The KONG For Dogs

The KONG For Dogs

If I could only recommend one intelligence toy for dogs, it would be the KONG Classic or Extreme.

This fillable, natural rubber snack ball is versatile, my dogs love it, and it’s affordable and easy to clean. And he’s holding up.

KONG ClassicThe KONG Classic is a real must-have in the dog household! The red snack toy is available in different sizes for very small to very large dogs and can be filled in a variety of ways and can also be frozen without any problems.

What do we love about KONG? This toy is so simple. Simply shaped. No squeaky. No vanilla scent. But the KONG scores with its gigantic entertainment value, which challenges our furry friends’ problem-solving behavior and is ideally suited for quiet activities .

You can fill the KONG in a variety of ways. And this dog toy can also be used as an alternative or supplement to the anti-sling bowl during daily feeding.

What I like:

  • Versatile fillable
  • Can be frozen
  • Can go in the dishwasher
  • Offers long employment
  • Payable
  • Durable
  • Promotes quiet employment

What you should pay attention to:

  • May be difficult for some flat noses and seniors
  • Sometimes I fill longer than the dogs are busy

My opinion:

You simply have to have a KONG at home. or two. Or three.

This activity toy has rightly been one of the classic snack balls for a long time and we can no longer imagine life without it. In the summer we always have a box full of frozen KONGs in the freezer for a little licking fun in between. And the red rubber ball with the knobbly shape is also worth its weight in gold to wind down after an exciting day.

Our experiences with this food toy for dogs are really consistently positive. And what strikes me right now: I’ve never thrown away a KONG. Because these things are also pretty indestructible. And for big chewers, there’s even an upgrade, the KONG Extreme.

Design: Simple and effective

The KONG Classic made of red natural rubber has been one of the most popular snack toys for dogs worldwide for more than 40 years.

The KONG food toy comes with no frills. The principle of the game is very simple here: Simply fill the cavity of the KONG with goodies and you’re good to go!

  • Buy several KONGS so that you can easily rotate them when the others are in the dishwasher or one is lost under the sofa.

If you are looking for a food ball for large dogs or something for small four-legged friends, you will find what you are looking for. Because the KONG is available in 6 different sizes , so that everyone gets their money’s worth. I agree with the manufacturer’s size recommendations.

Practical tip: If in doubt, you are well advised to choose a variant larger than your gut feeling tells you! This is not just for safety. The larger opening makes filling easier and your dog has a frustration-free playing experience.

The two sizes XS and XXL are only intended for the extremes among the dog breeds. Most dogs get along wonderfully with the standard sizes S to XL .

KONG – which size for which dog?

  • KONG for large dogs ? Choose sizes L or XL
  • KONG for medium-sized dogs ? Choose size M or L
  • KONG for small dogs? Choose size S or M

When in doubt, the larger size is always the best!

This reduces the risk of the KONG being swallowed. And the KONG is easier to fill and clean thanks to the larger opening.

My border collie, who weighs around 23 kg, usually gets size L but has no problems with my German shepherd’s KONG XL. My little one, who weighs 7.5 kg, prefers the KONG M and only got used to the size S when she was older.

KONG Classic sizeDogs
XS2 kg
Pomeranian, Chihuahua
Havanese, Shih Tzu
M7-16 kg
Miniature Poodle, Frenchie
Aussie, Border Collie
XL27-41 kg
German Shepherd, Akita
XXL38 kg
St. Bernard, Rottweiler

The red ball is shaped like a little snowman, which adds a bit of structure and makes the toy easy for the dog to grab. The KONG is made of solid red natural rubber .

I find the KONG material to be very pleasant. Soft enough to be a tiny bit stretchy. But firm enough for pretty indestructible chewing fun. The KONG owes its particular stability to the fact that it is made from one piece.

  • The KONG Puppy and KONG Senior are a bit softer, the black KONG Extreme is a bit firmer. This makes the KONG interesting for all dogs.

Which KONG for which dog?

In my experience, the red KONG Classic is also ideal for young or old dogs and stands up well to normal use. And with strong chewers, I would make sure to teach the dog in the long term that toys are not there to be destroyed, even with the black KONG.

The KONG Company itself states that all its natural rubber products are continuously tested and controlled to ensure that the legal requirements (eg the European REACH regulation) with regard to the ingredients are complied with.

Imitations are usually less stable than the original. Make sure to buy the real KONG in specialist shops!

Engage dogs with the KONG

For which dogs is the KONG useful? For all!

Because the KONG is the all-rounder among the food balls and there are many purposes and dog KONG applications:

  • Depending on the filling, the KONG offers different challenges and levels of difficulty and stimulates our four-legged friend’s ability to think. All my previous dogs love this toy.
  • Theoretically, the KONG can also be used purely as a chew and fetch toy .
  • All forms of feeding can be used here, so that the KONG can also be used without any problems as an alternative to feeding from a bowl .
  • The KONG helps to stay alone and is used by many dog ​​owners as an activity on working days. Of course, leaving the dog alone with KONG involves a certain risk, so I don’t want to officially recommend it unreservedly.
  • Like any intelligence toy , the Classic food toy also helps to banish boredom and stupid ideas.
  • The KONG isn’t a magical silver bullet that magically makes behavioral problems disappear. But it can help to develop calming rituals, calm down after exciting experiences, and to deal better with stress.
  • This food ball is not intended for wild rolling and tossing. Instead, lying down is the order of the day here, so that the KONG can also be used wonderfully with senior dogs or with bed rest prescribed by a doctor.
  • The KONG is also suitable to take away. It can also unfold its calming effect on the go, in the restaurant or while waiting in the car.

And how does the KONG for dogs work ?

Keeping your dog busy with the KONG is really easy!

Just fill in some tasty food and you’re good to go!

Of course, the entertainment value of the KONG Classic also depends on the filling. You can find many ideas for the KONG in our post on KONG fillings . The KONG can even be frozen for a little more challenge.

Durability: Can something

We’ve never had a KONG break! I don’t want to be unrealistic and say things are indestructible. Because of course, absolutely every toy can break. But in normal use, they are very, very indestructible .

This KONG, which is several years old, is still operational despite clear tooth marks. Other toys (especially in this price range) have to copy this first :

Since the manufacturer advertises the KONG not only as a food ball , but also as a chew toy , you can have correspondingly high expectations. And I think they will be met if you have realistic expectations. Because no dog toy is really indestructible!

The KONG is great for chewing and sucking on . But the solid natural rubber cannot withstand indefinitely a large dog that wants to break toys on purpose. Here, too, it can help to switch to a larger variant.

Here I recommend the somewhat firmer variant from the KONG Extreme series. And it is advisable to use something like this only under supervision with aggressive toy chewers anyway. This way you can intervene before your dog chews the KONG. Not only is it expensive, it’s dangerous.

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

It can sometimes happen that the KONG is not completely spotless . Especially when the dog has lost it and days later you fish it out from under the sofa.

And since such a snack toy naturally gets a lot of drool when in use , the KONG also picks up a bit of dirt or hair when it rolls over the floor .

With us it rarely happens that individual chunks of food are just big enough for me to stuff them into the KONG without any problems, but they have a hard time getting out again.

  • Can the KONG go in the dishwasher? Yes!

But that’s not a problem at all, because residues can be easily removed with a small brush. In most cases it is sufficient to soak the KONG or just let it go up in the dishwasher . My KONGs always look brand new after a run in the dishwasher. So cleaning the dog KONG really doesn’t take much effort!

Price: Take two

When you consider what some toys cost that are in tatters after the first use, the KONG is a real bargain !

big advantage of the classic KONGS is that you can get them almost everywhere at a fair price. The prices for the standard sizes S, M, L and XL are usually between 5 and 12 euros , so you can always treat yourself to a new KONG to expand your collection.

Similar Products

My dogs love variety and new challenges. That’s why we have different intelligence toys that we rotate regularly. This stimulates the mind and not only makes the Border Collie happy.

Here are a few more food toys for you to try:

  • The PetSafe Squirrel Dude works similarly to the KONG Classic. The feeding opening is a bit smaller and therefore more difficult for the dog but can be adapted to individual needs by shortening the rubber prongs inside. The rubber material is also very durable.
  • The Zogoflex Toppl is available in two sizes. Here you can also get a great snack toy, which, however, has kept me from opening a large collection due to the comparatively high price.
  • The PetSafe freezing penguin is also one of the fillable rubber toys that we regularly use here. We really like the Pingu not only frozen but also for the little yogurt blob in between. The big advantage is the flat shape, which can also be filled with liquids or an egg.
  • We only recently discovered the KONG Goodie Ribbon and have been very impressed so far. A heavy multi-cavity toy, interesting for those looking for new challenges.
  • The Lickimat licking mats are a great addition to your toy arena if you are looking for things that your dog can focus on and focus on. You can find more information about lick mats here.

Conclusion on the KONG Classic

  • Every dog ​​owner should have one, or preferably several, fillable KONG toys. This versatile food ball cuts an all-around good figure and is recommended for almost every dog ​​household due to the price and the size selection.

Product Details

ProductKONG Classic
CompanyThe KONG Company
MaterialNatural Rubber
Sizes6 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
VariantsKONG Puppy, KONG Senior, KONG Extreme
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