The Best Licking Mats for Dogs

The Best Licking Mats for Dogs

Licking mats have long been an integral part of the English-speaking dog world as a toy to keep excited dogs calm. In this country, these ingenious and often quite cheap sucking mats are also becoming increasingly popular.

Maybe you don’t really need it, but I’m certainly not the only one here who likes to give their dogs something new to try, am I?

IndustriPet LickiMat Buddy

LickiMat Buddy Really big mat with lots of small cross structures for long licking fun.

Product Description

  • Non-toxic food grade TPR
  • Suitable for freezing

Due to the slightly raised crosses of the really large LickiMat Buddy™, the dog has to lick properly until it has really caught all corners. Ideal if you want to keep a big dog busy for a long time!

IndustriPet LickiMat Soother and Playdate

LickiMat Soother Thanks to the nub structure, it is also ideal for liquid fillings such as yogurt or purees.

LickiMat Playdate Food collects in the small square indentations as it passes. Smaller biscuits can also be placed here before freezing.

Product Description

  • Non-toxic food grade TPR
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Thanks to its fine structure, LickiMat Soother is well-suited for liquid rewards
  • Due to its coarse structure, LickiMat Playdate™ is more intended for spreadable treats

The LickiMat Soother™ and the LickiMat Playdate™ are two variants of the quality licking mats made from harmless, robust material that guarantees long-lasting fun.

I would tend to recommend the Soother™ mat as it seems to be less frustrating for most dogs.

Trixie Lick’n’Snack licking mat

Trixie Lick’n’Snack licking mature you will find several different structures that require different solution strategies.

Product Description

  • Stable base made of plastic
  • Different structures within the lick mat

The actual licking mat made of thermoplastic rubber was attached to a non-slip plastic base. I also think the different structures are great, through which the dog should be stimulated to think.

SlowFeeder Set

4 licking pads in a setHere’s a whole set of 4 flat slow feeders to keep the dog busy.

Product Description

  • Set of 2 flat anti-sling bowls and 2 licking mats
  • Different structures
  • Suction cups on the back

Here you get 3 different structures on a total of 4 pads with dimensions of 15 x 15 cm each.

No products were found.

Product Description

  • Non-toxic food-grade PET and TPR
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Also suitable for small dry food

Due to the non-slip PET base, it is slightly more stable than pure rubber licking mats. The two different structures offer a little more variety.

IndustriPet LickiMat Splash

LickiMat Splash Licking mat with a suction cup to keep the dog busy during grooming (or just because).

Product Description

  • Distraction during care measures and styling
  • Great job#
  • Can be attached to all smooth surfaces with the suction cup (in practice, however, this does not always work without exception)

Although the mat is advertised as being dishwasher safe, I would advise against it. Thermoplastic rubber has the eponymous property of deforming when heated and I have concerns about the suction cup.

AquaPaw Slow Treater

Slow Treater™Due to the nubby surface, this licking mat keeps the dog busy for quite a long time despite its small size!


Product Description

  • Stackable
  • 100% silicone
  • Dishwasher safe

Specially designed for use as a frozen treat in the bath, but can also be used in normal everyday life for employment. But keep in mind that silicone is usually not quite as robust as TPR.

Comparable licking mats made of silicone can now be found in various performances, here for example.

What is a Dog Lick Mat?

Licking mats are a simple and ingenious idea to keep the dog busy without stuffing them full of food. Even with little food, you can get a solid playing time of 15-20 minutes.

In contrast to other feeding games, the dog does not rev up as much here, but ideally even calms down when sucking deeply on its licking mat.

Incidentally, you can also use unused ice cube mats, baking mats, or praline molds made of food-grade silicone as licking mats (you can find examples at Fun-with-Dog ).

However, silicone is less tear-resistant and usually less durable than TPR and encourages chewing or playing with the mat due to its fluffy material properties.

If you still have old unused silicone molds lying around somewhere, you can try them out under supervision to see if they work for your dog.

For which occasions is a licking mat for dogs useful?

Slick mats were specially developed as “ boredom busters ” and for stress management. The licking mats are also advertised to make it easier for the dog to stay alone. However, you have to have an eye for realistic dangers here, because of course, an unsupervised dog can get the stupid idea of ​​shredding a mat and eating the rubber parts.

But watch out for your dog. Not every dog ​​likes every toy. And having to slurp every little bit out of such a mat can quickly become frustrating for some dogs and should not become a daily “duty”. Then it’s better to take turns or buy an anti-sling bowl.

The licking mats are also recommended as a positive distraction for unpleasant procedures and body care measures at home or at the dog groomer. Of course, a dog that can hardly think about food for fear of the claw clipper will not be cured by a licking mat. But to keep the dog in position when brushing and bathing and also during physical therapy and veterinary examinations, licking mats can certainly be helpful in individual cases.

Please keep in mind that licking mats are only an aid to make nursing measures pleasant. They do not replace good training! Quite the opposite: a dog that is afraid of the bath will quickly learn that the licking mat announces the next wash cycle and will take cover.

To attach the licking mat to vertical surfaces such as a pane of glass or in the bathtub, there are special mats with suction cups (which sometimes hold more, sometimes less well). You can also attach the mat to a garden fence or a trellis with clothespins, for example.

Suck mats are also recommended for dogs that cannot or should not move much. Because the little bit of food in such a licking mat does not make the dog fat, but provides for calm and long-lasting activity.

And as an external reward during training and as a small frozen refreshment in summer, the sucking mats are fun and easy to transport and take with you.

Tip: If your dog wants to lug the mat away and chew it up, just cut it into shape and place it in an old pan or casserole dish!

Ideas for filling a licking mat for dogs

Licking mats can be filled with pretty much any type of soft food that the dog is allowed to have from time to time. And pretty much anything that can be pureed or mashed.

To fill the mat, simply put a few blobs in the middle of the licking mat and then spread them out with a spoon, a silicone scraper, or a dough card :

  • Boiled vegetables (potato, carrot, sweet potato)
  • Pureed fruit (banana, apple,…)
  • baby food
  • Canned food
  • Peanut butter (make sure you use xylitol-free products!)
  • Dairy products (quark, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, buttermilk,…)
  • Liverwurst
  • Ground Meat
  • Leftovers (sauce, rice, egg, honey, …)

What should you look out for when buying a licking mat for dogs?

Most dog lick mats are made entirely or partially of TPR. This thermoplastic elastomer is slightly stronger and more durable than silicone. On top of that, the mats from well-known manufacturers are recyclable, food-safe, and can be frozen.

Many similar products from Asia are advertised on the Internet with the same keywords and often the same designs as the branded products, but do not match their quality. These thinner lick mats are often made of rather flimsy silicone ( which magically attracts dust and hair… ).

In view of the already low price, you shouldn’t save at the wrong end here. Because then you not only risk a less robust material but also the other properties such as suitability for food are then in question.

Clean the dog lick mat

Silicone and plastic lick mats can be put in the dishwasher without any problems.

Theoretically, this is also possible with the TPR lick mats, but the material tends to deform under the influence of heat.

That would of course be stupid with a sucking mat for dogs, which is supposed to lie flat on the ground when in use. Deformation of the licking mats with suction cups in particular can lead to the suction cup losing its function.

So it is better to clean such licking mats by hand, which is quite easy. If the dog has done a good job, there are hardly any leftovers left on the mat anyway.

Simply work with a little lukewarm water and, if necessary, some dish soap, and you’re done. For stubborn food residue, I recommend a nylon brush and possibly soaking the mat. Please do not use sharp-edged brushes that damage the rubber!

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