The 26 Most Powerful Bites in the Dog Kingdom in 2023

The dog bite force is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Humans create between 120-140 PSI. Dogs sometimes have teeth that are up to 6 times stronger.

As a rule, larger dogs also have a stronger bite than smaller dogs. You can see that very well from this ranking. However, there are also isolated exceptions. 

The 26 Most Powerful Bites in the Dog Kingdom

However, crocodiles have the strongest teeth in the world. They manage up to 3700 PSI compared to dogs. Below you will learn about the bite power of the top 26 dogs.

26. Malinois – 195 PSI

The Malinois is a short-haired sheepdog from Belgium. The intelligent four-legged friend was bred as a working animal and is very well-suited as a reliable watchdog.

The four-legged friend sheds little, is very easy to train, is obedient, and has a moderate hunting instinct. It needs a lot of exercises and can be used in many different ways. 

The Malinois is also well suited as a family dog. He is very trusting and gets along well with children. The four-legged friend is initially skeptical about strangers. 

The dog breed made headlines in particular in 2011 for being responsible for tracking down Osama Bin Laden. The Malinois is one of the dogs with the strongest biting power.

Fun Fact: As a police or military dog, the perennial Malinois is also very popular. It is also used for air operations. The four-legged friend is therefore a perfect skydiver.

25. English Bulldog – 210 PSI

The English Bulldog is an easy-going breed of dog from England. It got its name because it used to be used for bloody fights with chained bulls.

This “sport” has been banned for a long time today. Since then, the four-legged friend has been very popular as a quiet family dog. Many bulldogs are so lazy that they hardly want to leave the house.

They therefore only need a little exercise, have a weak hunting instinct, and bark very little. The downside is that they are less trainable and have a mind of their own.

They are also dog breeds with the strongest teeth. Dogs often suffer from breathing problems and are overweight. Their life expectancy is 8-10 years. 

Fun fact: according to reports, these four-legged friends snore and fart particularly often. Both are said to be due to anatomical reasons.

24. Chow Chow – 220 PSI

The Chow Chow is an alert, independent four-legged friend. His nickname is “black-tongued lion”. This is due to its lion-like appearance.

The dog breed was bred in China. There, the four-legged friend served as a working sled dog for a long time. Sometimes the four-legged friends were also slaughtered and eaten. 

The dogs with the strongest biting power are considered “very risky” and are therefore included on attack dog lists. Keeping a Chow Chow can be expensive. 

With the right upbringing, four-legged friends can become quiet companions. Chow Chows bark very little and have only a weak hunting instinct. However, they shed a lot. 

Fun Fact: This breed has been bred in China for more than 4,000 years. It is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. 

23. Belgian Shepherd – 224 PSI

The Belgian Shepherd is one of the four subspecies of German Shepherd. Due to its uniqueness, the beautiful animal was recognized as a separate breed.

The four-legged friend is very intelligent and self-confident. He can be trained very well, but has a very strong hunting instinct and needs a lot of exercises. 

In addition, the four-legged friend sheds a lot. As a family dog, he is playful and trusting. He gets along well with children and other dogs. 

The dog breed with the strongest bite can be used in many different ways and is therefore very popular with the police and the like. This active animal is rather unsuitable for the apartment. 

Fun Fact: Many people have great respect for this dog breed. They often serve not only as guard dogs in government institutions but also at customs or as drug sniffer dogs at national borders.

22. Rhodesian Ridgeback – 224 PSI

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the dog breeds with the strongest bite. He was bred as a hunting dog and has a reputation for taking on lions.

Today, the beautiful animal is one of the 50 most popular breeds worldwide. It should not be underestimated how muscular and strong this four-legged friend is. 

He weighs up to 50 kg. Being very stubborn, the Ridgeback is less easy to train. He needs a lot of exercises and has a very strong hunting instinct.

In terms of character, the four-legged friend is venerable and assertive. It is disputed whether a greyhound hides in it. Its top speed is 40 km/h.

Fun fact: When these four-legged friends get too warm outside, they dig a big hole to cool off in the cold earth.

21. Alano Español – 227 PSI

The Alano Español is a Mastiff species from Spain. The four-legged friend was bred as a hunting and guard dog. Sometimes it was also used for bullfights.

The four-legged friends are very alert and territorial. You show skepticism towards strangers. However, the dogs with the strongest biting power get along very well with children. 

Despite this, they are rarely kept as house dogs. They are not suitable for beginners and are difficult to train. Alanos also need a lot of exercises.

They have a strong hunting instinct. The four-legged friends shed and bark little. They are reliable and patient animals. However, they tend to dominate. 

Fun Fact: While most dog breeds sleep between 12-14 hours a day, the tireless Alano Español gets around 6-8 hours of sleep a day.

20. Doberman – 228 PSI

The Doberman is a German breed of dog. The four-legged friends are 63-72 cm high and are ideal guard dogs. By nature, the four-legged friends are territorial and alert.

This breed of dog was originally bred by a tax collector to have the strongest bite and endurance. Dogs used to have their lop ears docked. 

The pointed ears should make the four-legged friend appear more formidable. Today, cropping ears or tails is prohibited in Germany. 

Dobermans are very trainable and have only a very weak hunting instinct. They bark little and shed a lot. The loyal animals can also be kept well in apartments. 

Fun Fact: The Doberman Pinscher is considered a courageous bodyguard among dogs. However, the animals still have one weakness: cold. Because they have hardly any body fat, they cannot keep warm in winter and need a coat.

19. German Boxer – 230 PSI

The German Boxer is an easily trainable four-legged friend with a medium-strong hunting instinct. The friendly, playful animal is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

The four-legged friend gets along very well with children and is the ideal family dog. The dogs are protective, patient, and loving. They are also suitable for apartments. 

The dogs with the strongest bite used to be used as hunting dogs. Their short snouts allowed them to hold onto their prey while panting. 

Boxers are very trusting of their families and find it difficult to be left alone. They don’t get along well with cold and heat. They need a lot of exercises and shed a lot. 

Fun fact: what do boxers and goats have in common? If you give them a ball, they run up and hit it with their heads.

18. Labrador Retriever – 230 PSI

The Labrador Retriever is a water dog from England. The four-legged friend was bred as a hunting dog for waterfowl. But he is also well suited as a therapy or guide dog.

The four-legged friend is very intelligent and can be trained very well. He needs a lot of exercises and sheds a lot. He is also one of the barking dog breeds that report noises. 

These four-legged friends are very well-suited as sniffer dogs. Their noses are so good they can even sniff out cancer cells. With a little practice, they can even learn to fish.

But the four-legged friends are also a dog breed with the strongest biting power. They usually get along well with children or other pets. 

Fun Fact: These dogs are passionate swimmers. Unfortunately, they don’t like to be bathed that much. 

17. American Pit Bull Terrier – 235 PSI

The American Pit Bull Terrier comes from the USA and is colloquially referred to as a pit bull. The four-legged friend was originally used for wild dog fights.

Today, these dogs with the strongest biting power are used in many different ways. From shepherd to a therapy dog. The obedient American Pit Bull Terrier blends in well. 

The four-legged friends are not well suited as guard dogs. They need lots of love and attention. The trusting dogs wrongly have a bad reputation. 

Pit Bull Terriers can live up to 15 years. They are muscular, strong animals. They are often hostile to strange dogs. But they can be trained well. 

Fun Fact: Books shouldn’t be judged by their covers! While Pit Bulls may look formidable, they are no more dangerous than any other dog breed.

16. German Shepherd – 238 PSI

The German shepherd was originally bred for work. Being extremely trainable, it has also become popular as a guard, police, and protection dog.

The dog breed with the greatest bite power is around 120 years old and is considered the most popular dog breed in the world after the Labrador. Even beginners get along well with the German Shepherd.

The intelligent four-legged friend has a strong hunting instinct and needs a lot of exercises. He sheds a lot and only partially tolerates foreign dogs. The loyal four-legged friend does not like loneliness.

German shepherds get along well with the cold. They are trusting towards the family and get along well with children. They are considered to be the smartest dogs in the world. 

Fun Fact: Because the buttocks of many specimens of this breed hang particularly low, the dogs are often colloquially described as “half dogs, half frogs”.

#15 Great Dane – 238 PSI

The Great Dane is a large breed of dog that lives between 8 and 10 years. Alternatively, the four-legged friends are referred to as German Mastiffs. [ 12 ] 

The gentle, patient animals were bred as hunting dogs for large wild animals in Germany. They are among the dogs with the strongest biting power.

Although the four-legged friends are very people-oriented and trusting, they should not come to beginners because of their size and strength. They are not suitable for apartments. 

The four-legged friends have a moderate hunting instinct, shed a lot, and need a lot of exercise. But they are quiet, submissive dogs that bark little. 

Fun Fact: These dogs already weigh around 50 kg at the age of one year and consume a corresponding amount of meat or food per day. 

14. Bull Terrier – 269 PSI

The Bull Terrier is a four-legged friend from England. The breed of dog with the strongest bite was bred as a fighting dog. It is a cross between a bulldog and a terrier.

The four-legged friends can be trained very well, but have a strong hunting instinct. They are very active and therefore need a lot of exercises. They are playful and independent by nature.

The four-legged friends are well-suited as family dogs. They can be kept indoors and are very affectionate with family and children. They love to play.

The dog breed does not get along well on its own and sometimes reacts aggressively to strange dogs or people. Early socialization is essential for these animals.

Fun Fact: Price question – what do you think these four-legged friends are still called colloquially? Just look at her head shape for a tip…

13. American Bulldog – 305 PSI

The American Bulldog is a four-legged friend from the USA. The dog was bred with the highest bite power and energetic nature. It can be used in many ways.

The muscular dog has an energetic, confident personality. It is suitable as a working and hunting dog. It was also used as a fighting dog in the past.

The dog breed almost went extinct during World War II, but today the numbers have caught up again. The American Bulldog is also suitable as a family dog.

He loves attention and is relatively easy to train. Nevertheless, education should not be underestimated. This four-legged friend is not a beginner’s dog.

Fun fact: Many people think that short-haired dogs don’t shed much. Anyone who has an American Bulldog at home knows that this is wrong. 

12. Siberian Husky – 320 PSI

The Siberian Husky is a Nordic dog breed from the United States. The beautiful animals were bred as sled dogs. Later, they also became popular as guards or family dogs.

The four-legged friends are among the top 20 most popular breeds worldwide. Hardly anyone knows that it is the dog breed with the strongest biting power. Also, they are difficult to train.

Genetically, these freedom-loving animals bear a strong resemblance to North Asian wolves. And visually they are very similar to wild animals. Their fur is extremely cold-resistant.

The four-legged friends are extremely persistent and need a lot of exercises. They have a moderate hunting instinct and shed a lot. Escaping is also one of her hobbies.

Fun fact: where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are stories about huskies that can easily climb even 2.5-meter-high fences. 

11. Rottweiler – 328 PSI

The Rottweiler is a four-legged friend from Germany. He is one of the dogs with the strongest bite and a strong hunting instinct. He is ideal as a shepherd or guard dog.

The heavy animal weighs about 60 kg and lives between 8 and 10 years. Rottweilers are fearless, calm animals. They are easily trainable and need a lot of exercises.

These dogs should always be in experienced hands as they can be very intimidating and strong. Not everyone gets along with such an animal. They are ideal watchdogs.

The four-legged friends are often aggressive towards conspecifics. If there are children in the house, the dogs should be accustomed to them early on, as they have a strong herding instinct. 

Fun Fact: These four-legged friends are also known as “butcher dogs.” Their job was to guard livestock and pull the heavy carts of slaughtered livestock to the market stall.

10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 328 PSI

This breed of terrier originated in England and is best known as the “Staffy.” In some countries, this dog breed is on the fighting dog list or even banned.

In the past, four-legged friends were often used in dog fights. They are among the dog breeds with the strongest teeth and a weak hunting instinct.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers bark a moderate amount and need moderate exercise. They are less trainable and should therefore only be in experienced hands. 

However, the four-legged friends get along well with children and strangers. They love to gnaw and are very loyal. They are the 80th most popular dog breed in the world. 

Fun Fact: Paradoxically, after dog fighting was banned, these dogs made careers as so-called “nanny dogs.” Because they build up a particularly loving bond with children.

9. Leonberger – 399 PSI

The Leonberger is a loyal, friendly dog ​​from Germany. The large four-legged friend weighs up to 77 kg and is not suitable for beginners. He is protective and strong.

The dog with the strongest bite has a strong hunting instinct and can be moderately trained. He gets along very well with cold, but not with heat. As a shepherd he is ideal.

But the Leonberger is also well suited as a family dog. However, he should be in experienced hands and is better off in a large house with a garden than in an apartment.

The average life expectancy of this four-legged friend is about 7 years. The Leonberger matures very slowly and is very playful throughout its life. 

Fun Fact: This dog breed’s coat is ideally adapted to the cold. As a result, they hardly want to leave the house in summer and roll around in the snow in winter without any problems.

8. Akita – 400 PSI

The Akita is a breed of dog from Japan. The four-legged friends became particularly well-known through the feature film “Hachiko”. In Japan, animals are considered a symbol of health and happiness. [ 19 ]

As a figurine, Akitas are often given as gifts at births. The four-legged friends were originally bred as hunting dogs for wild boar, moose, and bears. 

They were also sometimes used for dog fights. The Akita is a dog breed with strong biting power. Today the animals are primarily used as domestic dogs. 

You have a loyal, dignified nature. They are reserved with strangers. Akitas shed a lot and can be trained moderately well. They bark little. 

Fun Fact: Paradoxically, Akitas have webbed toes even though they don’t, particularly like water. They prefer to use their webbed feet to walk on snow.

7. Dogo Argentino – 500 PSI

The Dogo Argentino is a large white dog that can weigh up to 45 kg. The dog was bred for dog fighting but was later used as a hunting and guard dog.

He has a very strong hunting instinct and needs a lot of exercises. He is also one of the dogs with the highest biting power. That also makes him interesting as a police dog. 

The four-legged friend can also be kept as a house dog but should enjoy early socialization. Dogo Argentinos do not get along well with other animals.

These four-legged friends are less trainable. You can hardly stay alone and should be in experienced hands. They are trusting and protective of their families.

Fun fact: These dogs are so strong that they can easily drag an adult behind them on a leash.

6. Presa Canario – 540 PSI

The Presa Canario is a confident dog from Spain. Originally, the strong animal was used as a guard and working dog. He also served as a fighting dog.

In Australia, New Zealand, and some US cities, the four-legged friend is banned due to its potential danger. The four-legged friend is very territorial and protective. 

The heavy four-legged friend weighs around 65 kg and is one of the dogs with the strongest bite. He hardly tolerates strange dogs or other pets.

The Presa Canario is not a dog for beginners! He can become very aggressive and should therefore definitely be given to experienced dog lovers. He barks a little and needs a lot of exercise. 

Fun Fact: This breed of dog is considered a symbol of the Canary Islands. Is this alluding to aggressiveness and danger? 

5. Mastiff – 552 PSI

The Mastiff is a quadruped from England. He was bred as a guard dog and also served partly as a war dog. The four-legged friend has a courageous, calm nature.

With a shoulder height of 94 cm, a mastiff holds the world record as the tallest dog in the world. On average, the dog breed with the strongest bite is “only” about 76 cm high.

Large four-legged friends should not be kept in the apartment. They are not suitable for beginners. Mastiffs train moderately well, bark little and shed moderately. 

They have a weak hunting instinct and only need a moderate amount of exercise. The big dogs get along great with children. They appear trusting and good-natured.

Fun Fact: This breed is the dog breed with the lowest lifespan, with an average life expectancy of 7 years. 

#4 Tosa Inu – 556 PSI

The Tosa Inu is a Japanese breed of dog that is considered to be very aggressive. She was bred specifically for dog fighting and is still used legally for them to this day.

Due to their aggressive nature, keeping these dogs is illegal in many countries. Tosa Inus are dogs with the strongest teeth and a strong hunting instinct. 

The four-legged friends shed moderately and only need a little exercise. They bark little and are difficult to train. They are not beginner dogs. 

These dogs are so strong that they can easily pull heavy wagons. Many magazines even claim that the Tosa Inu is the most dangerous dog in the world.

Fun Fact: Like other dogs, the dangerous Tosa Inu enjoys human attention and loves to be cuddled.

3. Dogue de Bordeaux – 556 PSI

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a type of French mastiff with an affable personality. The lazy, big four-legged friend weighs about 68 kg and lives up to 8 years.

He is one of the four-legged friends with the lowest life expectancy. The DDB is very strong and muscular. It is also one of the dog breeds with the strongest biting power.

Nevertheless, this animal is well suited for apartment keeping. This mastiff only needs a moderate amount of exercise and barks very little. She gets along very well with children. 

Unfortunately, she hardly tolerates strangers. The formidable four-legged friend also gets along badly with strange dogs. As a guard dog, the DDB is ideal. 

Fun Fact: Wet, drool-covered floors are part and parcel of this breed of dog. They are grandmasters at drooling.

2. Cane Corso Italiano – 700 PSI

The Cane Corso Italiano is a former guard and protection dog. The four-legged friend has a very strong hunting instinct, barks a moderate amount, and needs a lot of exercise. 

They are extroverted, intelligent dogs with the strongest bite and endurance. The four-legged friends can be trained well and are very obedient.

The four-legged friends can be kept well as a family dog but should be used by children early on. These dogs are often skeptical and reserved towards strangers. 

Cane Corsos are very muscular and weigh around 50kg. On average they live to be 9 years old. These four-legged friends are ranked 32nd among the most popular dog breeds worldwide. 

Fun fact: The behavior of these four-legged friends is a reflection of their appearance: self-confident, assertive, and eager to hunt.

1. Anatolian Shepherd Dog – 743 PSI

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog comes from Turkey and was bred as a shepherd and guard dog. The dog breed is over 4000 years old and relatively rare. 

It is mainly used for guarding, herding, and herding animals. In rural areas, he also serves as a protection dog against wolves or bears. 

At up to 60 kg, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is one of the heaviest dog breeds in the world. He is very protective and is one of the dog breeds with the greatest biting power. 

The independent, reserved four-legged friend is not a good family dog. He does not like to be cuddled and often behaves dominantly toward strange dogs.

Fun Fact: Not only do these dogs look formidable, but they also bark one too. Their deep barking is very insistent and can frighten many people in public.

Bite force in table

Here you will find all information on the bite force in tabular form. At 743 PSI, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog has the strongest bit of any dog ​​breed.

Dog breedBite force
English bulldog210psi
Chow Chow220psi
Belgian shepherd224psi
Rhodesian Ridgeback224psi
Alano Espanol227psi
German boxer230psi
Labrador Retrievers230psi
American Pit Bull Terriers235psi
German shepherd dog238psi
German Mastiff238psi
Bull Terrier269psi
American Bulldog305psi
Siberian husky320psi
Staffordshire Bull Terrier328psi
Dogo Argentino500psi
Presa Canario540psi
Tosa Inu556psi
Dogue de Bordeaux556psi
Cane Corso Italiano700psi
Anatolian Shepherd Dog743psi
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