaser. A ball within a ball makes it roll unpredictably. Dogs can chase it, pick it up, drop it, and chase it again. Pretty durable. Comes in many sizes/colors.


  1. Benebone chews. Nylon with real bacon, chicken, or peanut butter flavors to encourage chewing. Comes in different shapes and sizes. Super strong, even for savage chewers (but be sure to check it frequently for wear). My dogs ignored the mounds of other ‘nylon’ bones I bought, but loved these!


  1. Loving Pets Pure Buffalo Lung Steaks. These are great to cut into small pieces for training sessions or super special treats for any occasion. Freeze dried, kept sealed they last forever. Save the crumbs/dust from cutting them up to sprinkle on their food, or on less exciting treats to boost their value.


  1. Antlers/Horns. Many varieties, some softer, some harder. Many sizes from small slices to full antlers for all chewing styles. Supervise at least until you know it’s strong enough that your dog can’t break off large chunks to choke on. Monitor wear and discard if it becomes too small or sharp.


  1. Vehicle Restraint. Fido may not be thrilled to rip open a box full of seat belt, but it’s for his own good! There are many reasons why it’s best to restrain your dog in the car. Loose dogs in moving cars can be distracting. Whether a hard braking, or an accident, an untethered dog can become a projectile object. They can also jump out open windows unexpectedly ( I’m not going to recommend a particular restraint as there could be many determining factors, I’ll just post a link to a study.


  1. PetSafe Pogo Squeaker Toy. I like these because they don’t have fluffy stuffing. Instead they have a plastic mesh cage where the squeaker can bounce around. They have to work hard to find it, and they last longer, even with fairly strong chewers (they are not indestructible though).


  1. Tug toy. I prefer something with a handle so I can grip it. I’m not a fan of dogs having rope tugs unsupervised, the strings can be swallowed and accumulate in the stomach/intestines causing blockage. But if you supervise, the floss tug serves a dual purpose. Fun and functional. Fleece tugs are also a good alternative to rope. This is a local business that makes tugs and leashes to order: Leashes, Tugs, and More!


  1. PetSafe Busy Buddy Ultra Woofer. There are many Busy Buddy shapes, but this one was my dog’s favorite. It is a barbell shape with a compressed rawhide disk in the middle. The shape makes it hard to get to the rawhide, keeping the dog’s attention longer. It comes in different sizes, but smaller is better. If it’s too large, the dog can get to the rawhide too easily.