Dog Quotes and Sayings

Dog Quotes and Sayings

The dog is man’s best friend. Every dog ​​owner without exception will be able to confirm this with certainty.

It is therefore no coincidence that there are many quotes from famous personalities about this pet, such as Winston Churchill, Johnny Depp, or Heinz Rühmann.

In the sayings, wisdom, and short texts, one characteristic of dogs is repeatedly emphasized. Namely, the dog’s outspoken loyalty and unconditional love. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog it is.

Here you will find a large selection of dog sayings on all topics, which are also well-suited as memes.

Funny Dog ​​Sayings

  • In the beginning, God created man, but when he saw how weak he was, he gave him the dog.
  • I have a good guard dog. If I’m lucky, he’ll be awake.
  • My name is “No”. Sometimes they also call me “come back”.
  • Does your dog listen to you? I usually use his first name.
  • Forget the prince – take the dog!

A woman talks three times more to her dog than to her husband. Good – the dog understands more too.

  • Mopping the floor with dogs in the house is like brushing your teeth with a Nutella sandwich in your mouth.
  • Maybe my dog ​​is always so tired because he has so many talents
  • When I ask my dog ​​what I look like, he says “Woof”! That’s why I love him so much.
  • The last time I trusted you I woke up with no balls.
  • “All dogs descended from wolves.” “And our masters?” “From monkeys.” “How embarrassing!”
  • And don’t forget: when you get out of the water, you can only shake yourself dry next to your master!

Dog Sayings to Think About

  • Dogs have all the good qualities of humans without possessing their flaws.
  • You don’t get the dog you need, you get a dog BECAUSE you need it.
  • I distrust people who don’t like dogs, but I trust dogs who don’t like people.
  • The best way to learn zest for life is from a dog!
  • With a short tail wag, a dog can express more feelings than some people with hours of talk.
  • No matter how little money and possessions you have: Having a dog will make you rich!
  • The warning about the dog warns me about the person who lives behind the dog.

The only creatures evolved enough to express pure love are dogs and infants.Johnny Depp

  • Dogs love their friends and bite their enemies. The human being is different: He is incapable of pure love and must always reconcile love and hate.
  • Maybe the world would be better off if people got muzzles and dogs got laws.
  • Give a man a dog and his soul will be healed! (Hildegard von Bingen)
  • “I’ll be right back” doesn’t make sense for a dog. All he knows is you’re gone.

You can find a complete article with wonderful dog wisdom and profound quotes from authors, philosophers, and actors under ” Dog quotes to think about “.

Short Dog Sayings

  • Dream job: dog mom!
  • My dog ​​is my life
  • Never without my dog.
  • My dog ​​can do anything if he wants to…
  • My dog ​​is the boss! He knows it, I know it!

Home is where my dog ​​is waiting for me.

  • A house without a dog is like a garden without flowers.
  • Time with the dog is never wasted time!
  • Dogs give you the key to their soul!
  • I only exist with a dog!

Dog Sayings Best Friend

  • Happiness begins with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail.
  • Home is where someone runs to greet you.
  • I don’t need a therapist, I have a dog.

You come home in a bad mood, people jump on you, drool all over you, bark at you and cover your hair … and everything is fine again.

  • A dog is more than a pet: it is a friend, a confidant, a comforter – a personal guardian angel, so to speak.
  • When I look into my dog’s eyes, I don’t see a dog, I see a living being, a friend, a soul.
  • Dogs hear our hearts when they whisper. Some people don’t even when it screams!
  • I won’t be your best friend until the end of your life… because I won’t live that long… but I will be until the end of my life…
  • Anyone who has never had a dog does not know what it means to love and be loved. (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  • Happiness is…when you’re not feeling well and your dog lies down with you.
    Only someone who has a dog friend knows what it means to have a true friend.

Dog as a Faithful Companion Sayings

  • Dogs have four legs so they can carry their big heart.
  • The dog stays true to you in the storm. Man not even in the wind.
  • Everything is stupid without a dog. forest stupid. Meadow stupid. sun stupid. Walk stupid. Coming home stupid.
  • A dog’s loyalty is like the universe. She is limitless!
  • Dogs have something that some humans lack: loyalty, gratitude, and character!

I don’t care what others think of me. The main thing is that my dog ​​loves me!

  • He is your friend, your partner, your protector, and your dog. You are his life, his love. He will stay with you, loyal and devoted… to the last beat of his heart.
  • We’re only available in a double pack! Me and my dog!
  • The dog accompanies you in happiness but does not back down in times of need.
  • It is said that the most beautiful treasures lie underground. But I can’t just bury you!
  • A dog makes a decision once for the rest of his life… he doesn’t ask himself if he really wants to grow old with us, he just does!

Dogs are…

  • Dogs are the better people.
  • Dogs are best friends.
  • Dogs are angels that come to us.

Dogs are like cookies. One can never have enough!

  • Dogs are God’s compensation for all the lying bipeds.
  • Dogs are what many people are not – loyal.
  • Dogs are like medicine in a world where many things make you ill.
  • Dogs are little angels on four paws.
  • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.
  • Dogs are like diamonds… beautiful, precious, and priceless.
  • Dogs are angels with fur.
  • Dogs are just wolves too.

Dog Sayings Paw

  • When I looked for a hand, I found a paw.
  • Not every hand I held deserved it… but every paw did.

The road to my heart is paved with paw prints.

  • A dog’s paw is often cleaner than some people’s character.
  • The most effective remedy for stress and bad mood has fur and four paws.
  • When I needed someone’s hand, someone gave me their paw…
  • I’d rather hold a dirty but honest paw than a clean but lying hand!
  • When you think you can’t do it anymore… a paw comes from somewhere!
  • Our floors are not dirty. This is paw graffiti!

“Put your paw in my hand…I will never let go.Give me your trust……I will never let it down.Give me your heart …… I will love you forever.Put your paw in my hand……I will protect you forever.”

Cool Dog Sayings

  • Dog hair is automatically taken away when leaving the building and is free of charge.
  • A dog’s cold snout is pleasantly warm compared to the callousness of some fellow human beings.
  • I saw you pet the neighbor’s dog! What’s going on between you two?

Man or dog, that is the question! Am I going to mess up the carpet or my whole life?

  • The dog needs his dog’s life. He doesn’t want fleas, but he wants the opportunity to get them.
  • Does he bite? – You think he eats everything?
  • Does he bite? – No, he swallows whole!
  • Why should I vacuum under the table? I do have a dog…
  • If your dog thinks you’re the best, don’t get a second opinion.
  • It’s true that dogs are very loyal. But cats don’t tell anyone where your drugs are.
  • My dog ​​can go to bed with me. It’s haunted in his basket.

Naughty Dog ​​Sayings

  • If something falls out of the mouth, it belongs to the dog.
  • You’re not set up properly without a few dog hairs.
  • I peed on your shoes. Now they are clean!
  • wow me
  • The poor people who don’t have a dog. They have to pick up everything that falls on the ground themselves.
  • Our dog when I call him at home: “Here I am, master. What can I do for you?”
    Our dog, when I call him outside: “I don’t know who he’s calling. I have never seen this person in my life!”
  • The dog is the opposite of a woman. He understands everything but does not speak.

Dog owners in clean cars are suspicious to me.

  • you threw it So you can get him too.
  • Well-trained, man can be a dog’s best friend.
  • Dogs give you so much back… Like the flower bulbs, you planted two days ago.

Dog Sayings Labrador

  • I have a Labbi so I don’t feel so gluttonous.
  • All Labrador owners think they have the best Labrador. And none of them are wrong.
  • Labrador Laws: Eat before you ask. If you can’t eat it, roll in it. Love everything and everyone!
  • No insult would hit me as hard as a suspicious look from my labrador.
  • Love is…when you look a Lab in the eye and see everything you need.
  • The more people I meet, the more I love my Labrador.
  • My labrador is a heart on four paws.
  • What good is the 3-second rule if you have a 0.5-second lab
  • Anyone who says happiness can’t be touched has never petted a Labrador!
  • Labradors are angels with fur
  • The Labrador is the only creature on earth that loves you more than itself.

Dog Sayings For a Birthday

  • Happy Birthday! Keep a stiff upper lip!
  • Sorry boss, I can’t go to work today. It’s my dog’s birthday.
  • Congratulations from afar!
  • My dog ​​ate your birthday card, so my birthday wishes are a little later.
  • Happy woof day!
  • Have a paw-some birthday!
  • Have a barking good birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! In dog years you’d be dead.
  • Happy Birthday to you! woof! woof! woof!
  • You just got a year older. So keep your ears stiff – life goes on!

Dog Sayings in English

  • Never walk alone.
  • Dogs fill your heart without trying.
  • If I had a dollar for every time my dog ​​made me smile. I would be a millionaire.
  • Only my dog ​​understands me.
  • What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job.
  • A dog wags his tail with his heart.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

  • My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog ​​thinks I am.
  • If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.
  • Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
  • If you want the best seat in the house, move the dog.
  • Scratch a dog, and you’ll find a permanent job.

Dog sayings about death and grief

  • Your paws left big footprints in our hearts.
  • Soul dogs always find us because they were born for us.
  • You think dogs don’t go to heaven. I’m telling you, they get there long before we do.
  • I give my heart to a dog because he won’t break it until he’s gone.
  • No matter how big or small the paws that have accompanied us are… they leave imprints in our hearts for eternity.
  • No matter how many years we get with our dog – it will never be enough!
  • A dog will never break your heart except for the day he has to go!
  • You always had only one goal: to give me your heart.
  • The only day you will regret getting a dog is the day you lose it.
  • Dogs are like stars. They can shine and shine long after they are gone.
  • As a dog, you were the best person you could have as a friend.
  • Run free.

Wall decal dog sayings

  • A house is not a home without a dog!
  • Dogs don’t just lie around lazily, dogs beautify the room.
  • A dog is a balm for the soul.
  • Please do not touch the dog nose art on the windows!
  • Access only for people who like dogs.
  • Extensive sniffing is part of the entrance control.

Of course you can live without a dog… It’s just not worth it!

  • The dog is a companion that reminds us to enjoy every moment.
  • Without my dog, my house would be clean, and my wallet would be full, but my heart would be empty!
  • Mum & Dad and I sleep here!
  • There are so many dogs in the world and the most beautiful one lives with us.
  • A life without a dog is a mistake.

Dog Quotes for T-Shirts

  • Beware of the master! The dog is harmless.
  • I have enough! I’m going for a walk!
  • Other dogs get commands. My dog ​​receives suggestions that he may eventually respond to.
  • The one who walks the dog.

Never mess with my mistress!We know places where no one will find you.

  • I work hard so my dog ​​can enjoy his life of luxury.
  • A dog makes life more beautiful, two dogs make life perfect!
  • With this owner, you must be a cool dog!
  • My dog ​​won’t pull! I’m just walking too slowly.

Walking with a human on a leash is even more fun.

  • Others go to the therapist, I just go for a walk.
  • That’s not a hair on my shirt. This is dog glitter!

This collection of sayings should inspire you, make you think and of course put a smile on your face.

The beauty of dogs is that they are loyal and good friends. But you can also easily have lots of fun with them and laugh at them too.

No matter how much you give your dog, you usually get it back a thousand times over. And that is exactly what is wonderfully expressed with these sayings.

Very often one finds that one sees one’s own dog perfectly represented in one of the sayings. Short and concise with lots of wisdom, the nail is hit right on the head.

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