Discover The Best 61 Dogs With Pointy Ears

Discover The Best 61 Dogs With Pointy Ears

Dogs can have different ear shapes. On the other hand, the following 61 dog breeds are known for their pointy ears:

Caution: The pointy ears of the Doberman and some other dog breeds are caused by amputation. About ⅓ of the ear is cut off.

This process is called “docking”, causes the dog long-lasting pain, and is now banned in Germany.

However, the following dog breeds have a pointed ear shape at birth.

1. American Akita

Paradoxically, it originated in Japan, where it was primarily used as a hunting and guard dog. In addition, the animals are considered trusting, calm and loyal.

Fun Fact: The Akita may have webbed toes, although they’re generally considered to be rather afraid of water.

2. Norwegian Lundehund

Bred specifically for hunting parrots (Norwegian “Lunde”). In addition, dogs are considered to be very active, loyal, and energetic.

Fun Fact: The Norwegian Lundehund can also close their pointed ears to protect the ear canal. No other race has this ability.

3. Australian Cattle Dog

Is related to the Australian dingo and is primarily used as a shepherd dog. In addition, dogs are considered to be very alert, courageous, and obedient.

Fun Fact: Australian Cattle Dog puppies are originally all white. Only after about 6 weeks do they increasingly take on color.

4. Finnish Lapphund

Comes from Finland, where it was often used as a shepherd and hunting dog. He is also very friendly, and trusting and has protruding pointed ears.

Fun fact: As the Finnish Lapphund is also used to herd reindeer, legend has it that he is a servant of Santa Claus.

5. Xoloitzcuintli

Comes from Mexico and belongs to the group of ” hairless dogs “. He is also known for his calm, alert and cheerful nature. It is also available in 3 different sizes.

Fun Fact: The Xoloitzcuintli has been misspelled and pronounced so many times in the past that the abbreviation “Xolo” has been officially recognized.

6. Shiba-Inu

Looks like a fox with its pointed ears and fur. The Japanese hounds are also very friendly, charming, and alert.

Fun fact: As brave as the Shiba Inu may be when hunting, the animals are so self-pitying when it comes to clipping their nails – a real “drama queen”.

7. Siberian Husky

Until the invention of snowmobiles, it served primarily as a sled dog and needs a very dominant master (“alpha”). They are also considered to be very good-natured and sociable.

Fun Fact: Siberian Huskies have naturally blue eyes. Husky crossbreeds, on the other hand, often have two different eye colors on the left and right.

8. Malinois

Has its origins in Belgium, where it was mainly used as a shepherd dog. They are considered very friendly, and protective and also have long pointed ears.

Fun Fact: The Malinois is favored by the military for all sorts of air operations. The dogs can even be trained to jump out of the plane by themselves while skydiving.

9. Podengo Portuguese

It comes in 3 different sizes and was mainly used as a hunting dog in its Portuguese homeland. He is considered good-natured, alert, and active.

Fun fact: The hair of the little four-legged friends is naturally all over the place. What women would describe as a “bad hair day” is normal for these dogs. 

10. Australian Kelpie

It comes in a wide variety of coat colors and was mainly used as a shepherd dog in Australia. In addition, the four-legged friends have pointed ears and are considered intelligent and loyal.

Fun Fact: The Australian Kelpie needs a lot of exercises to be happy. If that doesn’t happen, the dogs report by pinching their master’s heel.

11. Chihuahua

With a body weight of around 2 kg, they are officially the smallest dogs in the world. They also live to a very old age and are considered fearless, loving, and lively.

Fun Fact: Large packs of wild Chihuahuas live in some states of the USA to this day. Hard to imagine, but true – these dogs are capable of surviving.

12. Bull Terrier

It comes in two different sizes and originally comes from England. In addition, dogs with pointed ears are considered very active, trainable, and protective.

Fun Fact: Bull Terriers may be one of the most terrifying dog breeds to look at, but they’re actually quite the opposite. The dogs are absolute clowns and super playful.

13. Cirneco dell’Etna

Has its origins in Sicily and was named after the volcano (Italian “Etna”) dormant there. They are also considered very trusting, and gentle and are relatively rare.

Fun Fact: The Cirneco dell’Etna used to be, and in some cases still is, considered the “poor man’s dog”. This also explains why the otherwise cute animals are among the 20 most disliked dog breeds. [ 14 ]

14. Berger de Picardie

Comes from France and has pointed ears and a beard. The dogs are also considered to be very friendly, gentle, persistent, and loyal.

Fun Fact: The Berger de Picardie is a workaholic among dogs. Because they would prefer to be hosed with work day and night.

15. Japanese Spitz

Has a lot of furs for its size and is mainly used as a guard and house dog in its Japanese homeland. They are also very obedient, proud, and playful.

Fun Fact: Among dogs, the Japanese Spitz is the absolute “racial clown”. Because the animals repeat everything that makes others laugh.

16. Boston Terriers

Not only does he stay small for life, but he also looks particularly cute with his big eyes and pointy ears. In addition, dogs are considered to be very sociable.

Fun Fact: A Boston Terrier named “Stubby” received more awards than 99% of all soldiers during World War I.

17. Rat Terriers

It is available in two different sizes and keeps rodents away from the house and yard. The dogs are also considered to be very active, friendly, and trusting.

Fun Fact: A single Rat Terrier was able to track down and kill as many as 2,500 rats in an old barn within 7 hours.

18. Basenji

One of the oldest dog breeds in the world, originating in Central Africa. With its pointy ears, it looks like a fox. They are also very curious and easy to care for.

Fun Fact: Basenjis cannot bark naturally. With this breed, you make yourself particularly popular with your neighbors.

19. Alaskan Malamute

Serves to this day as a sled dog in Alaska and is known for his incredible endurance. They are also considered to be very loyal, friendly, and playful.

Fun fact: Due to a lack of time and people, the Alaskan Malamute was also used as a babysitter in the past. Because they have a particularly strong bond with children.

20. Australian Silky Terriers

Are popular as lap dogs and have very long hair and pointy ears. In addition, they are known for their easy care and cheerful nature.

Fun fact: The Australian Silky Terrier has exactly the same hair structure as a human. You cannot visually distinguish dog hair from human hair.

21. Wolfspitz

Paradoxically, it was primarily used as a shepherd dog. The four-legged friends are also considered to be very obedient, playful, and friendly. In addition, their fur is particularly soft.

Fun fact: A shovel is almost part of the basic equipment for the Wolfsspitz. Because you will need these at the latest when you leave the dogs unattended in the garden – they love to dig.

22. Tamaskan

Looks like a wolf, but has all the characteristics of a dog. This Finnish breed is considered to be particularly loyal, willing to work, and also has pointed ears.

Fun Fact: At around 15 years of age, the Tamaskan lives about twice as old as wild wolves. He is therefore ironically referred to as an “old hand”.

23. Swedish Vallhund

Looks like a miniature wolf and served primarily as a shepherd dog in its Swedish homeland. He is also considered to be very friendly, obedient, and active.

Fun Fact: The Swedish Vallhund pinches the heels of cows while herding to show them the way. At the same moment, the dogs dodge to the side so as not to get a kick.

24. American Toy Terriers

Looks like a bat with large pointed ears. American dogs are also known for their friendliness, loyalty, and alertness.

Fun Fact: The more attention American Toy Terriers get, the happier they are. For this reason, dogs are often used in the circus.

25. Norwegian Buhund

Has its origins in Norway, where it was primarily used as a shepherd and guard dog. The dogs are also considered to be very courageous, friendly, and energetic.

Fun fact: Some of the dogs used to serve as nannies. Her playful yet protective and loyal nature makes her the ideal babysitter.

26. Norwegian Elkhound

Have a naturally black muzzle and black pointed ears. The dogs can also be used universally and are considered brave, loyal, and playful.

Fun fact: when they change their fur twice a year, the animals lose so much fur that you can almost fill a large garbage bag with it.

27. Pomeranian

Considered to be so trusting that he is also used as a therapy dog, among other things. The animals are also considered to be very happy, loving, and active.

Fun Fact: Since Pomeranians naturally have a smiling facial expression, the dogs are considered to be particularly photogenic. A “Cheeeese” is unnecessary here.

28. Thai Ridgeback

Is as muscular as a pit bull and as tall as a labrador retriever. This breed also has pointy ears and is known to be very independent, protective, and friendly.

Fun Facts: The Thai Ridgeback is so intelligent and skilled that he is an absolute master at escaping. No fence seems to be able to withstand the dogs.

29. Pharaoh Hound

Looks like a deer from a distance and was mainly used as a hunting dog due to its speed. In addition, dogs are considered very affectionate and sociable.

Fun Fact: While pharaohs are part of Egyptian history, the pharaoh hound is originally from Malta.

30. Eurasian

Has its origins in Germany, where it served primarily as a family dog ​​from the start. He is also considered to be very loyal, and reserved, and has pointed ears.

Fun fact: When Eurasiers play with dogs of other breeds, they’re usually the first ones to hit the ground exhausted after a while.

31. Czechoslovak Wolfhound

Created by crossing a Eurasian wolf with a German shepherd. The wolf hybrid is considered fearless, playful, and generally rather controversial.

Fun Fact: The Czechoslovakian Wolfhound shares many characteristics with real wolves. Among other things, he likes to lick his master’s teeth – a sign of solidarity.

32. German Shepherd

Is the second most popular dog breed worldwide. In addition to his pointed ears, his obedience, intelligence, and protective instinct make him particularly popular.

Fun Fact: Of all the dog breeds, the German shepherd is most commonly affected by pituitary dwarfism. This condition prevents the animals from maturing, so they always look like puppies.

33. Schipperke

Originally from Belgium and is always completely black. Their fearless and self-confident nature also makes the animals good watchdogs and shepherd dogs.

Fun Fact: With or without? In rare cases, Schipperke is also born without a tail for reasons that have not yet been clarified.

34. Scottish Terriers

Has an unmistakable appearance due to its pointed ears and long eyebrows. Bearded dogs are also very alert, independent, and playful.

Fun Fact: When exhausted, the Scottish Terrier often gets the so-called “Scottie Cramp”. All the muscles in the legs become stiff for a short time, so they can hardly move.

35. Kishu

Originally from Japan, where it is mainly used as a hunting dog. He is also known for his vigilance, elegance, and trusting nature.

Fun Fact: The head of the Kishu is already relatively large at birth. Therefore, when compared to the rest of the body, it looks very disproportionate when young.

36. Tervueren

Originally from Belgium, where it is still used today as a guard and police dog. He is also considered vigilant, and loyal and usually has black pointed ears.

Fun Fact: Since the very first Tervueren was bred by a beer brewer, one of their duties included pulling a beer wagon.

37. West Highland White Terriers

Comes from Scotland and is only available with a white soft coat. The dogs are also known to be very friendly, fearless, and alert.

Fun Fact: These dogs are so inquisitive that they keep getting their head stuck somewhere. For this reason, their tail should also be so stable. Because they used to be partially pulled out of it.

38. Saarloos Wolfhound

Was conceived by crossing with a wolf. The wolf hybrids are only suitable for experienced dog trainers, are considered potentially dangerous, and also have pointy ears.

Fun fact: the Saarlos Wolfhound is often terrified of prams, bicycles, and other moving objects.

39. Greenland Dog

Originated in – you already have it – Greenland. There they were mainly used as sled dogs because of their strength and endurance.

Fun Fact: No matter how well-trained Greenland Dogs are, they only obey the commands of one person – the “alpha”.

40. Icelandic Dog

Came to Iceland by Vikings and served primarily as a shepherd and guard dog. The breed is also known to be very friendly, and cheerful and has pointed ears.

Fun fact: the shepherd instinct of dogs is sometimes so strong that they hardly let guests leave the house again.

41. Pariah Dog

Has its origins in India, where it is used as a guard and police dog. He is also considered to be very sociable, attentive, and territorial.

Fun fact: the pariah dog meets all the requirements to be kept by the elderly. It is therefore colloquially referred to as a “senior dog”.

42. Canaan Dog

Originally from Israel and its pointy ears also has similarities to foxes. The dogs are also considered to be very friendly and sometimes stubborn.

Fun fact: If you visit the pyramids in Egypt, you will see hundreds of stray Canaan dogs along the way. During the day they usually sleep on and under parked cars.

43. Samoyed

Originally from Russia, it is also very popular internationally due to its white fur. In addition, the breed is considered affectionate and playful.

Fun Fact: Some Samoyeds naturally have mouths that curve up on the sides. Their neutral facial expression therefore often looks like a fake grin.

44. Laika

It comes in 5 different types. However, they differ mainly in the color of their fur. In addition, the breed is fearless, loyal, and has pointed ears.

Fun fact: “Laika” was the name of the first dog sent into space by Russia – a true astronaut.

45. Finnish Spitz

Comes from Finland and was used there mainly as a hunting companion. The dogs are also very loyal, friendly, and particularly playful. 

Fun Fact: This breed can bark up to 160 times per minute. That’s almost 3 times per second.

46. Hokkaido

Comes from Japan and is considered fearless, trusting, and alert. With their pointed ears and their reddish fur, the dogs also look like foxes. 

Fun fact: In Germany, this breed is so rare that most people think of the edible pumpkin when they hear “Hokkaido”.

47. Dutch Shepherd

Served primarily as a shepherd and farm dog in his Dutch homeland. In addition, the breed is considered very athletic, active, and easily trainable.

Fun Fact: The German shepherd bears strong resemblances to the Dutch type when bathed in mud.

48. American Eskimo Dog

Paradoxically originates from Germany and serves primarily as a hunting, guard, and shepherd dog. They also have pointed ears and are considered friendly and playful.

Fun fact: The American Eskimo Dog is often so engrossed in play that it forgets all other needs such as hunger and thirst.

49. Karelian Bear Dog

Originated in Finland, where it was primarily used as a hunting dog. Otherwise, the four-legged friends are known for their loyalty, independence, and courage.

Fun Fact: The “ideal” Karelian Bear Dog is 70% black and 30% white. Dogs with this ratio are considered to be of higher quality and can therefore also be sold at a higher price.

50. Swedish Lapphund

Has hybrid wolf ancestors and mostly serves as a watchdog and shepherd dog for reindeer in his native Sweden. In addition, the animals are very clever and have pointed ears.

Fun Fact: The Swedish Lapphund barks about 2 octaves higher than regular dogs. This allows him to point reindeer in the right direction without appearing threatening.

51. Podenco Ibicenco

Belongs to the greyhound category and has its origins in Spain. In addition, the breed is considered very friendly, independent, and intelligent.

Fun Fact: The Podenco Ibicenco has similarities to a car without a radiator. Because if the dogs are very active, they get hot relatively quickly and then have to cool down in the shade.

52. Alaskan Klee Klai

He weighs just 5 kg and looks like a husky puppy when fully grown. In addition, the animals are considered very friendly and have pointed ears.

Fun Fact: The Alaskan Klee Klai is also known colloquially as the “Husky Lite.”

53. Peruvian Hairless Dog

It comes in three different sizes and is one of 9 hairless dogs worldwide. He is also considered to be very trusting, protective, and clever. 

Fun fact: the Peruvian hairless dog only has a few long hairs on its forehead – the punk among dogs.

54. Yorkshire Terriers

Is one of the 10 most popular dog breeds worldwide and has two small pointed ears under its long coat. In addition, he is considered fearless, elegant, and self-confident.

Fun Fact: Hardly any dog ​​makes funnier noises. Because the Yorkshire Terrier sneezes backward more often. Instead of blowing air out, the animals suck in a lot of it.

55. Jämthund

Comes from Sweden and has traces of a wolf hybrid in his DNA. In addition, the dogs have a strong hunting instinct, pointed ears, and are very active and independent. 

Fun fact: if the Jämthund doesn’t get enough exercise, they like to release their energy by chewing on furniture.

56. Volpino Italiano

Belongs to the Spitz group and, in addition to a friendly facial expression, also has two pointed ears. He is also very trusting, playful, and relatively rare.

Fun Fact: The Italian home seems to have influenced the behavior of the Volpino Italiano significantly. Because dogs like to share their food with others.

57. Cairn Terriers

Although relatively small, it was primarily used as a hunting dog. In addition, this breed is very easy to care for, hardy and friendly.

Fun fact: free-living Cairn Terriers are considered to be particularly wild, primitive, and fearless. In the first records, the four-legged friends were therefore described as “cave dogs”.

58. Groenendael

Has its origins in Belgium and is primarily used as a shepherd dog. In addition to its pointy ears, the breed is also known for its active and trusting nature.

Fun Fact: Every year there are several calls to the Belgian police because people have allegedly seen “black wolves”. In most cases, however, it was free-running Groenendael.

59. Prague Ratter

Comes from Prague and with a body weight of around 2.5 kg competes with Chihuahuas. In addition, the animals are considered very easy to care for, obedient and active. 

Fun Fact: The Prague Ratter has similarities to a rat due to its bat ears, small head, and size. It is therefore jokingly rumored that he is a rat hybrid.

60. Norwich Terriers

Originally from Norwich, England, where it served primarily as a hunting dog. In addition, the breed is considered very affectionate and playful and has pointed ears.

Fun Fact: The Norwich Terrier usually lies on his stomach with his legs fully extended.

61. Northern Inuit Dog

Is the result of a breeding project in the 1980s. The goal? To create a breed that looks like a wolf and has the characteristics of a dog.

Fun Fact: With several Northern Inuit Dogs appearing in Game of Thrones, demand for the dogs has more than tripled.

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