Pitbull Puppies: The Best Facts

Pitbull Puppies: Best Facts

Pitbull puppies are probably some of the cutest puppies imaginable. Even if this dog breed has unfortunately fallen into disrepute among people. In this article, you will discover why this is completely unfounded, why the term Pitbull is actually wrong, and how cute Pitbull puppies are.

When someone speaks of a “pit bull puppy” they are usually completely wrong about this breed. A pit bull is actually not a breed of dog, but a generic term for a whole range of breeds. How to find the right plant…

Pictures of cute Pitbull puppies

We have collected a whole series of cute Pitbull puppies pictures for you. If you love these dogs, just click through the gallery below.

But now I have some facts for you that apply to pit bulls in general. Not just the American Pitbull or Staffordshire Terrier.

1. Pit Bulls used to be purely family dogs

In fact, the American Pit Bull used to be purely a family dog ​​in the United States. Back then, the breed wasn’t as discredited as it is today, so people took advantage of this truly loyal dog in families.

In the USA, Pitbull Terriers are still often called “Nanny Dogs”. This name comes from the absolute child-friendliness of these dogs, which hardly anyone in Germany seems to notice.

2. Pitbulls aren’t just very affectionate as puppies

Pit bull terriers have unjustly become one of the disreputable terrier breeds.

Part of what led to them being bred in England specifically for brutal dogfights. Here the “education” from puppyhood has led to them becoming so-called fighting dogs.

These dog fights have been banned in Great Britain since 1835 and so a lot has happened with pit bulls as well.

If raised and socialized as normal, a Pit Bull will give you one of the warmest, friendliest dogs imaginable. A quality that is otherwise only attributed to family dogs such as Labradors,

3. Like all terriers, they are a very smart dog breed

Pitbull Terriers appear very agile and dominant, especially as puppies. They would like to be intensively employed by their owner and are able to learn extremely quickly.

This means that it is relatively easy for you to train such a four-legged friend and you can even teach him a trick or two.

4. Pit bulls don’t make very good guard dogs

It really is. While pit bull terriers may look rather dangerous and intimidating to most people, they are pretty much unsuitable as guard dogs.

This is especially true for the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The reason lies in their cultivated nature. Pitbulls used to be bred to compete against each other in fights. Cruel enough.

They have always allowed themselves to be guided by a human, which has led to a certain subservience of the breed towards humans.

Accordingly, this inbred nature makes them relatively poor watchdogs.

5. Snoop Dog is one of the biggest fans of this dog breed

Well-known rapper Snoop Dog is probably a well-known Pitbulls fan. When he lived in Claremont, California, he had a kennel that housed around 20 Pit Bull Terriers.

6. Adopt! Don’t shop! Even more so for Pitbull puppies

Pitbull Terriers are one of the dogs breeds that you can find in great numbers in our animal shelters. Not only adult dogs but also many Pitbull puppies.

There they usually lead a very miserable existence and have very few chances of being adopted.

So I would ask you to keep an eye out in the animal shelters around you for a loyal Pitbull soul that is urgently looking for a new home.

This is far better than going straight to a breeder. You would help a dear four-legged friend a lot to lead a nicer life.

7. Anyone wanting to own a pit bull must meet the requirements

In Germany, there are relatively strict requirements for all owners of so-called fighting dogs. This also includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Bull Terrier. All these dogs are on the so-called breed list.

If you want to keep such a four-legged friend, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You need a police clearance certificate to prove your reliability.
  • A certificate of competence must also be submitted as part of an examination.
  • The dog is not allowed to run outside without a muzzle and leash without a positive character test.
  • Your four-legged friend must be tattooed or chipped.
  • You are not allowed to attend any public events with the dog.
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