Dog Biscuits with Liverwurst and Oatmeal [Baking Mat]

Dog Biscuits with Liverwurst and Oatmeal [Baking Mat]

To prepare dog biscuits with liverwurst and oatmeal on the baking mat, you must first grind the oatmeal into small pieces. From there it’s easy as always!


Treats from the baking mat succeed with a variety of ingredients. And it’s very uncomplicated because we simply puree everything together.

In this recipe, we use the following ingredients in addition to the basic ingredients for baking:


Yes, supermarket liverwurst contains salt, spices, and other less-than-ideal ingredients. Dogs love her for a reason. And healthy four-legged friends usually tolerate liver sausage as a treat and in moderation without any problems.

However, special varieties for dogs have also become established as training treats “for every day”. If you feel more comfortable with it, you can also use it for baking.

Or you simply puree some cooked liver in the food processor.


As an alternative to conventional flour, we used oat flakes (“soft-melting”) this time. Because these are better suited for creamy preparations like our dough.

First, I ground the oatmeal in the food processor. It doesn’t have to be perfect either, coarse pieces can still be seen.

It’s more about the fact that whole rolled oats make the dough very coarse. And then it is very difficult to spread the dough into the cavities of the baking mat.

Instructions for baking mat treats with liverwurst and oatmeal

This recipe is also very easy to make. That’s the beauty of the baking mat:

  1. Grind oat flakes into small pieces.
  2. Blend all ingredients together.
  3. Fill the baking mat.
  4. Bake on a low heat until the biscuits are dry.

Save the liverwurst and oat biscuits

In large silicone molds, the cookies will take longer to dry in the oven. It’s up to you whether you want to bake soft chunks of food or very crispy treats.

Note, however, that a cookie that is still fairly moist will of course not keep as long as a crispy one. And since we are baking with sausage products here, you should only bake as much as your four-legged friend will use up quickly.

Baking mat biscuits are therefore often dried at low heat for a while after the actual baking process in order to make them more durable.

Then let the biscuits cool down completely. It is best to store them in cloth bags or open bowls in a dry place.

There is nothing wrong with storing the treats in the fridge. But please use them up quickly.

Homemade baking mat biscuits keep a little longer in the freezer. Small training bites in particular can be frozen in portions and thawed again if necessary.

More about this recipe

This recipe is of course intended as a treat and should only be fed in moderation. But if you like to train a lot, you also need a lot of snacks a day, I realize.

This time I took the large knobbed mat with a diameter of 2 cm so that it works with the rather large pieces of oatmeal.

But if you need hundreds of small treats, then it is best to bake in a baking mat with small wells to get more snacks with the same amount of dough.

And you can also rotate between different recipes and provide variety:

Snacks with liverwurst and oatmeal

  • Baking with a baking mat is super easy! Bake hundreds of treats in no time!
  • Homemade treats are ideal when your dog is on a restricted diet.
  • Try out many different recipes quickly and easily. Psst, also great for using up leftovers in the kitchen!
  • Be creative! You can adapt any recipe to your liking (yes, as long as your dog is allowed to eat the ingredients).

Dog Biscuits with Liverwurst and Oatmeal [Baking Mat]

One of the classic dog biscuits, now also for the baking mat!

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  • 100 liver sausage
  • 100 oatmeal, made from ground oat flakes
  • eggs
  • tsp oil, e.g. rapeseed oil, coconut oil, linseed oil
  • tbsp water


  • Preheat your oven to 160 °C top and bottom heat.
  • Blend all the ingredients together to form a homogeneous batter. It is ideal for filling the silicone mat when the dough is still fairly liquid and spreadable.
  • Pour the batter into your baking mat. A dough card or dough scraper can be useful here.
  • Bake the dog biscuits for about 25-45 minutes, depending on the shape of the hollows.

Recipe Tips

I used a 2 cm diameter ball mold and baked the cookies for about 45 minutes.

Then I let them cool down in the still-warm oven, as they were still too soft on the bottom to roll out of the mold undamaged.

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