Behavior Help

when things go wrong

Counter Surfing

Does your dog grab every piece of food in sight? Grab food off your plate? Help himself to the pot roast in the crock pot? 

Leash Reactivity

Does your dog lunge and bark at people or other dogs while you’re out for a stroll?

Resource Guarding

Does your dog take his toys and run away from you? Does she eat faster, snarl, or growl when you come near her dinner bowl? Snap at you when you try to take his bone or a stolen treasure away?

Jumping on Guests

Do people avoid visiting because your dog jumps up when they walk in? Does she tackle people joyfully out on walks? 


Does your puppy, put their mouth on your hands, arms, feet, sleeves, anything he can get his teeth on?

General Behavior Concerns

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* In your home or an agreed-upon public place if within my area, video conference if outside my area.

**Practicing the management and training techniques learned during these sessions will improve the chances of success for you, and your dog. However, dogs, and their owners, are individuals and have their own history, genetics, learning and experiences. Therefore it is not possible to predict a definite timeframe for improvement, nor guarantee any training program.

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