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All Dog Zone, LLC. is a family business that is all about dogs.  Inspected/licensed by CT Dept. of Agriculture CKF.000450 TRF.000305


All of our classes are run by a certified dog trainer, using force free/Fear Free™ techniques. We offer everything from puppy classes, to basic obedience, as well as behavior consultations for things like resource guarding, leash pulling and puppy mouthing.

Small playgroups

Our main attraction is small, monitored playgroups with transportation from your door to ours, then back again. Your puppy gets to romp around with other dogs of similar temperament; outdoors in fair weather, indoors when it’s not so nice out. With only up to 12 to 15 dogs per group (our average is 9), they will be able to visit and play without being overwhelmed. They burn off energy and come home tired!

Dog Grooming

Basic baths, nail trims, de-shed treatments, brushing, and ear cleaning. You can setup an appointment to drop your dog off, or we can pick him up and bring him home later!

Playgroup dogs will spend the day with us so they will have playtime and grooming time. For information or to setup an appointment, please contact grooming@alldogzone.com.