Best 27 Small White Dog Breeds [2023]

In total there are around 80 white dog breeds of different sizes. In the following, however, you will only learn about the 27 smallest white dogs.

Best 27 Small White Dog Breeds [2023]

Even if they look very similar in appearance, their character can differ greatly. However, most of them have some characteristics in common:

  • They need to be socialized early on to avoid being shy.
  • They make great family dogs and get along well with children.
  • They are considered above average trusting and loving.
  • They tend to shed very little and need a little exercise.
  • On average they live between 14-18 years.

Having said that, not every statement above applies to every breed. So let’s take a closer look at all the little white dogs below.

1. Bichon Frize

The Bichon Frize is a small, white, dwarf dog with a curly coat. He sheds very little and is considered very trainable. He is not particularly fond of barking but needs a lot of exercises.

The little dog originally appeared in Spain, Belgium, and France. Despite his size, he was also kept as a shepherd dog. The Bichon Frize has a strong hunting instinct.

The four-legged friend often behaves territorially. Nevertheless, beginners get along well with the sweet dog. Therefore, today he is often kept as a pure lap dog.

You should be careful with your four-legged friend during training, as he is very sensitive to criticism. The dwarf dog does not like loneliness. He’d rather travel the world with you. 

Fun Fact: A white dog to cuddle! The fur of this four-legged friend is as soft as cotton, so it’s hard to keep your hands off it. 

2. Volpino Italiano

The Volpino Italiano is a white small dog with a playful, alert personality. The small teddy bear-like dog is only approx. 30 cm high and weighs 5 kg.

The four-legged friend is closely related to the German Pomeranian. As an apartment dog, he is very popular because of his size. But you shouldn’t underestimate his joy in barking. 

Nevertheless, this white dog breed is relatively rare worldwide. There are currently only about 3,000 registered copies worldwide. He can also live up to 16 years. 

The cheerful four-legged friend is only suitable to a limited extent for families with small children. The risk of injury due to the impetuous behavior of the children is too high. 

Fun fact: A “snowball of love” – the nickname for this dog snuggle ball couldn’t be more appropriate.

3. Bolognese

The Bolognese is a curly-haired, small, white dog from Italy. In addition to the nickname “Bolo,” he has seven other recognized names.

The loyal, sociable four-legged friend only weighs around 3 kg when fully grown. He is primarily kept as a lap and family dog. He gets a lot of attention.

Bolo loves to be the center of the family. This can be especially stressful if you have other pets. But they get along very well with children. 

Due to their warm and affectionate nature, they are also open to strangers. They don’t like solitude at all. 

Fun Fact: An intelligent four-legged friend often also means a stubborn four-legged friend. Unfortunately, this lap dog is no exception.

4. Pomeranian

The Miniature Spitz (also known as the Pomeranian) is a Spitz dog breed from Germany. At 2 kg, the flyweight is the smallest of five Spitz species.

This small white dog is known to be extroverted and active. He barks a lot and likes to. He needs a moderate amount of exercise, but he still wants to be kept busy.

The small four-legged friends often react aggressively toward strange dogs. In general, they are rather stubborn. When untrained, they tend to behave badly. 

Still, they make great apartment dogs. They are great as a house or guard dogs. A small, four-legged alarm system in lap-dog format.

Fun Fact: Many describe the Pomeranian as an always happy and laughing dog. This is because their snout is slightly curved upwards at the back. 

5. Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tuléar is a small white dog native to Madagascar. He is also known as “Cotie”. With his soft fur, he makes it to number 81 on the popularity list.

By nature, this lap dog is playful and very lively. He loves to swim, run and have fun. The little four-legged friend is still suitable for apartments.

However, you should note that this dog is very bad at being left alone. He would always like to be there. Because he is very human.

He generally gets along well with children, other dogs, or strangers. All in all, the Coton de Tuléar is an affable and trusted companion for the whole family. 

Fun Fact: This breed is jumping for joy! Especially when a reward beckons. 

6. Miniature American Eskimo Dog

This four-legged friend with a teddy bear-like appearance originally comes from Germany. A characteristic of the small white dog is its pointed ears.

The small four-legged friend appears in three different sizes. Starting with a weight of 2.5 kg up to 18 kg. He is also one of the Spitz dog breeds. 

In the past, these alert, lively dogs were kept as sheepdogs and hunting dogs. But they were also very welcome as circus dogs due to their eagerness to learn. 

In terms of nature, the four-legged friends are easily trainable and intelligent, but they often tend to be hyperactive and behave skeptically toward strangers.

Fun Fact: Trick 17 on this hyperactive bundle of nerves? A quiet stroking action. Just stroking these dogs’ foreheads will work wonders. 

7. Maltese

The Maltese are cute little dogs with a white coat. When fully grown, this dwarf dog only weighs around 2 kg. Therefore, it is ideal for housing. 

It is disputed whether the breed comes from Malta. But the fact is that she was already bred as a lap dog. The four-legged friend fulfills this function perfectly with his nature. 

His gentle and easy-going nature makes the little white dog the ideal companion for first-time owners. He is also suitable as a second dog or for therapeutic purposes.

The Romans considered the four-legged friend to be sacred because of its soft, white fur. Today it is particularly popular with families with children or other pets.

Fun fact: this four-legged friend is not only trusting towards his family but also very courageous. When in doubt, he will also take it on with much larger dogs. 

8. Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is a small white dog. The loyal, intelligent four-legged friend was bred as a family and companion dog. He was also used as a guard dog.

Due to his barking nature and skepticism towards strangers, he can be kept wonderfully as a guard dog. 

With a life expectancy of 16 years, this Spitz breed is one of the longest-lived dogs in the world. The fur of the four-legged friends is also very easy to care for.

This dog is very well suited to living in an apartment, as he already likes to spend time in the warm and indoors.

Fun Fact: Small but oh-oh. Although these dogs are relatively small, they bark with a volume like the big ones! 

9. West Highland White Terriers

The so-called “Westie” is a small white dog breed from Scotland. It was primarily bred to get rid of vermin like rats or the like.

Today, however, beautiful, happy dogs are often kept as apartment dogs and companions. They are very trusting and loyal to their families.

They like to learn and are easily trainable. They get along very well with children and other dogs. However, they have a very strong hunting instinct and love to dig outside. 

This behavior is very difficult to control. Digging is just part of the playful terrier’s nature. 

Fun Fact: Curious, Curiouser, West Highland White Terriers! It is not uncommon for the four-legged friends to get their heads stuck somewhere and have to be freed again. 

10. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested is a little shedding dog. He is also known by the funny name “Puff”. In addition to the crested species, there are also specimens with a full coat.

There are therefore also small white dogs of this type. The crested dog is gentle and watchful by nature. Nevertheless, they are among the most unpopular breeds in the world.

Unlike other dogs, these hairless dogs are capable of sweating just like humans. Overall, however, such hairless breeds are very sensitive. 

This means that you should protect your four-legged friend’s body. Sunscreen in the summer and a winter coat in the cold are therefore a must.

Fun fact: Not only do these four-legged friends naturally lack fur on their bodies, but they often also have fewer teeth than other dogs. 

11. Miniature Bull Terriers

This terrier breed is a white, medium-haired, small dog. With a shoulder height of less than 35 cm, it resembles a large bull terrier. 

By nature, he is bold and energetic. The little fighter takes on bigger dogs without hesitation. The four-legged friends are very loyal to the family.

A certain natural aggressiveness towards strange dogs is to be expected in these dogs. Therefore, they are also wonderfully suitable as guard dogs.

The easy-care four-legged friends can be kept as an apartment dogs. They are adaptable and territorial. Also, they need a lot of attention.

Fun Fact: While many terriers are known for their fussy nature and therefore often eat poorly, the opposite is true with this four-legged friend. Miniature Bull Terriers therefore often tend to be overweight and gluttonous.

12. Miniature Poodle

The Miniature Poodle is a small, cute dog from Germany. The intelligent, obedient four-legged friend is one of the 7 most popular dog breeds worldwide.

The small dog’s often white coat is considered hypoallergenic and very clean. Therefore, poodles are particularly popular with allergy sufferers. Even first-time owners enjoy them. 

Although the four-legged friends are easy to train and are among the top 10 most intelligent breeds, strict training is important here. The general rule is: the smaller the poodle, the more stubborn it is. 

These dogs are happy to live in the apartment, but they prefer to be with you at all times. Loneliness is difficult for four-legged friends to endure. 

Fun Fact: There’s a reason poodles are so commonly kept as circus dogs. They are among the few dog breeds that can learn a flick flack.

13. Miniature Samoyed

The Miniature Samoyed is a white small dog from Russia. The playful, stubborn four-legged friend is still one of the rarest breeds in the world.

Few breeders breed beautiful dogs with wolf genes. In the past, the four-legged friends were often used as shepherd dogs, guard dogs, or sled dogs.

Today they are often kept as family dogs. Aggressive behavior is extremely rare in these four-legged friends. They are always trusting, and love children and other dogs.

They are also considered very clean and odorless. They usually lick their fur like cats. They like to be busy and need a lot of exercise and attention. 

Fun fact: regular combing and vacuuming is an absolute must for these “hair monsters”. Samoyeds shed a lot.

14. French Bulldog

The “Frenchie” is a bulldog breed from France. The characteristic of the small white dogs is their funny bat ears. 

According to a survey, they are even among the cutest dogs in the world. Because of their physique, they are often referred to as “frog dogs”.

By nature, French bulldogs are playful and lively. They’re a lot of fun because of their clown-like nature, but they can also be quite stubborn.

According to studies, they are among the dumbest dogs in the world. They have always been bred to be house dogs. They get along well with dogs, strangers, and children. 

Fun Fact: Most French bulldogs are propagated through artificial insemination. Because they have too little endurance and mobility to mate independently.

15. Puli

The Puli belongs to a relatively unpopular breed of sheepdog from Hungary. The energetic four-legged friends were bred as guards, shepherds, or police dogs.

They have a very strong hunting instinct, need a lot of exercise,s and bark a lot. All in all, they are not suitable for housing. 

If they don’t get enough exercise and exercise, it quickly becomes a problem. Barking, gnawing and hyperactivity can be an uncomfortable consequences.

The small white or black four-legged friends react sensitively to criticism and are very skeptical of strangers. Even when they are fully grown, they often behave like puppies.

Fun Fact: If you see a dog with long dreadlocks and “no eyes” anywhere, then there is a high probability that it is a Puli. 

16. Havanese

The Havanese is a playful little dog with a white coat. He sheds very little and only needs a moderate amount of exercise. However, the four-legged friend has a strong hunting instinct.

The small lap dogs come (as the only dog ​​breed) from Cuba. They were already bred there as house dogs and companions. They are ideal for first-time owners. 

They are trusting towards the family, and get along very well with children and strange dogs. Globally, they make it to number 24 of the most popular breeds.

The four-legged friends are between 14 and 16 years old. They need a lot of attention and activity throughout their lives. If the master is happy, then they are too. 

Fun Fact: These four-legged friends are known to eat their poo very often. So you should be particularly quick when bagging and disposing of it. 

17. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a small lap dog native to Mexico. The four-legged friend occurs in two types, a short-haired and a long-haired variant. All coat colors can occur.

The small dogs are particularly pretty as a long-haired, white variant. Chihuahuas can live up to 20 years. 

The following applies the smaller the Chihuahua, the more expensive. You should be careful with small children, as the mini dogs are very vulnerable. In general, they are sensitive.

When it’s cold, they usually curl up under the covers. They are often anxious when faced with large crowds, traffic, or prams.

Fun Fact: At 2 kg and 20 cm, it is hardly surprising that these four-legged friends are also known as “purse dogs” in the USA. Greetings from Paris Hilton! 

18. Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is a small white hunting dog. He is easy to train, but despite his size, he needs a lot of exercises. He was bred in England.

The lively four-legged friend is a subspecies of the Jack Russell Terrier. Therefore, it is just as playful and energetic as this one.

The Parson Terrier loves frisbees and other throwing games. He is an active little dog with a lot of power. His bounce is amazing. The dwarf can easily jump 1.5 m high. 

Due to their short fur, these dogs are very easy to care for and have little smell. In summer, however, you should smear them with sunscreen because their fur is very light and short.

Fun Fact: This clever breed loves activity. Whether it’s running, digging, or jumping! The main thing is action! 

19. Sealyham Terriers

The Sealyham Terrier is a small white dog native to Wales. He has a calm, even-tempered nature. Therefore, it is great for apartments and first-time owners.

The great family dogs are very trusting, and sociable, and love long walks. The bearded four-legged friends do not like loneliness. 

They are usually open and friendly towards strange dogs. Rarely do dogs of the same sex fight. 

The small terriers are well-suited as guard dogs. They love work and attention. They are usually suspicious of strangers. 

Fun Fact: Since the Sealyham Terrier is known to be very patient and calm, he is often used as a model for presenting dog fashion.

20. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a short-haired dog native to England. The stubborn, sociable dog breed is the 5th most popular dog worldwide.

This may also explain why the wrinkled face of these white little dogs is often used as a logo for clubs. This is particularly popular with sports clubs. 

The relatively lazy four-legged friends tend to be overweight. They make the perfect couch potatoes and sometimes don’t even feel like leaving the house. 

Cool socks usually develop a close relationship with children. And they usually get along very well with other pets or dogs.

Fun fact: If you want an English bulldog to move in with you, then you better not be a light sleeper and have a sensitive nose. Because these dogs are said to snore and fart particularly often according to experience reports. 

21. Cairn Terriers

The intelligent Cairn Terrier is a lap dog from Scotland. The white little dog needs a lot of exercises. He has average hair and is rather difficult to train.

His strong hunting instinct is difficult to control. He barks a lot and likes to. Nevertheless, it is well suited for first-time owners and apartments. He is trusting of his family. 

Overall, this terrier has an active, confident personality. He gets along well with children, strangers, and other dogs. Nevertheless, a consistent, strict upbringing is important.

The cheeky four-legged friends are known for constantly testing the limits of their owners. The four-legged friends with pointed ears are very suitable as guard dogs. 

Fun Fact: In the first records of this breed, the four-legged friends were often described as a so-called “cave dog”. Their behavior was then considered barbaric, wild, and fearless.

22. Indian Spitz

This white little dog is one of the Spitz dog breeds. He was bred in India but is descended from the German Spitz. 

By nature, this four-legged friend is intelligent, friendly, and very active. He barks a lot and loudly. It was originally bred for hunting in cold areas. 

Some of the small four-legged friends reach an age of up to 16 years. They are ideal trick dogs. They learn quickly and with pleasure. 

You should be able to handle the strong hunting instinct of this breed. Indian lace love attention and lots of space.

Fun Fact: A particularly fun spline of this breed is that they frequently chase their tail. However, since this is curved upwards, they never reach it.

23. Bolonka Zwetna

The Bolonka Zwetna is a playful, charming four-legged friend from Russia. With its 2-5 kg, this bearded dog breed is one of the dwarf dogs.

The often white small dog sheds very little. He doesn’t bark very much and can only be trained moderately well. Nevertheless, he enjoys a lot of attention. 

The dog gets along well with strangers, although it is very territorial. Loneliness is not for this loyal four-legged friend. He would like to be with you everywhere.

The breed is still relatively rare outside of Russia. As a rule, Bolonka Zwetnas only get 1-3 puppies per litter. In training, the animals are often stubborn. 

Fun Fact: The reason this breed’s coat is so easy to groom is that they were bred to lack grooming. Dog shampoo used to be hard to come by in Russia, so the breed was specially bred to be able to do without it.

24. Pekingese

The Pekingese is a white small dog native to China. He was primarily bred as a lap and house dog. What is striking is his rather flat face, which is very atypical.

A Pekingese’s dense, long coat is the opposite of low maintenance. You should be prepared to brush your four-legged friend regularly.

The little teddy bear-like dogs used to be very popular. But their popularity has decreased massively in recent years due to other small breeds.

Despite their small size, the four-legged friends are only about 11 years old. They often suffer from respiratory problems during their lifetime or – if they are cultivated incorrectly – from heat build-up.

Fun Fact: You can be sure that if a mini Chewbacca shows up anywhere, it’s a Pekingese. 

25. Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a Tibetan quadruped. What is particularly striking about these bearded dogs is their long, soft fur. [ 25 ] 

The small white dogs only weigh around 7 kg when fully grown. Sometimes they live up to 20 years. Teddy dogs are often used in films.

They are one of the few breeds that get along very well on their own. They also have an independent nature. They don’t get along so well with strangers. 

Independent four-legged friends are extremely popular with many celebrities. Often they are used as a small watchdog inside the apartments. 

Fun fact: For many followers of the Dalai Lama, four-legged friends were considered sacred for a long time. It was therefore particularly often given away as a lucky charm. 

26. Bolonka Franzuska

This white small dog breed originated in Russia and is classified as a lap dog. Translated, the name means “French lap dog”.

The four-legged friend originally descended from the Bolognese. It used to be particularly popular with princes and kings. The strong curls in his fur are particularly striking. 

As a result, it sheds very little and is popular with allergy sufferers. He only needs a moderate run and can be trained relatively well. 

Bolonka Franzuskas usually live up to 16 years. They weigh between 3 and 4 kg when fully grown and are therefore particularly suitable as apartment dogs. 

Fun Fact: Dogs are typically known for having significantly longer ears than humans. Well, this breed’s ears, on the other hand, are among the shortest among dogs. 

27. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is an Asian quadruped. He was bred to be a lap and companion dog. By nature, he is independent, charming, and watchful.

The white little dog is often described as cat-like by connoisseurs. He is independent and loves to retire on high berths. 

These small four-legged friends are well suited for first-time owners and housing. They are also trusting of strangers. They can even be used as therapy dogs.

It is still controversial where the four-legged friends come from. It is believed that they were bred in either Japan or China.

Fun Fact: There is no such thing as a cat in a dog’s fur. But! The behavior of the Japanese Chin resembles that of cats in many respects. Licking paws, climbing, and looking down at things from above are all her thing.

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