Veterinary Suggestions

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Veterinary Recommendations:

General Practitioner

I used to use a big chain veterinarian. Until they were unable to draw blood from my puppy. They brought him back to me, handed me the leash and his file, said ‘we can’t draw his blood, stop at the counter on your way out’….. I went to the counter thinking we would discuss alternate options or solutions or to schedule another appointment, but they just asked for payment and sent us on our way.

Now what? He needed that blood test. So, having adopted him at The Simon Foundation, why not use the vet that works on their animals? I brought both dogs to Ct Mobile Veterinary Services. Not only was Dr. Nock able to draw his blood (with helpers, of course), but she also became our regular vet from then on. She takes her time and keeps them as comfortable as possible!

You can visit her at her East Windsor location, or she can come to you!

I highly recommend Dr. Nock and her team!

Connecticut Mobile Veterinary Services, LLC.

Emergency and Specialty Care

For after hours emergencies, I use Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut in West Hartford.

I started using them several years ago when the puppy mentioned above cut his leg late one night and needed staples. He actually marched right into the exam room with them with no fear what-so-ever. There has been several other after-hours emergencies over the years, they’ve been wonderful every time.

I also bring my female pup there to help with her seizures.