Short Sayings for Dogs We’ve Loved

Short Sayings for Dogs We've Loved

Unfortunately for your dog, at some point, the time has come. You have to say goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend.

Anyone who has ever lost a dog knows how difficult it can be. You may be looking for ways to process your loss. Sympathy messages help to express your feelings.

Funeral Sayings Make it Easier to Say Goodbye

Some dog owners share their fate with friends and acquaintances publicly on social media. Often they also use mourning sayings to make the post more personal.

For this reason, we have put together the most beautiful sayings, quotes, and comforting words for you below:

We’ll meet again at the end of the rainbow.

It is they who change everything
when they come into our lives – and when they leave.

Your paws left big footprints in our hearts.

Soul dogs always find us because they were born for us.

The only day you will regret getting a dog is the day you lose it.

Do you think dogs don’t go to heaven?
I’m telling you, they’re there long before we are.

No longer by my side, but always in my heart.

Run free.

The path we were allowed to walk together was intense but too short.

Memories are small stars that shine comfortingly in the darkness of our grief.

Ah, you ran through the garden again at a brisk pace – how I wanted to wait, wait for hours! Theodor Fontane

You always had only one goal: to give me your heart.

Dogs are like stars. They can shine and shine long after they are gone.

Farewell, I tell you quietly.
Take care on your last trip.

As a dog, you were the best person you could have as a friend.

You can find some more sayings, quotes, and wisdom on the dog sayings page.

How Do You Deal With The Loss of a Dog?

Take the time to grieve. Mourning is allowed. After all, you lost your friend with your dog. And a member of your family.

Unfortunately, there are still people who do not understand this. But don’t let that fool you. Because there are just as many people who understand you very well. And these will be by your side when you need to let your beloved animal go.

The status of the domestic dog has changed significantly over time. Your dog is now a family member. And he lives in your house.

This complicates the situation for you. You love your dog. He should be by your side for a long time. Maybe your four-legged friend is like a partner, friend, or even a substitute for children. And you want him to be comfortable.

How Should Your Dog Be Buried?

When you have your pet by your side, you don’t want to think about its death. Still, it’s important. Think about what will happen to your dog after it dies.

It is best to inquire in advance. Because when the time comes, you will hardly have the necessary rest to do so. In most cases, your pet will be picked up from your home or from the veterinarian.

Then you do the cremation. You get the ashes back. Otherwise, a funeral will be organized. Of course, all of this comes at a cost to you. These can vary greatly depending on the company. Another reason is to gather information in advance.

Business on this topic is now booming. Therefore, there are numerous companies that specialize in pet cremation and burial.

If you want to bury your pet in your own backyard, be sure to check local regulations. Not every city allows you to bury your dog.

The Animal Cemetery is a Final Resting Place

You accompany your animal not only on its final journey. You should also bury your dog with dignity. Animal cemeteries are no longer a rarity today.

Tombstones adorn the final resting place of your loved one. Just like in the classic cemeteries. Inscriptions and mourning sayings on the stone give your dog’s grave a personal touch.

Cremation And Urn

There is another way to give your beloved pet a dignified final resting place. The Cremation. You cremate your animal in the crematorium.

You can take your dog’s ashes home with you. Or you can have them buried in a pet cemetery. There are special urns for dogs for this purpose.

Customize them to your liking. You get the urns in many different variants. You can also label some of these urns individually for your dog.

You can write his name, his date of death, or a short mourning message on the urn. Your beloved four-legged friend remains in the midst of his family after his death.

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