All 16 Bulldog Species in the World [2023]

All 16 Bulldog Species in the World

Almost all bulldog breeds have a very short snout, short legs, and a broad build. Here is a list of all Bulldog species: 

All bulldogs are the result of extreme genetic manipulation. This also explains why these dogs are very common with respiratory, eye, and neurological problems.

In addition, despite their relatively small size, they have a comparatively short life expectancy of around 8-10 years. Most other small dog breeds live up to 18 years.

1. English Bulldog

As the name suggests, the English bulldog comes from England. Internationally, this bulldog species is also one of the 5 most popular breeds.

There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, these animals make great family dogs and develop a very close relationships, especially with children.

On the other hand, they also usually tolerate other dogs and pets, since their hunting instinct is only weak. But they are less easy to train.

And yet they are also suitable for first-time owners. And this is despite the fact that the dogs were originally bred for bullbaiting – i.e. they were baited on bulls for the show.

In addition, they are considered to be very friendly, gentle, and patient. Although this bulldog breed does not need much exercise, it barks a lot.

Fun Fact: These dogs are world record holders in skateboarding. Her stature is ideal for this because of her short legs.

2. Mallorcan Bulldog

The Mallorcan mastiff is also known internationally as “Ca de Bou”. Originally, this breed of the bulldog was bred for cruel purposes: bullbaiting and dog fighting.

Fortunately, these blood sports are now banned in Europe. But that also explains why the demand for this breed fell sharply. 

But they also make great watchdogs. With a little socialization, they are also suitable as house dogs. Because they are considered very trusting and loyal.

In addition, they need a lot of attention and find it difficult to be left alone. On the other hand, they rarely tolerate strange dogs and pets.

This bulldog breed is simply too territorial and has a strong hunting instinct. They tend to be reserved for strangers.

Fun Fact: This breed is said to be naturally prone to bloating. So get ready for a few “fragrant breezes”. 

3. American Bulldogs

The American Bulldog comes from the USA, where it was originally used mostly as a guard and hunting dog. Some of them were also used for bullbaiting.

These animals also reach a full adult weight of 52 kg, making them one of the heaviest bulldog species in the world.

However, this breed almost died out during World War II. However, the numbers have since recovered. Because they also make great family dogs.

They also bark and shed very little and can be trained relatively well. However, beginners are advised not to do so. Because they need a particularly strict master.

They are also very good swimmers compared to other bulldog breeds. But they don’t get along well with heat and cold. 

Fun fact: If you don’t give these dogs the attention they need, they’ll happily chew on your furniture to cover their loneliness.

4. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has been voted the cutest dog breed in the world multiple times. Because this bulldog species stays very small and also has long ears. 

But these dogs can hardly stay alone. But they are all the more trusting of the family and get along well with children and other dogs. 

In addition, according to statistics, these animals occupy the 4th place among the most popular breeds. In addition, they bark very little, making them ideal for apartments too.

In character, they are also absolute clowns. They are not only considered to be very playful but according to studies are also among the dumbest dogs in the world. 

The hunting instinct of these four-legged friends is relatively weak compared to other bulldog breeds. In addition, they only need a little exercise and are particularly sociable.

Fun Fact: While most dogs are very good swimmers, this breed will sink after a few seconds.

5. Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge comes from the USA and reaches a whopping 36 kg when fully grown. Even though they are relatively small with a shoulder height of only 43 cm.

This type of bulldog can also live up to 14 years and is suitable both as a family dog ​​and as a guard dog. However, they are generally less easy to train.

In the past, they were sadly used in part for dog fighting. This also explains why they rarely tolerate other breeds.

Compared to other dogs, they also sleep quite a lot and are particularly playful. They are also suitable for living in flats and apartments.

In addition, they bark relatively little and also only need a little exercise. This also makes this affectionate Bulldog breed ideal for seniors.

Fun Fact: With this breed, you can expect wet socks. Because they are known to leave a drool stain every few meters.

6. Continental Bulldog

The Continental Bulldog comes from Switzerland and is also known as the “Conti”. Despite a size of only 46 cm, this bulldog species can weigh up to 30 kg. 

In addition, they bark very little and are also suited to apartment life. Their trainability also makes them great dogs for first-time owners.

With a little socialization, these four-legged friends usually get along well with other dogs and pets. With strangers, however, they are reserved at first.

The latter explains why this breed also makes good watchdogs. In addition, they live up to 14 years and are very self-confident, attentive, and courageous.

However, since these bulldog breeds are more likely to struggle with breathing problems by nature, you should take extra care when the temperature is high.

Fun Fact: These dogs are so naturally hungry that they will literally eat anything you throw in their bowl.

7. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog originates from the USA and has been threatened with extinction for years. There are said to be fewer than 150 bulldogs worldwide at the moment.

These animals were bred primarily for bear and bullbaiting. Since these blood sports are now banned, demand has decreased accordingly.

Compared to other dogs, they also need a lot of attention and are considered very trusting to the family. They also make great watchdogs, by the way.

Because by nature they are considered to be very protective, brave, and dutiful. They are also very territorial and find it difficult to stay alone.

However, beginners are discouraged from this bulldog breed. They are just too bad to train for that. They also need a lot of exercises and shed very little.

Fun Fact: These dogs are nicknamed “Otto”. This is an American dog lover who has already prevented the extinction of this breed several times.

8. Catahoula Bulldog

The Catahoula Bulldog originated in the United States. This type of Bulldog is a cross between an American Bulldog and a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. 

It is therefore still controversial at present whether this is a separate breed or just a hybrid dog. In the USA, however, these dogs are very popular.

Internationally, on the other hand, they are relatively rarely seen to this day. Because this species has only existed for around 50 years. They also make great hunting and tracking dogs.

But they are too active to live in apartments. Because they need a lot of exercise, have a strong hunting instinct, and can only be trained moderately well. 

By the way, in some countries, this bulldog breed is forbidden. Because without appropriate socialization, they tend to behave aggressively.

Fun Fact: Training this breed can take a lot of patience at times. According to statistics, many of these dogs are hard of hearing.

9. Australian Bulldog

The Australian Bulldog was originally bred to serve primarily as a guard dog. This bulldog type also makes great family dogs due to its trusting nature.

Compared to other dogs, they also need relatively little sleep and drool a lot. In addition, they snore very often but rarely bark. 

A weekly bath is almost a must for this breed. Because of their strong sebum production, they tend to have a more intense odor. 

These four-legged friends have also earned a good reputation for their affable, loving, and familiar nature. They also usually tolerate other pets in their territory.

However, there are more suitable dogs for first-time owners. Because when training, this bulldog breed often behaves dominantly and stubbornly. 

Fun Fact: According to statistics, every third male of this breed is said to be named “Buddy”. For females, the most popular name is ”Molly”.

10. Spanish Bulldog

The Spanish Bulldog is also known internationally as Alano Español. Originally, this type of bulldog was primarily used as a guard and hunting dog.

In earlier years, they were also used as war dogs and for bullbaiting, among other things. Luckily that’s part of history now.

Nowadays, these dogs are more commonly used by shepherds to protect them from foreign predators. Because they are considered very strong, courageous, and protective. 

In addition, they are above-average alert and territorial. Even with strangers, they usually react skeptically and cautiously at first. 

However, this bulldog breed is usually very trusting with the family. In addition, they shed and bark very little, need a lot of exercises, and have a strong hunting instinct.

Fun Fact: Compared to other dogs, this breed needs around half as much sleep. To be more precise, around 7 hours are enough for them instead of the usual 14 hours.

11. Serrano Bulldog

The Serrano bulldog has its origins in Brazil and reaches a whopping 40 kg when fully grown. This type of bulldog was bred to work as a guard and protection dog.

This also explains their courageous, watchful, and protective nature. In addition, these dogs sometimes react aggressively when provoked.

These four-legged friends often fixate completely on one person – their master. They are very obedient to him or her. Orders from others, on the other hand, are often ignored.

And yet they usually get along well with children and strange dogs. With other pets, on the other hand, intensive socialization is usually necessary.

Compared to other bulldog breeds, these dogs are also often prone to obesity and bloat. They also have particularly visible muscles.

Fun Fact: These animals are very possessive. Sharing toys is therefore usually a foreign word for them.

12. Campeiro Bulldog

The Campeiro Bulldog originated in Brazil. This also explains why this type of bulldog is internationally known as the “Brazilian Bulldog”.

It is still unclear from which breed these animals originally descended. However, there are various theories. They are also said to have a Mastiff species in them.

To this day, these dogs serve primarily as guard dogs. On the one hand to protect herd animals, on the other hand also to warn against thieves and other intruders.

In the past, these animals were also used as helpers in slaughterhouses. In the meantime, however, this job is primarily performed by machines. 

In addition, this bulldog breed is considered to be very adaptable, trusting, and courageous. They also get along great with children.

Fun Fact: This breed is super jealous. So be prepared for loud barks when petting another dog or giving attention.

13. Valley Bulldogs

The Valley Bulldog originated in Canada. In its homeland, this bulldog species is primarily kept as a guard and family dog.

Because they are easy to train and develop a close relationship with the family. On the other hand, they tend to be distant and skeptical towards strangers.

In addition, these dogs bark a lot and have a strong bite. This, combined with their fearless nature and athleticism, makes them ideal guard dogs. 

However, if you provide these animals with excess food, they will quickly become overweight. In addition, they do not get along well with heat and cold.

These dogs are also relatively rare compared to other bulldog breeds. They also take up relatively little space and are therefore also suitable for apartments.

Fun Fact: These dogs often have reproductive problems due to their anatomy. For this reason, artificial insemination is often used to help.

14. Victorian Bulldogs

The Victorian Bulldog was originally bred for use primarily in bear and bullbaiting. This also explains why this bulldog species has a high pain tolerance.

But they also make great family dogs. Because they get along well with children and develop a strong protective instinct towards the family.

In addition, their hunting instinct is only weakly developed. Because of this, they can also be made friends with other dogs and pets.

In addition, they are very affectionate, gentle, and playful. This also makes them ideal playmates for children. By the way, they can also be trained well.

The latter explains why this Bulldog breed is also suitable for beginners and seniors. However, they tend to keep their distance from strangers by nature.

Fun Fact: These four-legged friends just can’t get enough attention. They are therefore considered to be the ideal playmates for children.

15. Red Tiger Bulldog

The Red Tiger Bulldog comes from the USA. With a weight of up to 52 kg, these animals are also one of the largest bulldog species in the world. 

To this day, they are primarily kept as guard dogs because of their protective nature. Incidentally, dogs, instinctively assume the alpha role.

On the other hand, they sometimes react aggressively toward same-sex dogs. Other pets are usually not tolerated. Her hunting instinct is too strong for that. 

In principle, they are also suitable as house dogs, but they need early socialization. This is especially true if they live with children.

This bulldog breed is not recommended for beginners. Because they are difficult to train and need a relatively strict owner to obey.

Fun Fact: These dogs have “tiger” in their name because their coat has black tiger-like stripes during the first few months after birth.

16. Mammoth Bulldog

The mammoth bulldog originally comes from Germany. However, this bulldog species is so young and so rare that there is not even a Wikipedia article about it yet.

They are kept primarily as guards, family, and working dogs. Because they get along well with children and with the appropriate socialization also with strange dogs.

In addition, they have a high pain tolerance and a strong hunting instinct. They also cope well with cold and heat. 

Their quiet nature also makes them ideal for flats and apartments. They are also considered to be particularly loyal, fearless, and self-confident.

Compared to other Bulldog breeds, they are very muscular and strong. Their bite force is also said to be particularly high. But they are not aggressive.

Fun fact: “Operation Bulldog Mammut” was the name of a deployment of around 1,500 US soldiers in Iraq. They searched more than 2,400 apartments and confiscated hundreds of weapons.

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