11 Largest Dog Breed in the World

11 Largest Breed in the World

Is there a lot of room in your heart for dog love? We introduce you to the largest dog breeds in the world and what makes them so special.

There are some big dogs, but not all of them are among the largest dog breeds in the world. A dog is actually only considered a giant on four paws from a stately shoulder height of 72 cm. Some of the breeds even reach a size of up to over a meter! If you have a lot of space in your heart and on your sofa, these furry friends are just the thing for you!

1. Scottish Deerhound

Size: male: min. 76 cm; Female: min. 71 cm Weight: male: 39-50 kg, female: 34-43 kg

Also referred to as the Scottish Deerhound, the Deerhound was originally bred to hunt deer. The slim, agile body packs a real sprinter, ideal for tracking down and chasing the game. The Deerhound is a gentle, docile companion. His high urge to move and his unconventional nature make him a dog for owners with experience in hunting. In no case is he a pet for simple dog lovers.

The Scottish Deerhound is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. He looks very similar to the Irish Wolfhound.

2. Tibetan Mastiff or Do Khyi

Height: Male: 66-76cm Female: 61-71cm Weight: Male: 41-68kg Female: 34-54kg

Visually, the Do Khyi, also known as the Tibetan Mastiff, is reminiscent of a fluffy teddy bear. The Great Dane, which originated in Tibet, is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and is used to protect monasteries, larger estates, and even caravans as a guard and guard dog. Although he builds a very emotional and close bond with his owners and also likes children very much, he is not a classic family dog. With loving consistency and a lot of dog sense, the Tibetan Mastiff is a loyal work animal and can even be used as a therapy dog.

The Tibetan Mastiff looks like a giant cuddly bear but is a fierce guard dog.

3. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Height: Male: 74-81cm Female: 71-79cm Weight: Male: 50-65kg Female: 40-55kg

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a strong, independent quadruped that is used to accompany shepherds and protect flocks from predators in Turkey. It is divided into three variants: the Akbash, the Karabash, and the →Kangal, also called Sivas-Kangal. Although he has a very calm and peaceful nature, the oversized four-legged friend only belongs in experienced hands.

Originating from Turkey, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a confident big dog for dog lovers.

4. German Mastiff

Height: Male: 76-86cm Female: 71-81cm Weight: Male: 54-90kg Female: 45-59kg

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the →Great Dane. There is a little combat cuddler in her that is very human-related and cuddly. Because of their friendly and sociable character, they are still among the most popular →large dog breeds, which are also suitable for families. So if you have enough space and, above all, power for the XXL lap dog, you will find a loyal friend in the Great Dane.

The Great Dane is a lap dog with an oversized body. Despite her size, she is a gentle dog.

5. Great Dane

Height: Male: 76-86cm Female: 71-81cm Weight: Male: 54-90kg Female: 45-59kg

Lots of dogs, lots of food! A Great Dane naturally eats more than a small poodle. That’s why it’s all the more important to provide your oversized four-legged friend with sufficient nutrients and, above all, meat rich in protein. With our simple 1-2-3 BARF menus, you provide your dog with high-quality muscle meat, fresh vegetables, and important vitamins, oils, and minerals.

The Great Dane is a lap dog with an oversized body. Despite her size, she is a gentle dog.

6. Newfoundland and Landseer

Height: Male: 69-74cm Female: 63-69cm Weight: Male: 60-70kg Female: 45-55kg

Originally used as draft and pack dogs for fishermen and still used today as lifeguard dogs, the two large dog breeds are real water rats. The Landseer has its origins in Newfoundland, which can be guessed from its similar appearance. Beneath all that fluffy fur and plenty of undercoats are rock-hard muscles that make them the perfect workhorses. Due to their good-natured, gentle, and relaxed nature, they are also often kept as →family dogs in a house with a garden and are also happy about a place on the sofa.

Large, good-natured, and a lot of love to give – the Newfoundland is a great dog for lovers of fluffy breeds.

7. Saint Bernard

Height: Male: 70-90cm Female: 65-80cm Weight: Male: 64-82kg Female: 54-64kg

The →St. Bernard Dog used to be a rescue dog in the Swiss Alps and is a real friend and helper in need. His attentive and gentle nature in combination with his robust and resilient nature makes him the perfect companion dog. Unfortunately, the Bernese were bred to become increasingly massive over time, so that they can no longer serve as a rescue dogs. In order to avoid torturing breeding, you should ensure good breeding and avoid extreme sizes in the interest and the health of the animal.

Through the film “A Dog Named Beethoven” St. Bernard has a reputation as a large family dog.

8. Leonberger

Height: Male: 72-80cm Female: 65-75cm Weight: Male: 48-75kg Female: 41-59kg

The →Leonberger was created as a cross between a St. Bernard and a Newfoundland dog. With its thick fur and large, strong build, it is also known as the lion among German dog breeds. If you have a place for a large family dog, you won’t go wrong with a Leonberger. The fluffy dog ​​has a “thick coat” in the truest sense of the word and is very patient with children and foreign stimuli. His good-natured, friendly nature in combination with his playful nature enriches every family portrait. Due to his innate vigilance, he knows how to protect the house and garden, but is by no means aggressive or fearful.

Alert, but loyal and sweet-hearted – the Leonberger is a large farm and family dog.

9. Great Pyrenees

Height: Male: 70-82cm Female: 65-74cm Weight: Male: 50-54kg Female: 36-41kg

Also known as the Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a livestock guardian dog through and through. Independent work and protection are deeply rooted in his genes. Due to his sensitive and child-loving nature, he would fit well into a family. However, it should not be forgotten that he is very distant towards strangers and does not like to let other dogs and sometimes people into his territory. Strong leadership and experienced dog owners are certainly an advantage here.

Not a dog for a small garden and everyday family life – this large breed of dog needs a job and lots of space!

10. English Mastiff

Height: Male: 70-91cm Female: 70-91cm Weight: Male: 73-100kg Female: 54-77kg

With its massive and powerful body, a mastiff impresses even from afar. Male animals can weigh up to 100 kg. It is not for nothing that it is one of the strongest and largest dog breeds in the world. Although it used to be used as a war dog or for personal protection by the nobility, it is not one of the →aggressive dog breeds. His mind is as pious as a lamb. His extremely high stimulus threshold and composure still make him a suitable protection dog today. It is important that the holders can handle their enormous power.

The English Mastiff is a great breed for those who know and appreciate guard dogs.

11. Irish wolfhound

Height: Male: 81-100cm, Female: 79-81cm Weight: Male: 54.5-70kg, Female: 40.5kg+

With a shoulder height of up to 1 meter, the →Irish wolfhound weighs very little. In the past, he used his elegant and light build for hunting wolves and large deer. The “Wolfhound” from the British Isles is now cared for by the German Sighthound Breeding and Racing Association. Although he ranks as one of the largest dog breeds in the world, he is a sensitive and lovable companion. He seeks a connection to his human family and shows a high degree of adaptability. Of course, the sprinter still wants to pursue his favorite pastime with hunting enthusiasm, which is why the dog sport “coursing” is recommended for owners of this breed.

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dog in the world. Contrary to what many think, he is a sensitive and lovable dog.

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