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Private Obedience Sessions Waiver



In consideration of admittance to obedience or other training instruction and/or classes to be conducted by a representative of All Dog Zone, LLC., whether held remotely, or in-person, I, ,  the registrant, hereby releases and forever discharges All Dog Zone, LLC, its officers and instructors from any and all claims, demands and liabilities to the registrant on account of losses and damages; of any injuries to the registrant's person and/or property, including the registrant’s dog; that may result during the course of the registrant’s participation in training instruction and/or classes. The registrant also hereby covenants and agrees, in consideration of the said admittance, to defend, protect and save harmless All Dog Zone, LLC, its officers and instructors from any loss, damage or expense, by reason of litigation or otherwise, on account of claims, liabilities and injuries to the person or property of third parties arising directly or indirectly out of the registrant’s, and the registrant dog’s participation in said instruction and/or classes.

I understand that my dog will be trained using positive reinforcement methods. I also understand that although my dog will learn multiple behaviors, basic obedience, new routines, and management under the instruction of All Dog Zone, LLC., it is my responsibility to maintain this learning in the home environment. Dogs do not generalize well. This means that behavior taught while in our presence will only be solidified through clear, calm and consistent repetition between and after the sessions are completed. Animal behavior is never fixed or static; it changes depending on circumstance and environment. Even trained behaviors will fade or extinguish over time without consistent repetition and practice.

Cancelation Policy: Once the first session has started, payment is non-refundable, non-transferable. 

The registrant also hereby grants All Dog Zone, LLC., and its’ representatives, permission to take photographs and/or audiovisual recordings of all people and animals attending the session, and to use those photographs/videos for educational purposes, social media, or as marketing tools.

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