Best 49 Dogs with Floppy Ears [2023]

Best 49 Dogs with Floppy Ears

There are dogs with different ear shapes. The following dog breeds are among those that naturally have long floppy ears:

Incidentally, floppy ears in dogs are not an indication of particularly good or bad hearing. Rather, these breeds are among those that smell particularly good.

The reason? The long ears wave scents to the nose, improving the sense of smell.

1. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound originally comes from Great Britain and has by far the largest floppy ears of all dog breeds.

In addition, dogs have a sense of smell around 40 times better than humans and are known for their friendly and trusting nature.

Fun Fact: These dogs are great for tracking. Because their floppy ears wave all smells toward their nose when they walk.

2. Bloodhound

The Bloodhound holds the record for ear length. In one specimen, the floppy ears are a whopping 34.9 cm long.

In addition, of all breeds, dogs have by far the best nose. The animals are also considered to be very friendly, gentle, and independent.

Fun Fact: Many Bloodhounds’ snouts are more likely to go between the legs of females. Because the dogs smell as soon as they enter the apartment whether a woman is on her period.

3. American Cocker Spaniel

In addition to its long floppy ears, the American Cocker Spaniel is also known for its long fur on its legs.

They are also considered to be particularly cheerful, sociable, and intelligent. This probably also explains why they are among the top 30 most popular dog breeds worldwide. 

Fun Fact: American Cocker Spaniel’s paws have a profile that also helps them run on ice.

4. Irish Red Setters

The Irish Red Setter serves primarily as a hunting and family dog. Sometimes the dogs with floppy ears are also used as therapy dogs.

This breed is also known for its good nature, playfulness, and affability. They can also be trained well, but require a relatively large amount of exercise. 

Fun Fact: These animals often behave like young puppies even when fully grown.

5. Basset bleu de Gascogne

The Basset bleu de Gascogne has its origins in France and is considered to be very agile, active, and curious. He also has a dachshund-like build and long floppy ears.

In general, however, dogs are considered relatively rare. Because hunting with dogs had declined more and more, the four-legged friends no longer had a purpose.

Fun Fact: While other dog breeds jump for joy before a walk, you’re more likely to have to force these couch potatoes to walk.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel originally comes from Great Britain and has served primarily as a lap dog since its inception.

The cute little dogs with their floppy ears are also among the 20 most popular breeds worldwide. They are also considered to be very easy to care for.

Fun fact: When running, the long floppy ears take off like the wings of an airplane.

7. Beagles

The Beagle was initially used primarily as a tracking dog for hunting. The English dogs are also up to 15 years old.

In addition, they are considered to be particularly cheerful, gentle, and lovable. Combined with their floppy ears, this makes them the 6th most popular breed in the world.

Fun Fact: These animals can make more than 20 different sounds. And yes, yodeling is also on the list.

8. Bernese Hound

The Bernese Hound is relatively rare to find outside of its Swiss homeland. To this day, the animals are mainly used as hunting dogs.

Their long, floppy ears wag scents towards their snouts, enabling them to pick up a scent even in strong winds.

Fun Fact: While these animals are rarely used as family pets, they are known to be particularly affectionate. They often follow their master’s every step.

9. Jurassic Hound

The Jura hound originally comes from Switzerland and is primarily used as a hunting companion for tracking down injured wild animals.

The dogs are also considered to be very easy to care for, loyal and active. Since the animals need a lot of exercises, they are ideal for active families.

Fun Fact: These dogs follow the 20-20-20 rule. They weigh around 20 kg when fully grown, are around 20 inches (approx. 51 cm) tall, and have floppy ears around 20 cm long.

10. Segugio Italiano

The Segugio Italiano is available with a very short coat (“a pelo raso”) and with a very long coat (“a pelo forte”). However, both species have very long floppy ears.

The dogs are also known for their stubbornness, intelligence, and friendliness. They are also suitable as family dogs ​​and need a relatively large amount of exercise.

Fun Fact: These dogs have tunnel vision once they’ve picked up a scent while hunting. You can even forget hunger and thirst for up to 12 hours.

11. Poodle

Poodles come in four different sizes. However, in the smallest species, the so-called “toy poodle”, the floppy ears come into their own.

The dogs are also considered to be very intelligent, active, and trusting. This also explains why they are among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the world.

Fun fact: These four-legged friends’ hair never stops growing. The cute dogs are therefore more often “abused” by hairdressers as guinea pigs.

12. Welsh Springer Spaniels

The Welsh Springer Spaniel always has a red and white spotted coat and large floppy ears. He also usually gets along very well with children and other pets.

In addition, the dogs are very cheerful, trusting, and playful. This makes them excellent family dogs.

Fun Fact: These dogs are very affectionate. So be prepared to be followed at every turn. And yes, that includes the toilet.

13. Gordon Setters

The Gordon Setter is one of the 4 Setter species worldwide. The Scottish animals were originally bred to serve as hunting dogs.

In the meantime, however, the animals are also used as family dogs. They are also considered to be very alert, loyal, fearless, and have fluffy floppy ears.

Fun Fact: The Gordon Setter takes around 3 years to mature. Even when fully grown, the four-legged friends often behave like young puppies.

14. Black and Tan Coonhound

The Black and Tan Coonhound has its origins in the USA, where it was primarily used for hunting raccoons because of its good nose.

In the meantime, however, the friendly, loving, and gentle dogs with their long floppy ears are also increasingly being kept as pets.

Fun fact: When these dogs feel lonely, they often start singing or howling.

15. English Cocker Spaniels

The English Cocker Spaniel is one of the dogs that can sniff out cancer, among other things. They were therefore also used as sniffer dogs when hunting.

In addition, they have long and fluffy floppy ears and can have up to 12 puppies at a time. As a rule, they are very calm, cheerful, and loyal. 

Fun fact: These dogs are so easy to train that they are sometimes used for housework – taking toilet paper to the toilet or even sweeping with a broom.

16. English Setters

The English Setter has a Dalmatian-like appearance only with longer hair. The dogs are also very energetic and need a lot of exercises – ideal for active families.

In the past, dogs with their long floppy ears were also used to hunt land and water birds. However, they are much more popular than house dogs.

Fun Fact: Puppies of this breed love to chew… And chew to bits too. One new chew toy per week should definitely be planned here.

17. American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel is a hunting and family dog ​​from the United States. With its thick fur and webbed feet, it is also an excellent swimmer.

The dogs are generally considered to be very cheerful, charming, and energetic. They also have long, curly floppy ears and are great for training.

Fun Fact: Apples? nope, oranges? nope, watermelon? nope, bananas? Yeaaaaaa! This breed loves bananas!

18. Redbone Coonhound

The Redbone Coonhound has its origins in the USA, where it is also used as a hunting dog for large wild animals.

The dogs have cute floppy ears and are known to be very affectionate, obedient, and energetic. They are also ideal for first-time owners.

Fun fact: These dogs’ hunting instincts are so strong, they’d run through spiky brambles to catch up with their prey.

19. Sussex Spaniels

In the past, the Sussex Spaniel was primarily used as a family dog but also served partly as a hunting companion. The breed originally comes from England.

What makes them special is their long fur and their shaggy floppy ears. In addition, dogs are considered very cheerful, sociable, and submissive.

Fun fact: The hair of these four-legged friends is often so long that you can hardly see under their upper body from the side.

20. Irish Red and White Setters

The Irish Red and White Setter are one of the most active dogs in the world. The animals would love to run all day and cuddle with their master at night.

They can also be trained very well and are therefore also suitable for beginners. Their floppy ears often dance along when they run.

Fun Fact: This breed makes their masters more positive people over time. Because the dogs react much better to praise than criticism.

21. Dachshund

Dachshunds are commonly referred to as “dachshunds” among dog connoisseurs and internationally. In the past, the small four-legged friends were primarily used to hunt badgers.

The dogs also have relatively large floppy ears for their size. They live up to 16 years and are one of the twelve most popular breeds in the world.

Fun Fact: In the English-speaking world, the dachshund is also known as the “sausage dog” because of its shape – the “sausage dog”.

22. Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano has a total of 6 officially recognized names. However, he is best known for his outgoing nature, his beard, and his cuddly floppy ears.

The dogs are also very good swimmers and are still used today, among other things, as hunting dogs due to their strong hunting instinct.

Fun Fact: This breed has its origins in Italy… no! It is not yet known where the animals came from.

23. Field Spaniels

The Field Spaniel originally comes from England. Due to his friendly and family nature, however, he is now also represented worldwide.

The animals also usually get along very well with children and other dogs. They are easy to train and require a relatively large amount of exercise.

Fun Fact: Despite its size, the Field Spaniel is in the top 10 of floppy-eared dogs, with ears up to 10 inches long.

24. Bluetick Coonhound

The Bluetick Coonhound originated in the United States and was bred specifically to hunt raccoons. However, he is also suitable as a house dog.

In addition, the small four-legged friends have relatively large floppy ears and are considered very friendly, trusting, and courageous.

Fun Fact: According to this breed’s official description, their coat is said to have a “bluish appearance.” Well, yes… Or maybe the members of the Union were just color-blind.

25. Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is one of the few breeds that is considered hypoallergenic. In concrete terms, this means that the dogs shed so little that they rarely cause allergic reactions.

In addition, she has very strong curls, large floppy ears, and a long snout. He is also the largest representative of all 23 spaniel species.

Fun Fact: These dogs have a rat-like tails—very thin, long, and hairless. They are therefore also known as the “Rat Tail Spaniel”.

26. German Spaniel

Although the German Wachtelhund comes from Germany, it can now be found almost everywhere. Because dogs are very popular both as hunting and family dogs.

In addition, they are considered to be particularly friendly, gentle, and adaptable. In addition to long floppy ears, the dogs usually have curly brown fur.

Fun Fact: Since the name “Deutscher Wachtelhund” is considered a tongue twister in English-speaking countries, “German Spaniel” has now also been recognized as a synonym.

27. Weimaraner

The Weimaraner originated in Thuringia. These dogs are the opposite of couch potatoes—very active, running at up to 35 mph and needing a lot of exercise.

In the past, this breed with its long floppy ears was only allowed to be kept by aristocrats. This may also explain why they are now among the 40 most popular dog breeds.

Fun Fact: Weimaraners have dark gray tiger stripes at birth. However, these strips are lost after just a few days.

28. Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is very versatile. As a hunting dog for waterfowl, as well as a family, rescue, and even guide dog.

In addition, they are very trainable, friendly, and have cute floppy ears. This may also explain why they are among the top 3 most popular breeds in the world year after year.

Fun Fact: These dogs love to carry things around in their mouths. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stick, clothing, or even a shoe.

29. Basset fauve de Bretagne

The Basset fauve de Bretagne originally comes from France. There the animals are still used primarily as hunting and family dogs.

However, this breed is less suitable for beginners. The reason? They are sometimes very stubborn and can therefore only be trained by very strict owners.

Fun fact: You can sometimes tell what these dogs are thinking by their floppy ears. Because when they are unsure, they usually lift their ears.

30. Beagle Harrier

The Beagle-Harrier looks like an oversized beagle with slightly longer floppy ears. These dogs also generally get along very well with children and other pets.

In addition, the French breed needs a lot of exercise, sheds a lot, and is considered calm, loyal, and playful.

Fun Fact: You’ve probably seen dogs stretching while pushing their hind paws backward. Well, the Beagle-Harrier naturally stands in this position very often.

31. Hanoverian Mountain Hound

The Hanoverian Mountain Hound has a very appropriate name. Because he originally comes from Hanover and is used as a bloodhound in the mountains.

This breed also has an excellent sense of smell, which allows them to spot wildlife from long distances. On the other hand, they are less suitable as family dogs.

Fun Fact: Of all the floppy-eared dogs, this breed is by far the most stubborn. These animals are therefore completely unsuitable for beginners.

32. Doberman

The Doberman originated in Germany. He naturally has floppy ears, but these were often cropped and taped in the past.

In concrete terms, this means: cutting to a point and gluing to the top. The former is now banned in Germany. In addition, they are known to be loyal, energetic, and intelligent.

Fun fact: As a guard dog and bodyguard, nobody can fool these dogs. However fearless and strong they may be, as soon as it gets cold, the dogs tuck in their tails and seek shelter.

33. English pointers

The English Pointer is very popular as a hunting and guard dog as well as a family dog. Because they are considered very trusting, loving, and at the same time very strong and obedient.

Incidentally, English animals are sometimes up to 17 years old. They also generally get along well with children and usually have brown floppy ears.

Fun Fact: When these dogs are happy, their tails lash like whips. Small children in particular are therefore more often surprised at face level.

34. Flat-Coated Retrievers

The Flat Coated Retriever is one of a total of 6 retriever species and bears strong resemblances to Labradors. However, his long fur sets him apart.

In addition, this breed with its floppy ears is considered to be particularly friendly, optimistic, and very obedient. They are also good swimmers and are usually all brown or black.

Fun Fact: The nickname of these animals is “Peter Pan”. Because they need about 5 times as long to be fully grown compared to other breeds.

35. Vizsla

Vizslas come in two distinct types – short-haired and wire-haired. The latter variant also has a beard. However, they both have floppy ears.

In addition, this breed is known to be very loyal, energetic, and highly trainable. They are very popular both as family dogs and as hunting dogs.

Fun Fact: These dogs’ eyes are bright blue at birth. However, as they mature, they become increasingly brownish.

36. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has a total of 5 recognized names. For some reason, however, a name with 34 letters was chosen.

The dogs come from Canada, can swim well, and have fluffy floppy ears. They are also considered to be very affectionate, alert, and sociable.

Fun Fact: Dog sounds are usually described in books as a “woof-woof” or “woof-woof.” This breed, on the other hand, would be more of a short and loud “wihäu”.

37. Dalmatians

The Dalmatian originated in Croatia. The animals are used there as guard dogs, hunting dogs, and family dogs.

They are also considered to be very friendly, and playful and require a relatively large amount of exercise. Like their body, their floppy ears are often dotted with black or brown.

Fun fact: Dalmatians are born one color. The dots or spots then only develop after a few weeks.

38. American Foxhound

The American Foxhound comes from the USA and, as the name suggests, was initially used primarily for hunting foxes.

However, the four-legged friends are also suitable as family dogs and often get along well with cats. In addition, they are very affectionate and have oversized floppy ears.

Fun Fact: These dogs’ barks sound like singing. Even on Wikipedia, there is talk of a “musical barking”.

39. Barbet

The Barbet originally comes from France and has been kept as a house dog from the start. Rarely, however, the animals are also used as hunting and rescue dogs.

By the way, her name is also French and means “beard”. Two long and fluffy floppy ears are also hidden under her curly hair.

Fun Fact: This breed appears to have a sixth sense of mud holes. Because no matter how hidden they are – these dogs will always find something.

40. Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound lives up to its name. Because he comes from Bavaria and is mainly used as a bloodhound in the mountains.

In addition to an excellent nose, these four-legged friends also have two long floppy ears with veins. In general, however, dogs are relatively rare.

Fun Fact: The term “sweat-hound” is confusing. Because these dogs do not sweat a lot but are used for tracking injured games.

41. Otterhound

The otterhound originated in Great Britain and was initially used almost exclusively for hunting otters. He also has two large floppy ears.

Since this hunt is now largely banned, the dogs are now threatened with extinction. And that, although they are also suitable as a family dog.

Fun Fact: With these dogs, you might think their voices are about to change. Because their bark is around 2 octaves lower than that of other breeds.

42. Saluki

According to current research, the Saluki is the world’s oldest living dog breed with evidence going back as far as 7,000 BC. They are said to come from the Middle East.

In addition, this sighthound breed can run at up to 43 mph and has long, hairy floppy ears. He is also considered to be very quiet and reserved.

Fun Fact: These dogs are very picky when it comes to their bed. Because if it’s not particularly fluffy and cuddly, then they will always prefer the sofa.

43. Great Dane

The Great Dane is the world’s largest dog breed. This also explains why the most popular names for these dogs are “Titan”, “Zeus” and “Hercules”.

However, the big four-legged friends are only between 8-10 years old. On the other hand, they are very friendly, and submissive and have a rather cute appearance due to their floppy ears.

Fun fact: these dogs weigh around 50 kg after just one year and are very cuddly despite their size. So get ready for some heavy cuddles.

44. Alpine Dachsbracke

The Alpine Dachsbracke originally comes from Austria and was mainly used as a tracking dog for hunting due to its good nose.

By nature, they are very strong, fearless, and loyal. The figure of the animals, on the other hand, is more reminiscent of a dachshund. They also have relatively large floppy ears.

Fun Fact: When this breed is raised with other pets, they develop a strong loyalty to them – super cute to watch.

45. Old Danish Pointer

The Old Danish Pointer was initially used primarily for hunting. Nowadays they also serve as explosives and drug dogs, among other things.

For first-time owners, this breed can be overwhelming at times. Because she is considered to be very stubborn, has a strong hunting instinct, and needs a lot of exercises. The dogs also have large floppy ears.

Fun Fact: Due to a translation error in the pre-internet era, these dogs are also known as “Old Danish Chicken Hounds”. To this day, two breeds are therefore confused with one another.

46. Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is not only the most famous dog breed in the world but also the #1 most popular. Because these animals are considered to be particularly friendly, trusting, and playful.

In addition, they are very easy to train and very intelligent. They can also be used as hunting, therapy, and guide dogs.

Fun Fact: Having grown up with 2 labs, I know about their “weak points”. Because they are ticklish both on the floppy ears and on the underside of the paws.

47. Poodle Pointer

The Pudelpointer originally comes from Germany and is particularly popular with hunters for its versatile abilities. They are also very calm, self-controlled, and obedient.

If you are looking for a dog to cuddle, you will not be happy here. Because despite their cute appearance with their floppy ears, they are very independent.

Fun Fact: This breed felt hungry all the time. So if you give them too much food, they often become overweight.

48. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Native to the United States, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is known for its waterproof coat. In combination with his webbed feet, this makes him a perfect swimmer.

In addition, the breed is considered to be very cheerful, loyal, and trusting – as is typical for retrievers. In addition to strong curls, they also have large floppy ears.

Fun Fact: When young, these dogs love to let their energy out by jumping around wildly. 

49. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the few of its kind that also has long hair. And yet, despite all their fur, they can run at speeds of up to 64 km/h.

The animals are also considered to be very silly, happy, and independent. The latter also explains why they are difficult to train.

Fun Fact: These dogs have long hair everywhere except their faces – even their floppy ears can grow up to 6 inches of hair.

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