Best 19 Short-Haired German Shepherd Breeds

All 19 Short-Haired German Shepherd Breeds | With Pictures [2023]

Shepherd breeds look very different visually. Both the type of fur and the length of the fur vary greatly. However, the following 19 breeds only have short hair:

Incidentally, short-haired shepherd dogs are more common in more southern regions. Because they are less suitable for the cold winters of the north. But they get along all the better with heat.

1. Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie was once kept primarily as a shepherd dog for goats and sheep. However, these dogs are very easy to train and can therefore be used in a variety of ways.

This explains why short-haired German Shepherds also serve as rescue, therapy, family, and service dogs. All that matters is that they are busy.

And not only physically, but also mentally. This breed, on the other hand, finds it difficult to be left alone. But they love the attention of children and other pets.

In addition, the four-legged friends are ideal for first-time owners. Due to their territorial nature, they can also be used as guards and protection dogs.

The popularity of these short-haired German Shepherds can also be seen in the statistics. Because there are said to be 3 million copies worldwide.

Fun Fact: For most dogs, a little exercise is enough to keep them happy. This breed doesn’t just need physical exercise, however, they also need mental exercise – great for learning new tricks!

2. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog got its name from its tail. Because this is usually very short or missing completely due to a genetic defect.

These short-haired German Shepherds differ from other breeds in that they bark little and need to be socialized for life as a family pet. 

Without getting used to people and other pets, the dogs often react shyly or even aggressively. However, they usually get along very well with children.

In addition, the animals need a relatively large amount of exercise. If they don’t get this, it often manifests itself in nervous behavior or frequent barking.

In general, while short-haired German Shepherds count as trusting, they are definitely not a snuggle breed. They are also considered to be very loyal and intelligent.

Fun Fact: This breed’s coat color is described as “blue-spotted” on Wikipedia. But maybe only the author was color-blind.

3. Beauceron

The Beauceron originated in France, where it was once used primarily as a shepherd and guard dog. Weighing up to 50 kg, this breed is very large and strong.

According to farmers, a single dog of this breed can take on a wolf. In addition, short-haired shepherd dogs learn very quickly.

Coupled with their good trainability, they are therefore also suitable as police, sniffer, and rescue dogs. In times of war, they could also detect land mines.

Due to his excellent nose, he served in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, among other things, for tracking down survivors.

The short-haired, black shepherd dogs also need a lot of attention and contact with the family. They also get along very well with other breeds and pets.

Fun Fact: While these dogs have waterproof coats, many are very afraid of water and will tuck in their tails when it rains.

4. Berger Blanc Suisse

The Berger Blanc Suisse has its origins in Switzerland. Visually, this breed bears a great resemblance to white wolves. That partly explains its popularity.

The short-haired shepherd dogs are also excellent to train and are very obedient. That’s because they originally descended from the German shepherd.

In addition, they are known to be very loyal, alert, and protective. Although these four-legged friends care for their fur in a similar way to a cat, it discolors very quickly.

You can look forward to a green tinge on freshly mown grass. They also need a lot of exercises and shed comparatively heavily.

Incidentally, the short-haired, white shepherd dogs also make excellent family and guard dogs. However, they are less suitable for living in apartments.

Fun Fact: Describing this breed as “loyal” is almost an understatement. Because they follow you every step of the way, even at night if you only have to go to the toilet for a short time.

5. German Shepherd

According to statistics, the German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the world. And this is despite the fact that the breed is only around 120 years old – i.e. still relatively young.

These short-haired German Shepherds are primarily known for their excellent trainability and versatility. They are also among the 10 most intelligent breeds in the world.

The latter explains why the four-legged friends can also be used as a family, police, military, guard, and rescue dogs. Only as lap dogs are they a bit too big.

Among other things, they are often used by the police as drug sniffer dogs. Because with around 225 million olfactory receptors, their nose is around 45 times better than that of humans.

In addition, short-haired German Shepherds are known for their loyalty, curiosity, and courage. They also need a lot of exercises and have a strong hunting instinct.

Fun Fact: Of all dog breeds, the German Shepherd is particularly prone to pituitary dwarfism. Affected dogs, therefore, look their entire lives like young puppies.

6. Entlebuch Mountain Dog

The Entlebucher Sennenhund comes from Switzerland. More precisely, these dogs come from the Swiss district called “Entlebuch” – that also explains the name.

The short-haired shepherd dogs are also the smallest of the 4 mountain dog species. The physique of these four-legged friends is very reminiscent of a dachshund. They also bark quite a lot.

On the other hand, they can be trained well and shed little. They are also considered to be very self-confident, friendly, and loyal. To date, however, the breed is considered relatively rare.

Despite their size, the four-legged friends need a lot of exercises. They are therefore less suitable for living in flats and apartments. They also get along well with children.

However, short-haired shepherd dogs only partially tolerate foreign dogs. A strict and consistent master is also required for the training of the four-legged friends.

Fun Fact: This breed has a spot of light-colored fur on the eyebrows. This makes it appear to herd animals that the dogs are keeping an eye on them even while they sleep.

7. Hollandse Herdershond

The Hollandse Herdershond comes from the Netherlands. This also explains his international name “Dutch Shepherd”. These dogs are very popular among farmers.

Because short-haired shepherd dogs are very versatile. In addition to herding animals, they can also be used as guard dogs or to pull carts.

Only in the past 20 years has this breed also been used more frequently as a police, search, and rescue dog. But they are also suitable as family dogs. 

In addition, the dogs can be excellently trained. They also bark relatively little, need a lot of exercise, and are considered very loyal, trusting, and lively.

There are also some short-haired shepherd dogs with longer fur. However, this species is relatively rare and is less popular due to the increased maintenance requirements.

Fun Fact: This breed’s large protruding ears are almost full-size at birth. The puppies are therefore considered to be particularly cute.

8. Canaan Dog

The Canaan dog comes from the Middle East and is also the national dog of Israel. In the past, the breed was primarily used to guard desert camps.

Today, however, around 90% of short-haired German Shepherds live as wild strays. This explains why, according to Wikipedia, there are only around 3,000 registered copies worldwide.

If you ever want to see the pyramids of Egypt, you will see more than 1,000 dogs of this breed on the road on the way from the airport to the pyramids.

The four-legged friends are only suitable as family dogs if they have been socialized accordingly. Because they are very reserved, skeptical, and territorial by nature.

Short-haired shepherd dogs also react more aggressively to strange dogs – especially if they are of the same sex. But they can be trained well.

Fun Fact: Since it can get up to 50°C at midday in the Middle East, this breed is mostly nocturnal. Because at night it cools down to 20°C.

9. Koolie

The Koolie comes from Australia and is still kept there primarily as a shepherd and working dog. Only recently has he also been used more frequently as a house dog.

The short-haired shepherd dogs live an average of 15 years – sometimes up to 18 years. They are also considered to be very persistent and love to be busy.

The more tasks and attention they get, the happier the four-legged friends are. In addition, they instinctively master numerous Guardian techniques.

For herding animals, the dogs are usually mixed with the herd after just a few weeks. As a result, they develop a strong protective instinct toward the animals.

Incidentally, this short-haired German Shepherd breed is also considered to be very loyal, affectionate, and even-tempered. They are also suitable for first-time owners and seniors.

Fun Fact: When the herd is too large and it takes too long to run around it, these dogs also like to run on the sheep’s backs.

10. Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog comes from the USA and is now primarily kept as a family dog. However, it was once used as a shepherd dog, hunting dog, and guard dog.

This short-haired shepherd type also weighs up to 50 kg and has a muscular physique. And yet, despite their size, they live up to 14 years.

This breed is usually very affectionate and loyal to its own family. However, they rarely tolerate strangers and dogs. Sometimes they get aggressive here.

Keeping other pets is also discouraged. Because the hunting instinct is so strong that it is triggered even by the animals with which they grew up.

In addition, short-haired shepherd dogs are very good swimmers and can also be used as sled dogs. But they need an experienced master for that.

Fun fact: These dogs have such a strong hunting instinct that they often even climb trees in pursuit. However, they rarely come down alone.

11. Malinois

The Malinois comes from Belgium and has a wide variety of uses. In their homeland, the quadrupeds often serve as a shepherd, guard, and family dog ​​breed.

The police, on the other hand, use the short-haired shepherd dogs as sniffer dogs for drugs, cash, or even corpses. They are also very trainable.

The Malinois was also involved in tracking down Osama Bin Laden in 2011. In times of war, they also helped to locate the injured.

To this day, this breed is known to be hard-working, confident, and alert. However, they are usually reserved and skeptical towards strangers.

On the other hand, short-haired shepherd dogs are very trusting and friendly towards their own family. They also shed relatively little, need a lot of exercise,s and are considered to be low-odor.

Fun Fact: In the military, these dogs are not only kept in tanks but are also often used for air operations. With a little training, the dogs can even jump out of the plane on their own.

12. Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund got its name because it used to be mainly kept by shepherds in the mountains. Because the “Bu” stands for the typical mountain hut there.

In the past, the short-haired shepherd dogs were also kept by Vikings on ships. They are also known to be very affectionate, confident, and gentle.

So if you’re looking for a dog to cuddle with, you’ve come to the right place. However, they are also just as suitable as shepherd dogs, guard dogs, and family dogs.

Interestingly, these quadrupeds have 6 instead of the usual 5 toes. They are also missing 2 teeth. Researchers suspect that this is due to an early gene mutation.

In addition, short-haired shepherd dogs need a lot of exercise, are easy to train, and have a weak hunting instinct. On the other hand, they bark quite a lot.

Fun Fact: Because this breed develops a strong protective instinct towards children, they were also used as babysitters in the past.

13. Eastern European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd comes from the Soviet Union. The four-legged friends were once used primarily as shepherds and guard dogs. Today they also serve in the military.

These short-haired German shepherds are originally descended from the German shepherd. They have been specially bred to be both more cold-resistant and larger.

Said and done. These large shepherds grow around 10 kg heavier and around 10 cm taller than the German variety. This also explains their good trainability.

However, these animals are much less suitable as family dogs. They are too independent and reserved for that. Without social contact, they sometimes become aggressive.

Compared to the original breed, the short-haired shepherd dogs are also significantly darker, more territorial, and more playful. Their hunting instinct is also very strong.

Fun Fact: This breed is also known by the acronym “VEO.” In Spain, however, this causes confusion. Translated, veo means “I see” in Spanish.

14. Rottweilers

The Rottweiler originated in Germany. This breed is also one of the 8 most popular dogs internationally. It is also in the top 10 most intelligent breeds.

In any case, the popularity of short-haired German Shepherds is certainly not due to their longevity. Because these four-legged friends are only around 9 years old on average.

They also bark a lot, shed a lot, and have a strong hunting instinct. But these dogs also have a very loving side. They are also known to be very loyal and devoted.

They also usually develop a strong protective instinct towards children. With a weight of up to 60 kg, they are also among the heaviest dogs in the world.

Due to their dangerous appearance, they can sometimes direct a herd through intimidation alone. No other short-haired German Shepherd has this ability.

Fun Fact: “Chrrr… Chrrrrrr… Chrrrrrrrrr…” – you better get used to that sound. Because Rottweilers are world champions at snoring.

15. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky comes from the USA, where it was once primarily used as a sled dog. Only later did they also serve as shepherd dogs, guard dogs, and family dogs.

Despite their past, the short-haired German Shepherds are too friendly to work as guard dogs. Even strangers are warmly welcomed by them.

When herding, the four-legged friends benefit from their urge to be busy and their enormous endurance. Because they can literally run for several hours.

The fur of the Nordic breed is also very cold-resistant, so they can work in the snow without any problems. In addition, they bark very little and need a lot of exercises.

Compared to other short-haired German Shepherds, however, they are less easy to train. For beginners and first-time owners, these animals are usually too big a hurdle.

Fun Fact: If your neighbor is complaining about dogs barking, then this breed is ideal. Because they don’t bark … But they howl all the more often than wolves.

16. Vastgotaspets

Västgötaspets comes from Sweden. This breed was bred almost 1000 years ago specifically for herding and herding cow herds.

However, the short-haired, gray German Shepherds also make great family and guard dogs. They are also known internationally as the “Swedish Shepherd Dog”.

Although these four-legged friends love work, they have no problem sleeping on the sofa for a whole day. So you have the potential as a couch potato.

In his home country, the animals can also be found more often on postage stamps. And this is despite the fact that the breed almost died out during World War II.

Incidentally, these short-haired German Shepherds are available with both floppy and protruding ears. They are also known to be very alert, friendly, and playful.

Fun Fact: These dogs can be born with three different tails: none, a short tail, and a very long tail.

17. Welsh Corgi Cardigan

With the Welsh Corgi Cardigan, the country of origin and the appearance are already in the name. The four-legged friends come from Wales and look like dwarf dogs (Corgi).

Compared to the Pembroke species, these short-haired German Shepherds have a tail. They are therefore very easy to distinguish. This breed is also known to bark a lot.

In addition, the small four-legged friends can live up to 16 years and are also suitable as watchdogs and house dogs. They are also unusually fast for their size.

Compared to other small shepherd dogs, the four-legged friends have very good hearing. They are also easy to train, shed a lot, and have a strong hunting instinct.

Short-haired shepherd dogs are usually very trusting, loyal, and sociable towards their own family. They also get along great with children.

Fun Fact: These dogs are particularly creative. Because they always find a new reason to bark loudly.

18. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke also comes from Wales. However, this breed usually does not have a tail by nature. A gene mutation is responsible for this.

Compared to the above variant, however, these short-haired German Shepherds are much more popular. According to statistics, they are among the 13 most popular breeds in the world.

But don’t let the short legs fool you. These dogs can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. They also need lots of exercises and lots of attention.

The guardian instinct of these four-legged friends is also so strong that they often pinch visitors’ heels when they want to leave the house.

Compared to other short-haired German Shepherds, this breed is very outgoing, brave, and persistent. They also rank 11th among the smartest dogs.

Fun Fact: It’s easy to lose sight of these dogs in winter with a lot of snow. Because the snow is often deeper than the four-legged friends are tall.

19. Central Asian Ovcharka

With a body weight of almost 80 kg, the Central Asian Ovcharka is one of the heaviest dog breeds in the world. They are also considered to be particularly strong and resilient.

This also explains why these short-haired shepherd dogs were primarily used to protect against wolves and bears. Depending on the area, poisonous snakes were also included.

They served both in the field as shepherds and at home as guards and family dogs. In addition, they are considered to be very brave, adaptable, and self-confident.

Despite their enormous size, these animals can live up to 15 years. With the appropriate socialization, they also get along well with other pets such as cats.

The short-haired shepherd dogs, on the other hand, need a very little exercise. They are therefore also referred to as “lazy giants”. Their hunting instinct is also relatively weak.

Fun fact: When it comes to naming, the gentlemen don’t seem to be able to agree. Because a total of 19 different names were officially recognized.

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