Best 19 Dogs That Look Like Bears

Best 19 Dogs That Look Like Bears

On average, bears weigh around 5 times that of a large adult dog. Nevertheless, there are some dog breeds that have strong visual similarities with bears.

In addition to their appearance, the following races also have other things in common. Because all these four-legged friends make great guard and shepherd dogs.

Their thick fur was used to protect them from bite wounds. It also kept you warm in winter and in the mountains. Here you will learn about 19 dogs that look like bears.

1. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow has a very dense double coat. It is especially noticeable on the neck. This externality makes the dogs look like bears. 

In addition to their concise appearance, the animals stand out due to another characteristic. You have a kind of foot fetish. Because they like to lie at the feet of their masters.

This four-legged friend not only resembles a bear but also a lion. It has 44 teeth instead of the usual 42 teeth.

Without the right training, the animals often become overprotective and aggressive. Also towards other dogs – especially of the same sex.

This also results in increased insurance costs as these dogs are classified as “very risky”. Some regions also reject chow chows entirely.

Fun fact: Not from a lollipop like in humans, but from a genetic defect in one of the youngest animals of this breed. This is how the blue tongue that Chow Chows are known for came about. 

2. Maremma-Abruzzo Sheepdog

The Maremma-Abruzzo Sheepdog is friendly and intelligent. In addition, this dog bears a resemblance to a bear. But he is a long-haired shepherd dog. 

For the purpose of being sheepdogs, the puppies are placed among flocks of sheep for as little as 4 weeks to develop a close bond. They also bark a lot.

Although the animals are very strong and intimidating, they get along well with other dogs and pets. This makes them the ideal family and guard dogs.

This dog is only available with white fur. This fact is used to help distinguish sheepdogs from wolves. They also need a lot of exercises.

The animals usually had a wide metal collar with spikes to protect the neck and at the same time injure potential attackers. Otherwise, they are friendly.

Fun Fact: This four-legged friend is a double-edged sword. Calm at home, sleepy, moody, but at work as a shepherd? Say hello to the “wild wolf slayer”. 

3. Do Khyi

The Do Khyi. These are dogs that look like bears. They are mostly active in the morning and evening. Inside they are rather quiet.

They do well with cold, but not so well with heat. They are also very trusting towards family, children, and other dogs.

It is an extremely effective watchdog. Also against dangerous predators. This fight can end in life and death.

The dog’s appearance could also be described as frightening. They are available in a wide variety of colors. Their fur allows them to get along very well with the cold.

However, they are not suitable for beginners. Because they are also relatively difficult to train. With experienced people, they are also suitable as family dogs.

Fun Fact: This four-legged friend might give you a little shock on the scales. Because while most animals weigh between 50 and 60 kg, some specimens reach an incredible 130 kg.

4. South Russian Ovcharka

The South Russian Ovcharka is a large shepherd dog. However, this dog also bears a resemblance to bears. But he has rather long hair.

The hair is even so long that it usually covers the eyes. On the other hand, they are very weatherproof. They are not particularly bothered by heat or cold.

In Denmark and Lithuania, they are banned because they are considered “dangerous”. They can sometimes even react aggressively toward other dogs and people.

They are generally very protective and territorial. They also require little attention. However, this also allows them to remain optimally alone.

Although they hardly need any attention, they do need a lot of mental and physical activity. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that they are socialized at an early age.

Fun Fact: Who needs a clear view when you can have stylish, long fur? This four-legged friend lives the style, without a regular haircut. 

5. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a dog that looks like a bear from a distance. They have a particularly cuddly coat and they are incredibly patient dogs.

They were originally bred to serve as working dogs. They were then employed by fishermen. Which worked out well, because they love work.

They even have webbed paws. Although they only need a moderate amount of exercise, the dogs are not suited to flats or apartments.

On a large property, however, they are also suitable as family dogs, as they get along well with children. In general, however, they are also very trusting of family.

However, there should always be someone at home, as it is very difficult for them to be left alone. Otherwise, they are rather lazy and easy-care dogs.

Fun fact: “My mouth is already watering.” – This proverb can be taken literally here. 

6. Eurasian

The Eurasian. It’s relatively rare. There are currently only around 9000 dogs of this breed worldwide. What is concise is that this dog looks like a bear. His fur is special.

It is unusually dense, so it also gets along well with the cold. His problem is that he tends to be overweight and overeat. A luxury problem.

This is an excellent family dog. Eventually, he develops a very strong bond with his family. He also gets along great with children.

With strangers, however, he tends to be reserved and rather skeptical. It is also suitable as a guide dog, therapy dog ​​, and service dog. He is easily trainable.

Sometimes he also serves as a guard dog. However, it should be noted that he needs a lot of contact with his family. In addition, it rarely barks.

Fun Fact: When playing with other dogs: You could play for a long time… But you could also be the first to lie exhausted on the floor. Eurasier forward!

7. Samoyed

The Samoyed comes from parts of Russia and Siberia. He used to be primarily a shepherd dog for deer. However, it was also used in many other areas.

For example guard, sled, hunter, and the family dog. However, they are too friendly as guard dogs. Aggressive behavior is very rarely seen.

Today they are also ideal family dogs. And this is despite the fact that these dogs look like bears. They also get along great with children.

It doesn’t get along well with heat and cold. Nor with the fact of staying alone. So there should always be someone there. He is very trusting of his family.

Although the animals shed a lot, they are considered very clean and odorless. Because they groom themselves like cats. Say, they lick their paws. This means that they are also suitable for the apartment.

Fun Fact: Here we have another specimen of the well-known “Furball”. And he especially likes to spread his fur all over the house. 

8. Kuvasz

The Kuvask is a dog that bears visual similarities to a bear. But he is also one of the big white dogs. His character is patient, independent, and loyal.

In the past, the animals were originally used as royal guards. Her homeland is Hungary. There they are also used as hunting and war dogs.

They reach a shoulder height of up to 76 cm. So say, as big as greyhounds. However, their life expectancy is still up to 14 years.

The animals almost died out during World War II. At that time there were only between 12 and 30 living specimens left. For they also served as war dogs.

The animals need a lot of closeness to the family. They even react aggressively when chained. Otherwise, they are also friendly to children in the family.

Fun fact: You have a really good name with “Kawasz”, which means “armed guard of the nobles”. And then someone makes a mistake and you’re called “Kuvasz”. true story

9. Himalayan Shepherd

The Himalayan Shepherd comes from India. You can recognize him, among other things, by the fact that this dog looks like a bear. But also on his fur, which is very thick. 

The animals were formerly used as shepherd dogs. Today they are still in India and Nepal. Finally, the animals are very adaptable.

It should be noted that the dog is less there to drive the herd. Because much more he is only there to protect the herd. He also needs little sleep.

Due to their high adaptability, the four-legged friends get along well with other pets and dogs. But staying alone is not a problem here.

There are 4 official names here. Besides the above, we have Bhotia, Bangara Dog, and Himalayan Mastiff. He is an excellent watchdog.

Fun Fact: There are many dog ​​breeds with multiple official names. The middle name of these four-legged friends is particularly sympathetic to me personally – “Gaddi Kutta”. Or “Gaddi” for short. 

10. Caucasian Ovcharka

The Caucasian Ovcharka instinctively wants to be the alpha among other dogs. That goes with his looks too. Because these dogs look like bears.

With appropriate socialization, however, they are also very affectionate family dogs. However, you may need a feeding schedule as they tend to be overweight.

In addition to their inherent strength, these dogs also have one of the strongest bite forces. In return, they are relatively reserved towards strangers.

This dog comes in three different coat lengths. The weight varies between 50 and 100 kg. It reaches a shoulder height of up to 75 cm.

The strength of this dog is so immense that it can even take on a wolf on its own. In a pack, on the other hand, he would even be able to take on a bear. 

Fun Fact: You could try exercising here yourself. But you could also just let a dog trainer despair. Because this breed is considered to be particularly stubborn. 

11. Wolfspitz

The name of the Wolfsspitz is deceptive. He is a dog that also has a resemblance to a bear. In fact, he even has a more teddy bear-like appearance.

With a weight of up to 30 kg, this is the largest of five species of the “German Spitz”. In general, however, they are considered a separate breed.

Their life expectancy is up to 14 years. During these years, they make excellent family dogs. They are also suitable for apartments.

They can even be used as therapy and guide dogs. So they are friendly to people. They are sometimes aggressive towards other dogs.

Unfortunately, the animals bark a lot. You can keep them away from everyone by giving them attention because they love it. They are also playful.

Fun Fact: The main thing is cool! This four-legged friend doesn’t care about dirt and dirt when he digs a hole to cool down in summer. 

12. Swedish Lapphund

The Swedish Lapphund. He is a dog that looks like a bear. However, his nickname is still “Black Beauty”. Because it is usually completely black.

The dog has genes from a wolf hybrid. Because he was probably crossed with a wolf 500-3000 years ago. His nose is perfect for finding injured animals.

At first, the four-legged friends were exclusively hunting dogs for deer, wild boar, and bears. Later they were also active as shepherds, guards, and farm dogs.

In recent years they have also been used as search, rescue, and military dogs. The practical thing is that they rarely show aggressive behavior.

They also get along well with children. However, caution is advised with smaller children and babies. When dealing with each other, a supervisor should always be present.

Fun fact: these four-legged friends have unique facial expressions. And strict. This is due to her light eyebrows compared to her otherwise rather dark face.

13 Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is one of those breeds that bark the most. But he is also one of the dogs that bear a resemblance to a bear.

It is mostly used as a guard and shepherd dog. Also because of the strong protective instinct. Especially towards your own family.

He is so strong that he instinctively wants to protect his family and pets from any stranger. Since predators tend to be nocturnal, this protector also became nocturnal.

They are also one of the breeds that bark the most. These are white dogs. Conveniently, they’re also fairly cold-hardy.

Despite their protective instinct, they tend to be reserved towards strangers. They are also among the 20 most disliked dog breeds in the world.

Fun fact: This four-legged friend has come a long way in history. It was once declared “royal” by a French king. This made him rise even higher than most of the population. 

14. Leonberger

The Leonberger also has a rather tragic history. Eventually, he almost died out in World War II. His original country of origin is Germany.

It is named after the city of Leonberg and can weigh up to 77 kg. This makes him a very strong dog, even one of the strongest dogs in the world.

It is a dog that bears a resemblance to a bear. It takes a full three years to mature. With a life expectancy of only seven years.

The animals are not suitable for apartment life. Nor are they good for first-time owners. They are family dogs, but therefore for experienced owners.

However, there should always be a family member in the house. Since this four-legged friend does not tolerate being left alone. On the other hand, he gets along well with the cold, but not so well with the heat. 

Fun fact: You can save filling material for one or the other pillow here. Because this four-legged friend sheds so much hair that he is a permanent supplier of fluff. 

15. Sarplaninac

The Sarplaninac found its primary task in the protection of herd animals. He is still used for this task in Serbia and North Macedonia today. 

However, it is a relatively rare breed. They were also not exported until after 1970, as the animals were banned before that. Although they are quite calm.

The breed was also banned in Denmark. In Switzerland, it is on the breed list and is considered dangerous. These are dogs that look like bears.

They are also not suitable for housing. They also don’t get along well with other dogs and pets in large homes. 

It is a relatively independent breed. With this, they also make excellent watchdogs. You also need very little sleep.

Fun Fact: “Bello, get the ball, go!” – A loud yawn in response. These dogs are the opposite of playful. 

16. Slovensky Cuvac

The Slovenský Čuvač is lively and fearless. It’s a dog that looks like a bear. But don’t worry, he loves to live in big families.

Many children are the animals’ favorite roommates. In general, they are very trusting of the family and get along well with children as well as with strangers.

The homeland of the animals in Slovakia. In 1950 the breed was on the verge of extinction. At that time they were primarily used as shepherds and guard dogs for herd animals.

Nowadays they are good for first-time owners. They are also suitable for seniors. However, caution is advised, as the animals tend to be overweight.

The hunting instinct of these animals is weak. They also only need a moderate amount of exercise and shed moderately. But they bark less.

Fun Fact: “Qwatsch” – that’s the correct way to pronounce her Slovak name. And yes, it has a lot in common with nonsense.

17. Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is a dog that bears a resemblance to a bear. And he’s also quite tall at 68 cm at the shoulder. He is also one of the curly dogs.

Originally, the animals were used for farm work. So as a shepherd dog, for pulling wagons, and as a guard dog against predators. They also have a strong herding instinct.

Today, they mostly serve as guards, police, and family dogs. The practical thing is that they are among the hypoallergenic dogs. So they are good for allergy sufferers.

Unfortunately, cancer is the leading cause of death in these animals at 47%. Otherwise, however, they are considered to be very strong and persistent. But they are also very loyal.

Sometimes the four-legged friends need a full three years to mature. They are not suitable for beginners. They can be aggressive towards other dogs. 

Fun fact: your four-legged friend didn’t do anything next to his bowl. No, he just has a beard with a suction function. 

18. Cao da Serra da Estrela

The Cão da Serra da Estrela is also known as the “Portuguese Shepherd Dog”. When fully grown, it weighs up to 60 kg. This makes the dog look like a bear.

Therefore, it is also not suitable for small apartments. For homes, this four-legged friend would make an excellent guard dog. Because he needs very little sleep.

However, the animals tend to be overweight. Unfortunately, other pets are not an option here either. Because this dog tends to get along less well with them.

He is all the more trusting of the family. Just like with children. With both of them, he shows very trusting behavior. But he also needs a lot of attention.

A dark-colored muzzle is typical for these dogs. Otherwise, they come in two different types. Once with short fur. The other species than with long fur.

Fun fact: Since many Germans have trouble pronouncing this breed, these four-legged friends are often just called “Estrela”.

19. Landseer

The Landseer is a black and white dog. However, one can also recognize another external feature. Because this dog has a resemblance to a bear.

You could basically say it’s a black-and-white version of Newfoundland. Above all, it is a relatively rare breed.

When fully grown, the animals weigh up to 68 kg. With which they reach a shoulder height of up to 80 cm. But beware! These four-legged friends often tend to be overweight.

Her demeanor is very protective of the family. In a confrontation with strangers, the dogs often place themselves between the family and the threat. 

In general, they are also very trusting of the family. Which includes that they also show friendly behavior towards children. And they are easily trainable.

Fun Fact: The love for water knows no bounds. Especially if you can take the pool in the garden to yourself when there is no lake within reach. 

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