Dog Biscuits With Carrot and Peanut Butter

Dog Biscuits With Carrot and Peanut Butter

Do you need a lot of soft training treats quickly? Then just bake these soft dog biscuits with carrot and peanut butter!

To the recipe


We make a relatively sticky, soft dough that consists mostly of carrots and peanut butter in addition to egg and flour. Ingredients that many four-legged friends like to devour.

Peanut butter

When shopping, make sure you use a variety without too much sugar and without undefined sweeteners. For this recipe, it is best to use a creamy variety or puree the peanut butter until small chunks of peanuts are no longer visible.

If you like, you can also buy unsweetened peanut butter or grind it yourself from a small mountain of peanuts and some peanut oil or coconut oil.

Some types, especially from the online trade, could contain xylitol (birch sugar), which is unfortunately poisonous for our four-legged friends!


We puree our dough quite finely anyway.

In terms of the result, it doesn’t really matter whether you use up cooked carrots from your own lunch, take a baby jar with carrots or use a raw carrot.

Instructions for carrot and peanut butter treats

This recipe bakes itself very quickly because we simply do it without cutting out:

  1. Blend all ingredients to a smooth mass.
  2. Lightly grease a piece of baking paper with a few drops of oil and flatten the dough with wet fingers.
  3. Bake the dough at 160 °C for about 15 minutes.
  4. Allow the cookie sheet to cool slightly, then break into bite-sized chunks.

Store treats

The baked dog biscuits are still quite moist and therefore ideal as training snacks.

After all, the dog shouldn’t be nuzzling around on a bone-dry dog ​​biscuit after every repetition of the training session, losing its concentration and good mood, right?

At the same time, however, the high moisture content means that the biscuits do not keep as long as they should when they are completely dry. For this reason, bought treats contain preservatives and humectants, which we naturally avoid when baking.

So it is best to only bake as much as you will actually use within a few daysIt is best to store the peanut butter cookies with carrots in the fridge. The snacks also retain some moisture in the fridge, they shouldn’t dry out.

If you really baked too much, the biscuits can also be portioned and frozen. Since these are relatively thin snack plates, they defrost again within a very short time.

More about this recipe

This recipe also works really well with other ingredients. You are absolutely free to add or change ingredients.

For example, if you want the training biscuits to be grain-free, you can use potato starch or tapioca starch instead of flour. As classic binders, both ingredients are ideal for making moist workout snacks.

Other flavor carriers such as cheese or some wet food are also very popular with dogs. Of course, you may have to adjust the amount of flour and the baking time

Bake dog biscuits with carrot and peanut butter

  • Homemade dog treats are baked super quickly.
  • When you bake it yourself you get a lot for little money. Ideal for a large number of small training treats.
  • Bake different flavors with all your dog’s favorite ingredients!
  • When we bake ourselves, we don’t use any unnecessary additives and keep control of the ingredients.
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